The Rogue Legacy

Follow-up from the last Shadownight Legacy. SQUEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE, this is going to be awesome! :o


41. 26 - Extract from Midnight Shadownight-Rogue's Journal

I am so bored.

So, so, so, so, bloody hellfire, B-O-R-E-D!

And with Bex and Aldrin out of the house, there wasn't as much faffing around. You could almost hear a pin drop, it was so silent. Unnerving, that's what it was. Georgia wasn't too happy on seeing Bex leave the house and neither was Damon - but they'd gotten passed it. Damon was cock-sure that Bex would be fine and Georgia was currently concerned with Annabeth.
Annabeth had decided to travel to the Holy Land and join her father.
I helped with some of the packing and sorting today, sitting and chatting quietly with Annabeth and Georgia. Kenny seemed to lighten up a little and sat with us.
Annabeth was set to leave in a few days time.

It wasn't until late that I received Aldrin's letter. It was short, to the point and he used the word 'fine' too much.
Puh. Typical boy.
But it did lighten my mood, so I sat down with a cup of very light tea to write a reply.
I'd only managed to get a few sentences down when Topaz came into the living space.
“Topaz!” I smiled, “It's been a while since I've seen you around, where did you get to?” I shifted uncomfortably, “I'd get up and hug you, but I'm tired and heavy at the moment... Good grief, those words taste weird.”
Topaz laughed, came up to me and gave me a one-armed hug. She then sat down on a chair next to me, “Just went out for a few weeks to get some fresh air to clear my head, Mum. You know what I'm like.”
“We... all know what you're like, Topaz.”
She rolled her eyes, “So, what's it like to be 20 and pregnant all over again?”
“Boring and seriously weird. Yesterday, I started crying because I saw your father slaughter a deer for dinner. He panicked through the night all the way into the morning. And I've seen your father kill whales and dolphins and cute little bunnies.”
“Really? I don't think I've ever seen Dad panic.”
“Where have you been your whole life? Your father is ten percent rum and ninety percent panicking.”
“Really? Only ten percent rum?”

“Please? Lassies? I'm right here.”

Topaz burst out laughing, “You have great timing, Dad!”
Thomas ruffled her hair, “Oh, you're laughin' now. Do you want t'see my 'List o' Complaints for Topaz'?”
“Oh, brother...”
“Your children are maniacs. Granted, we've had some very strange children in this family, but your technically not blood. How did that happen?”
“Environmental, maybe?”
“Aye. That or you're sittin' in a dark corner and teachin' 'em - go and blow up Aunt Bex's gunpowder, go and shave Uncle Simon's tail when he's sleepin', go and drink all o' grandpapa's 50-yr Scotch!” he looked at me, “That last one wasn't a joke, I found both Eddie and Rose completely wasted yesterday - rollin' around on the floor and gigglin' like cats high on catnip - stinkin' t'holy heaven o' booze!”
I scoffed and burst out laughing, “Edward and Rose got drunk?”
“Remember that time in Yucatan?”
“That kind of drunk! I wish I could have seen that.”
“On the brighter side, they've been awfully quiet and grumpy today,” Thomas said, “And another thing - your husband is an absolute muck-bucket.”
I slapped his arm, “Thomas!”
“The man can't stand his own kids, Topaz. He can't be with 'em for more than ten minutes, before havin' a full-on seizure!”
Topaz yawned, “Are you quite finished, Dad?”
“I'm not kiddin', Toppy. You need to-”
“Take on more responsibility,” Topaz fikisged for him, “I know. And I will. I'll be around for a while, so you can be sure Edward and Rose will stay out of your liquor cabinet.”

“Good, well I guess that's settled then,” Thomas bent down and nuzzled my neck with his nose, “How've you been keepin', love?”
“Well, enough,” I replied.
He touched the crisp piece of paper that Aldrin's letter had been scribbled on, “This the first o' Simon's letters?”
“Yes. Seems he can't get enough of the Caribbean, he clearly wrote it in a hurry. He must get it from you.”
“For once in your life, ye said something like that wi'out e'en the faintest trance of disgust.”
“Well... I am extremely hormonal.”
“I don't need remindin',” Thomas muttered.
I scoffed.

“Have you thought about names then?” Topaz asked, “I mean, Mum seems pretty big, you guys should probably start planning.”
“Ye worry about your own kids, you!” Thomas laughed, “No need t'go toe and toe with the experts.”
“Dad, are you sure Mum isn't passing on some of those hormones to you?”
“Stop it, you two!” I laughed, “We haven't really discussed names, no. There isn't much of a point, since Thomas gets to decide anyway. And I go along with it to avoid a divorce.”
“That's a bit dramatic,” Thomas replied, “Point #57 of the Shadownight-Rogue Marital Contract states clearly that I'm 'responsible' for naming all our children.”
“Yes. A clause you completely took advantage of when it came to poor Des.”
“Wait,” Topaz looked from Thomas to me, “What are you two talking about?”

“Des's full name is Saffron Desdemona Shadownight,” I told her, “It's so ludicrous, it's ridiculous-ludicrous.”
“It's a very pretty name!” Thomas protested.
“Tell that to all her childhood friends who could never pronounce it. There's a reason it was shortened to a monosyllabic word, you know.”
“It's better than 'Aldrin'!”
“No, it's not. It doesn't take me five minutes to write 'Aldrin Rogue' on paper. And at least I can spell it correctly on my first try.”
“Like you'd ever make a spelling mistake, Miss Highly-Educated History Drop-Out!”
“I wasn't necessarily referring to me. And I'm MRS Highly-Educated History Drop-Out, thank you very much.”
“Well, 'tis a good thing people know ye kept your own surname. 'Else they might've assumed things about your husband.”
“You make it sound like nobody ever assumes things about you!”

“Okay, save it for the bedroom, you two,” Topaz shook her head, “I was asking about the... Contact? You two signed a contract?”
“Aye. 'Twas a document drafted by your mother when we married,” Thomas explained.
“That's insane. Do you know that?”
Thomas shrugged, “Nothin' wrong with wantin' to know what you're gettin' into.”
She sighed, “There really is someone for everyone,” Topaz smiled and got up, “I'm going to get to bed, it's pretty late. Good night, Mum, Dad.”
“'Night,” Thomas said.
We watched her leave.

Thomas took Topaz's now-empty seat and put his hands on the desk.
“It's been awfully quiet,” he commented.
“Scary, isn't it?” I replied, “Did you find Queenie?”
“She left a note,” Thomas pulled a slip of paper out of his pocket, “Back to Poland, it says.”
I sighed, “I need to pick better favourites.”
“Well, at least you have your answers.”
“Queenie hears you've questions, she goes to Poland. Even if it is a conversation wi' you, it's a bit drastic, that.”
“So that means she still is a Chess Piece or she's working for them. And Navarre is something they're using. Hopefully, though, Navarre won't remain much of a problem.”

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