The Rogue Legacy

Follow-up from the last Shadownight Legacy. SQUEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE, this is going to be awesome! :o


42. 27 - A Letter from Aldrin Rogue to "Mumsy" Shadownight-Rogue

Hey Mum,

The Caribbean is great, I can see why Dad loves it here so much. There's sun, sea, and a tropical thunderstorm literally just appears out of nowhere.

Bex is managing, she's getting used to all the staring and attention. You'd think these guys had never seen another woman in their lives! They treat Bex like she's an alien, a completely new species - they don't even treat me that way! Then again... I guess being at sea for years and years can make you that way.
Oh and don't tell Damon any of this. He'll just got batshit insane (see what I did there?) and cross the pond to kill everyone.

In other news, we've landed in Tortuga and we've met a man who seems to know you from some place or time. Estaban Vasquez? He insisted on me sending you his regards (?), so, um, here they are. Ish.
(I wouldn't usually do that, but he's reading this from over my shoulder... Mum, where do you find creepy weirdos like these?)
But anyway, he says that Cortés is on Tortuga somewhere and he's been robbing Vasquez's supplies.
We've struck a deal to help out Vasquez and he's promised to give us Cortés.

If everything goes to plan, we should be home soon - but when is anything ever that convenient?
Oh and say hi to Amethyst for me. And, fyi, no: I don't like her new boyfriend. Even if you make him sound like a complete angel on paper - I know, Mum.
I just know I won't like him.

Your son,


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