(Love) song writing journal (Copy rited!)

Just some love songs I have been working on... I came up with these myself... I didn't just copy and paste someone elses work(:


1. Follow me

  pitch, black con-verse,

  a smile crosses our eyes,

  bi-ting, my lip cuz,

 he motioning, dig dee-per,


 You know that awkward moment,

 When not a word is said.

 but then you start to no-tice,

 when he finally leans, in.

 You start to count to three(ee,

 when no one decides to stop,

 but then you feel fric-tion,

 burning i-inside! 


 Black, Osirises,

 A note slips in my po-cket,

 Bi-ting my li-ip,

 reading...( Follow me.) whisper


Fo-llow me in-to the woods,

Let's just es-cape, for, a while,

Fo-llow me, a-ny where you want,

Don't be scared, cuz I'm by your side..

Fo-llow me, fo-llow me.

^Fo-llow me, ^Fo-llow me.

Fo-llow me, fo-llow me,

Follow me-^^e, e~.




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