The Rogue Legacy

Follow-up from the last Shadownight Legacy. SQUEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE, this is going to be awesome! :o


25. 16.ii - Rough Notes Concerning the Life of Robyn Rogue (by Midnight Shadownight-Rogue)

After the death of her husband, Lady Maryanne Rogue was said to have been taken and kept in the household of Lord George Monro. However Maryanne's child, Robyn Rogue, disappeared on the night Ruben Hude had been murdered. As per the different stories and verbal narrations, Robyn had been abducted by bandits or highwaymen and was originally to be sold as a slave to someone as soon as she turned thirteen. But news spread like wildfire that these robbers harboured the daughter of Maryanne Rogue - the 'treacherous' wife of Ruben Hude - and Robyn became a very esteemed member of gangs seeking to liberate England from the "tyranny of taxation" and the "factional divide between noble and common men".

The bandit slogan was to "Rob the rich and pay the poor".

Accused of motley parentage, Robyn took on her mother's surname rather than her father's - for many believed that she was the daughter of George Monro and not Ruben Hude.*
Robyn's entire life was built on this delusion, and a hate for Lord Monro and her own mother stuck in her soul like a sick and twisted thorn. She had long resolved to avenge the death of her 'noble' father who had "fought Lord Monro for the good of his people and his family". The bandits trained her in the skill of thievery and the art of death. She became a very skilled marksman, being able to hit her target with an arrow or bullet and disappear from sight without leaving a trace. Robyn was said to have wed a man named Remona Turpin**, but the marriage was never solemnised by a church so all their children forthwith where given the surname 'Rogue'. It seemed to fit the ticket just fine, as both Robyn and Remona were rogues.

Through further study, it's interesting to discover that at some point in Robyn's life -  she found the Sword in the Stone, the legendary Excalibur, once wielded by a semi-mythological monarch of England, King Arthur. Technically, harbouring such an artefact could make Robyn the indisputed Queen of England, but the narration goes on to say that as soon as Robyn touched the hilt it "shone with blinding light and the blade shattered into a thousand shards". Most shards are being held and used by controversial faction, the Sons of the Sword, to date. They give credit to Robyn for finding Excalibur, but give name to the to the founding of the group to one Arthur de Naplouse*** - an infamous historical bandit that lived and operated in England before running away from Europe completely.

Either way, Robyn collected the shards and kept them safe. She melted one shard down and had it combined to her sword. It's said that from that day forward, the sword shone with the gleam of the legendary Excalibur and it shook her enemies to the core when they saw its light. That noted, she became one of the most feared and successful bandits in England during the Anglo-Spanish Feuding period. What's more, civil war and scandal was afoot - after a certain Prince of England stole the wife and child of a very formidable English Knight: causing the whole country to fall into an angry rabbling anarchy.
Robyn, Remona and their three children had no hand or desire to entertain the seething mobs of poor people, and so left the country to retire in a German city state - with all their riches. They purchased a house and lived there for the rest of their known days.

There is a weaker report, however, that Robyn returned to England on her own.

* This is clearly untrue, since solid documents state that Maryanne Rogue hadn't even been acquainted with Lord George Monro until after Robyn's birth.

** "Remona" might be a nickname or a misprint. It's unclear, but it's definitely not a man's name.

*** It's unclear whether Robyn agreed with anything Arthur de Naplouse believed or if they met at all. Arthur founded the Sons of the Sword at Temple Mount in Jerusalem some five years after Robyn had died. It's extremely likely that the shards of Excalibur had been stolen from Robyn, rather than passed to Arthur amiably.
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