A Midgardian's Antics

Former Marvel Fan Girl learns that the Marvel movieverse is somewhat real and... Her antics has no bounds.Also,be ready for some laughs. What if underneath all that antics is a person who wants to matter?


8. Wrong

Loki goes to prove that Thor could be wrong. Getting to start the conversation with Ivy, when she was not distant-like, prooved another task for Loki. Should he start it off with a rose? No; her child-persona would connect the dots that he is asking her if Sif would enjoy these. True story in fact as Loki had done it to attempt starting a conversation with her.

“Nice flowers.” Ivy said. “Sif would love those.”

“They’re roses.” Loki said.

“Same thing.” Ivy said. “They have this great aura effect when in a glass container with sparkles floating around it and a  green hue behind it.” She went on and on. “It reminds me of Beauty and the Beast. Why can’t ya just admit you love her, old fart.”

“I ..don’t know what you’re talking about.”

“You’re in loooveee!” Ivy insists. “I can see in both your eyes when you’re around her.And when she is around you, I can see the same lovey dovey look in her eyes.” Ivy was speaking slowly by this point. She had her hands up  in a grasp pressing them against her chin and  almost did  a romanticized ballet move. “Nah,nah,nah; Loki is in love with  miss I-resemble-ugly-fart-Bella-Swan.”

Loki sent a whisp of magic towards Ivy but she ducked and instead Thor was turned into a duck.

“And that’s a compliment coming from a twilight hater.” Ivy said.  “Never got through the first book.”

Thor, the duck waddled over and then pecked at Loki’s legs repeatedly. Ivy saw something in the bushes so she went of leaving Loki behind. This Midgardian is a wild lion who won’t stand still for a conversation, Loki thought frowning as he lifts up his boot. Thor as a duck pecked at Loki’s other boot repeatedly. Loki looks down to the small white swan like duck version of Thor that was flapping its wings at him.

“I should have done this year ago.” Loki said.

Eventually we find Thor the duck  sitting on the pile of roses on Sif’s bed--that is not inside the castle but somewhere in the city of Asgard and puzzled as ever. Loki waves at the blankets looking so entertained by what may transpire without his presence in a matter of hour. Yes practically hours in Loki’s unknown mind.

“Bye-bye brother.”  Loki said, with a little wave.

Loki closed the door behind him and then he went down the street blending in using a disguise of a Asgardian dweller. He saw paw prints on the dirt that was left behind from a previous hard rainy night. Wolves are not supposed to depress prints these huge, Loki thought as one eye was stuck towards the ground and the other was faced forwards.It was then he could fee uncertianty from the neighbooring Asgardians. It wasn’t the light confident and cool atmosphere in the walking space. The big windows were closed not open for the evening sunlight to pour right in and show how nice their home was. Not that it was  necessity; but most Asgardians did that unlike Midgardians who had long boring drabes in the way of the windows. At least that’s how they were for Loki last time he visited Midgard.

 His slow walking pace wasn’t too slow but perhaps one of the best ways to draw out time. When Loki was closer to the castle he caught sight of Ivy sharpening  stick  using a really flat and sharp rock. She made these slice indents into the side  of the walking wooden stick while one part  of her tongue is sticking out. Since when did she take the hobby of fashinoning weapons out of nature? And that it was also strange to see such a person who usually acted childish making use of her resources for a perhaps dark purpose.He knew idly walking by would end up leaving the question looming over his head.

   Loki hated not knowing.

  So Loki came over to Ivy.

“Why are you making a spear?...”

“For self defense.”

“...Mind if I ask why?”

Ivy made a heavy weighted sigh. That wasn’t normal to hear from a young Midgardian.

“You seriously wouldn’t believe me.” Ivy said, with a stubborn shake of her head.  “I told that to Fandral and he ended up laughing.  I think he hasn’t stopped laughing at all!” Loki could hear a far off distant laughter could only belong to Fandral. Ivy  shook the spear from side to side,  “I swear this time I ain’t acting crazy because I ain’t taking my pills for focusing!”

“Enlighten me what it is.”

“A dark werewolf killed Patches.”

“Patches who?”

“Patches go scrub your face and come back when you can take me seriously.” Ivy said, taking out a  short thread of black and wrapped a claw around the sides then hooked it into the circle hole dug into the walking stick that is becoming a spear. Ivy seemed more like the girl who worked alone and indepently;but for what cost? Why? Loki hated not knowing.

“My name is not patches.”

“You really can’t take a joke, can’t you?”

“Your reply did not sound like a joke.”

“It’s a joke-insult.”

“There is no such thing as a Joke insult.”

“Well, now there is.” Ivy said. “I don’t intend for this to be funny.”

“Hm? Sounds like you are intending for it to sound this way.” Loki said.

Somehow Loki manage to get their conversation up about ‘fandoms’ in some way he couldn’t possibly think how that happened.Ivy had the strong wooden spear in progress leaning beside her to the right--not where Loki sat on the marble light gray bench formation but not close enough  to be hip by hip, simply put sitting across from one another.

“I used to be a fan of Marvel.” Ivy said.  “A former Marvel fangirl, you can say.’

“Marvel?” Loki repeats.

“Marvel focuses on superhero’s, mutants,and villains.” Ivy said.

“But what IS Marvel?” Loki asks.

“Hasbro owns it.” Ivy said.

“..Stop avoiding the question, Ivy.” Loki tells her, narrowing his eyes. He did not typically enjoy someone avoiding his questions.

Ivy shrugs.

“Like I said; I USED to be a Marvel Fangirl.” Ivy said. “Doesn’t mean I know what Marvel IS.Most people know Marvel for X-Men, The fantastic Four, Wolverine, Professor X, Magneto, that chick who can become green and shapeshift, Storm the woman with awesome white hair, and Scott the visor guy.” Ivy;s eyes gaze to the right and a little ‘eureka’ twinkle appear in her eyes.  “Actually...that’s how I remember Marvel by.”

“And what did Marvel do that lost you as a fan?” Loki asks.

“They killed off Professor X in the 2009 sequel.” Ivy said. “It was worse than the third

installment to Transformers.” Ivy lowers her head to the right and gently shook her head repeating ‘Much worse’ to herself. “Killing off Professor X was like killing Captain Picard.”

Loki tilts his head a little and raises his left eyebrow.

“Why?” Loki asks.

Ivy turns her head back up towards Loki.

“Because Piccard and Professor X are portrayed by Patrick Stewart.” Ivy said.  “He’s an actor.”

“Actor?” Loki repeats,

Ivy quickly nods.

“And then there’s actresses.” Ivy adds.  “The field of acting is wide.”

“I wasn’t aware Midgardians used their acting to make others believe they are different people.”  Loki said.

Ivy laughs with a shake of her head and made a delightful contagious laughter. It seemed like a mix of hiccupping but in the form of laughter followed by a snort. Is she snorting in the middle of laughter?, Loki thought with disgust, This is wrong. With another enlighted snort Ivy slaps her knee then she wipes off a tear from under the crystal colored glasses.

“No silly, he’s paid to act in a movie.” Ivy said,tapping her right index finger on the palm of her left hand. “And then there’s actresses, stand ins, doubles, spoofs, bloopers, and...” Ivy could tell Loki is confused. “Sometimes we make mistakes in producing movies for entertainment.”

“What are movies?”

Ivy’s face turns from red to the usual almost white color.Ivy is  more pale than most midgardians her age--the ones who go out and hang with some friends outside instead of being inside the house all day--who do  have the arrogant tendency to prove others ‘I am bad’ and ‘That’s stereotypical, we’re NOT that bad!’.Ivy taps her fingers together thinking how to appropitely explain this to a god.

“A movie is a story recorded by a camera as a set of moving images.” Ivy explains. “That is later shown in a theater or on a television set. I am surprised you don’t know about motion pictures.”

“So, if I am understanding this right...you stopped watching  ‘Marvel’ because of a movie.”


“You’re silly.”

Ivy smiles. I was wrong,Loki thought, this Midgardian  doesn’t know the difference between insults and compliments.  

“I usually try to be that way when people are sad.”Ivy babbles. This time Loki could hear what she is saying. “I don’t like it when people are sad and no one  gives them a hug to brighten their day.”

“Do you care about your own well-being if they don’t want it?”

“If I get sick, me don’t care.If me gets hurt,no bother. It will heal.” Ivy said.  “Its not like I am celebrity.”The word ‘celebrity sounded familiar to Loki. But he couldn’t place where or when that word had been mentioned around him. “If I were a celebrity then my every move, my every word, my every...” She sighs with a roll of her shoulders.

“Sounds dreadful.” Loki said.

Ivy nods.

“People judge the celebrity and pin them as a role model to kids.” Ivy said.

“...To kids?” Loki said.

Ivy rapidly nods as if Loki had answered a live television game questionair.

“You got the correct answer!” Ivy cheers, very and unusally happy about it. “It’s  kind of what they are doing it to Miley Cyrus right now.” IvyI is tapping her boot on the floor. She clears her throat preparing to bleach out a lyric. “Cauuuuuse it’s cliimmmbb!”

It is obvious Ivy dreaded the title of ‘celebrity’.

“Basically, everything I would do with all the camera’s around me would be under scrutiny.”


“Because that’s not what society does. Its considered wrong.” She held up her two index fingers to do parentheses.  “Political Correctness.”

They somehow talk about Marvel’s movies that Ivy hasn’t seen because of the X-Men sequel.

“I’ve seen a lot of Avenger trailers and commercials.” Ivy said.  “And really; they have became so annoying that I decided not to see this movie. Despite having--” Her eyes went wide.She gasps and nearly froze in her current position. “The poster.”

“Poster?” Loki asks.

Ivy’s eyes glance to Loki.

“It has Thor, Iron Man, this white guy with red hair wearing a eye patch, The Hulk, lady with blonde hair, hawk dude, another dude who looks like Captain America.” Ivy counts her fingers. “Quite a lot of heroes if you ask me.” She slightly shrugs.  “I saw the poster to the movie a few months ago on Deviantart. I recognized Tony Stark and The Hulk at first, but, the other people were unknown to me.”

“So,you never watched another Marvel movie.” Loki said.

“Yep.” Ivy said. “I never watched another one for...” She holds her fingers up one by one and taps on them. “2009,2010,2011..”

Loki had hit a goldmine. Now there was a precise year to return her.

“Four years.” Loki finished for her. “So, you’re from the year 2012.”

“The year where everything should end.” Ivy said, with an unconvinced tone. “But its not.”

“Midgard has its own ragnarok?” Loki said.

“No.” Ivy said. She didn’t know what Ragnarok meant but it didn’t sound so disastrous coming from Loki. “We have our little  ‘end of the world’ thing.” She spins her two index fingers underneath each other making a roll gesture. “It is right before The Zombie apocalypse.”

“And what month was it when you left?” Loki asks, easily getting the right answers.

“May.” Ivy said.

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