(Love) song writing journal (Copy rited!)

Just some love songs I have been working on... I came up with these myself... I didn't just copy and paste someone elses work(:


2. Remember

Do you remember.... do u still think.. of ..me?

Do you remember....is it still hard 2 breathe away from us?

Cuz, last night my mind wouldn't, couldn't keep you out.

and tonight the same things happening and your silence is too loud.

I'm freaking out, mental breakdown, feeling psycho, as I drown in tears..... and anger with myself.

I'm paranoid, having phobias, feeling horrifies, that youll never reply..... or see me again.

Do you remember! All our good times?

Do you still think of! Me when you see certain things, triggering our memories?

Do you remember! When we had to hide?

Do you remember, do you remember...us?


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