The Doctor and Katniss


2. The Man and the Blue Box

Before I could say anything, he pulled me along with the sound of gunshots at our back. he pulled me over left, right, left, and one last turn and we were right at the fence line. I turned around and saw a strange blue box.

He said "We can hide in here and I can save you." I looked at him like he was crazy because that box wouldn't fit both of us. Then, he snapped his finger and the doors magically opened. I stepped inside it and gasped because it was… it was… HUGE. I looked at him with an amazed look in my eyes. I tried to speak, but nothing would come out. Then he said, "Say it. Everyone does."


"It's bigger on the inside."


"I know. My name is the Doctor."


Curiously, I asked, " Doctor Who?"

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