The Rogue Legacy

Follow-up from the last Shadownight Legacy. SQUEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE, this is going to be awesome! :o


26. 16.iii - Rough Notes Concerning the Death of Lord George Monro (by Midnight Shadownight-Rogue)

Lord George Monro was known to be a military man who still had loving ties to his family. It is noted in several records as his single weakness.
It is unclear whether he had any form of a romantic relationship with Lady Maryanne Rogue*, but he had strong feelings for his deceased wife and for his son, also named George. So went revolt broke out, Lord George Monro initially tried to end the feud in a peaceful fashion - by promising the return of each man's wealth and property if it had been unlawfully confiscated. He lost favour with many of the aristocratic nobles for this. When a famine struck Nottingham the following year, the revolts burst out anew. This time, Lord Monro didn't have wealth or property to offer and so resigned his post and made plans to leave the country with his son and house-keeper, Maryanne.

Some say it was planned, others say it happened by chance - but the forgotten daughter of Ruben Hude heard that Lord Monro was leaving his estate. It's extremely likely that she had managed to get such information from an aristocrat Monro had upset. She planned the attack on his caravan in the dead of night and had aid from "several highwaymen to waylay the company that escorted" Monro and his family. The Sword of Robyn Rogue is again mentioned**, and it's narrated that when she raised it to strike Lord Monro, some wild madness possessed him to flee back and offer his son for his own life. Both father and son were murdered by the sword of Robyn Rogue. Maryanne wailed her contempt, not recognising her own daughter until Robyn pointed it out. Maryanne scolded her, asked her what she taught had happened, who she thought her father had been. Robyn, put in doubts because of her mother's words, spared Maryanne and was never seen in England again.

* Though, many secondary sources suggest it.

** And, apparently, this story is held in high regard by the Sons of the Sword.
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