The Doctor and Katniss


4. Peeta

           Before the Doctor can say a word, I lunge at him screaming, " Take me back, take me back or I will kill you and get back myself!"

            He jumps back, startled, and  moved away before saying " I can't take you back. They'll kill you on the spot and Prim will still go."


            "Then what I am supposed to do, just sit here and watch her be brutally murdered by another kid."


             "What we can do is try and rescue her. I'm  going to try and patch the Capital's news feed in so we can find out who the other tribute is."


            All of a sudden the news feed that I remember from the day I was born showed up on a tiny screen. All of a sudden, I see the District 12 reaping come up. They skip the whole incident that the "Doctor" caused and go straight to the boy reaping. I hear the name Peeta Mellark  and see him walking up to the stage to stand with Prim. Then the flood of memories come back of the loaf of bread that he gave me, and I hope that he will show her the same kindness



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