A Midgardian's Antics

Former Marvel Fan Girl learns that the Marvel movieverse is somewhat real and... Her antics has no bounds.Also,be ready for some laughs. What if underneath all that antics is a person who wants to matter?


17. When there is electrical energy

Boscow and Ivy are sharing a ride on Sammy.Young fun in the making as some people would say.Boscow had a harness attached to his back in part of two seats conjoined together similar to a Jet’s cockpit.The crashing waves went past their faces leaving their clothes,including the hair, pretty wet.

Sammy baws diving into the water.

“Look, Ivy,I can wave my arms in the water with my eyes open!” Boscow said as bubbles came out of his mouth.

Ivy, quite simply,refused to have her eyes open in the water.

It stung her eyes a little.

Sammy sprang up doing a trick that a dolphin would do.

“You’re getting better at this,Sammy!” Ivy cheers as Bowscow goes ‘woohoo!’.

Sammy’s left eye looks towards Ivy as the slightest of all smiles appeared on his dragon like head.

They were quite far from the city limits to Asgard, even though we don’t honestly know what to call a group of buildings that are really resembling ones from Medieval times in a realm that is similar to a kingdom when the lower realm below just looks plain old ‘modern’ boring.Our view goes over to a nearby cave that has a great view of the water body and forest. A huge paw covered in scales,without talons,comes out of the darkness.There stepped out, partially, from the cave’s opening came a bit of Drakise.

Drakise growls lowering his head, his unmistakable dragon eyes faced towards Sammy’s gliding figure crashing against the gentle  waves.

“The denial ends here.” Drakise said, making a snort of smoke drift out his nostrils. “As does the ‘normal’ life for a Midgardian.”

Drakise lifts his paw, that did have talons, up to his chest and pokes his long thumb’s talon into it. A beam of blue light followed by electrical sounds came forth spiraling out the hole. Drakise appears to not mind the pain he is giving her.He puts down his paw then set out a huge fireball right towards Sammy.

Our view returns to Sammy with the two friends.

“O--Ow!” Ivy yelps, clutching at her chest.  “My heart, it stings!” Sammy looks over to Ivy out in concern paying not much attention to the blazing fireball coming towards him. Ivy looks forward seeing the ball flying. “Samm--”

The huge flaming ball struck Sammy somehow making a large effect that sent Sammy’s body partially on a pile of rocks near the beach with burns all over his neck and his face nearly covered in it.Ivy had landed on the sand face first.Boscow had landed in a bush with his legs poking out.Ivy gets up wiping off the sand all over her face. There is a burn streak on the left of her face that resembled a claw.

“Sammy!” Ivy shouts, running towards the unresponsive sea creature.

Boscow fell over, backwards, landing on the grass on his back.He gets back on his two feet looking quite impressed of himself.

“Ivy, I broke my own record!” Boscow said.  “I didn’t land in a haystack----” He stops seeing Sammy. “That really did happen.”

The stinging pain coming  from the heart had subsided.

“Sammy!” Ivy said, climbing up the rocks.

Some rocks slipped under her footing, her left shoe is missing a boot. Sammy  looks over weakly making a short ‘baww’.Boscow made his way to the unusual scene where Sammy is halfway out of the water and halfway on a mound of rocks. It portrayed a vivid reminder of Littlefoot's mother dying in the rain.

“Sammy...” Ivy said, coming to the side of Sammy’s face. “Are you okay?”

Sammy made a short baww.

“I don’t care about my pain.” Ivy said, looking over to see the harness had been burnt off.

Sammy, being concerned, licks at Ivy’s face.

“Ow,ow,ow.” Ivy repeats.

Boscow could see the burns were severe. A creature like Sammy could not survive this severity. Sammy stops licking. Boscow slowly came over to Ivy’s side seeing the life in Sammy’s eyes disappear.

“Sammy’s dying.” Boscow said, putting one hand on Ivy’s shoulder.

Ivy shook her head.

“No, you can’t be dying.” Ivy said. “You’re a rare waterhorse,Sammy,you can’t leave.”

Sammy made a small honk.

“He’s leaving this realm.” Boscow said,taking his hand off her shoulder. “He’s going to a better one.”

Ivy gulps.

“I can’t leave a dying animal.” Ivy said, trembling. “Not my friend.” Despite the burn on her face she wasn’t crying or complaining about it. She is more focused on Sammy than herself. “I am not leaving him.”

Sammy baws as Boscow took her hand.

“We’ll be here for him.” Boscow said.He looks towards Sammy. “It is okay, little fella.” Sammy has a comforted look in his eyes. “You are not alone.”

Sammy smiles sharing a ‘thank you’ look towards them as a tear is slowly dripping out Ivy’s not-so-much burnt other eye.”

“Sammy...” Ivy said, recalling how small he was when she went after him in the castle. “I’ll miss you.”

The light in Sammy’s eyes faded away and his head tilted over to the side. His eyes remained opened staring into space but lifeless.Boscow lets go of Ivy’s hand. Ivy turns over to Boscow and cries.Boscow hugs Ivy back seeing a dark cloud in the distance over the mountains hovering above Sammy’s body.It was for the first time in a really long time that Ivy shared her feelings with Boscow.Boscow lightly pats Ivy’s back, comforting her.

After Ivy had cried for Sammy’s loss; they had a problem. What to do about Sammy’s dead body and whether or not to tell the adults.She was no longer against his chest but now her eyes are strained with little bits of stress nerve seen to be vivid in the left hand corner of her right eye. Ivy had one hand on the side of her face that covered the burns--and her left eye had apparently bled because of some burns managed to affected it so the eye is covered--and faced towards Sammy’s body.

“H...How are we going to explain my burn?” Ivy asks.

“We’ll tell the truth.” Boscow said.

Ivy turns towards Boscow

“Boscow...” Ivy said. “You’re too honest.”

“It is my best quality.” Boscow said, with pride. He saw a look in her right eye. “Oh, you’re scared.”

Ivy nods.

“I have something that I don’t want the healers to see.” Ivy said.

Boscow raises one of his brows and tilts his head.

“Ivy, what exactly is it?” Boscow asks.

Ivy pats on his chest,lightly, with her right hand.

“If  I told you then I would give away all the interesting facts about me.” Ivy said, lowering her hands.

“Okay.” Boscow said, grabbing a large leaf from a tree branch. He grabs a vine that was dangling down close to this branch.Then Boscow gets a puffy ball of cotton out of his pocket, and Ivy raised an eyebrow that hadn’t been burnt off. Boscow shyly rubs the back of his neck somewhat raising his shoulders. “Sometimes I like to try out making new stuff with cotton.”

Ivy’s eyebrows rested.

“You’re a different kind of boy.” Ivy said.

“Yes, I am.” Boscow said. “Close your left eye.”

Ivy closes her left eye.

“Done.” Ivy said.

“Now, until this gets healed...” Boscow puts the cotton ball on the burnt area then places the large leaf over it that has two holes at the side.The whole leaf--and part of the cotton ball--covered the left eye, too. He manages to slide in the part of the vine that had been thinned out somehow through the little corner holes. “Now, let me tie it.”
Boscow neatly ties the string like vine.

“You’ve done this before....” Ivy said. “Gotten a burn.”

“Well, yes.” Boscow said. “It’ll take an Asgardian day for that burn to heal.” Boscow ties it up. He gets a smile on his face. “And my mom said I was a terrible tier.”

Boscow takes his hands down away from the tied up healer covers. Yes, that is what we’re calling them. The vine-like rope is wrapped around her head that ends in a knot. He starts to leave but Ivy grabs him by the arm.

“Really, Ivy, it will take that long.” Boscow said.

“That fire ball.” Ivy said.

“I don’t know anything about a fireball.” Boscow said. Ivy raises her most visible eyebrow.  “I was paying attention to some seagulls bickering.”

Ivy relaxes.

“Oh.” Ivy said, letting go of Boscow’s arm.

“But if there’s something you saw, tell me.” Boscow said.

She used all her new skill in lying, just for this one reply.

“I imagined it.” Ivy said. “With...whatever burning thing came out of the water.”

“I’ll go tell my parents.” Boscow said.  “And make sure you don’t go out into public until tomorrow; I strongly advise you don’t take the covers off, too, until tomorrow afternoon.”

“I won’t.” Ivy said.

Boscow ran off.

Ivy shifts herself towards Sammy.

“Goodnight, my impossible friend.” Ivy said,using her hands to slide down Sammy’s once operating right eyelid.

Ivy closed the other eye as well.

“Okay,Ivy, now walk away.” Ivy instructs herself. “Staring at a dead animal is not going to bring him to life.”

She turns away from Sammy and walks a couple feet while visibly shaking.

“You can do it.” Ivy reassures herself.

She shares one last look towards Sammy’s body over her shoulder. She pictured Sammy as that once small and cute little sea creature that randomly appeared in the halls to the castle.Ivy sniffles turning her head away from the sight then continues walking out of sight into the forest.Ivy eventually makes her way to the tree house; where she climbs up a wooden ladder taking care not to look down. Looking down would scare Ivy, anyhow.

She went inside the treehouse--after getting on the wooden floor--shutting the oak door behind her. Okay, Oak may not be a kind of wood to make a door out of but somehow this oak door was made under a blanket of no logic. Well that doesn’t make sense as does Ivy’s current situation involving a dragon and her heart.

The treehouse has curtains hooked to the side of the windows by the inside. At the down left hand corner is two piles of leaves that make up a perfect impression of beds.Ivy puts her back against the wooden wall then slides down looking down towards the rug that covers rows of wooden planks.Her right eye has concern written all over it. And what also is apparent is the sign of worry.Well maybe concern and worry is the totally same thing; however,it is safe to say Ivy is shaken up by the events of today.

There is a table that has quick snacks to munch on for an overnight stay.

“This isn’t right.” Ivy said. “Nothing is right.”

__                              _

....Two Asgardian hours later...

...at the landing site...

“This is the works of a dragon.” Odin said, he turns away from Sammy’s body. “Has there been any reports of missing farm life?”

The guards shook their heads. Thor had been staring at the once magnificent and now burnt body belonging to Sammy. Loki, on the other hand, was looking down to the immediate impacted area. He could tell that something had distracted Sammy’s attention to his left blocking him from seeing whatever burning opponent had risen up.The burns are plenty to the back of Sammy’s neck, a portion of his scaled face, and the remaining no-longer-bleeding wounds seen along his body’s back.Loki could see a boot behind a large group of rocks that is missing a string that once was connected to a ball of fluff.

Not many paid attention to the boot as it were disguised as a turtle by Loki.

“It has been centuries since Dragons roamed the realms,father.” Loki said. “Dragons were killed off by Midgardians, how can they possibly survive that?”

“Midgardians can not extinct Dragons as easily as they think.” Odin said. “That requires weapons not of their realm.”

“Last time I saw a dragon; they crashed into a haystack.” Thor recalls. “Not once did I see a knight riding after a dragon.”

“They are sneaky.” Odin said.

“Explains why I was able to be scared by one of the Midgardians.” Thor remarks.

Odin looks over towards Thor with a ‘really? That wasn’t what I was talking about’ kind of look. Loki puts his right hand on his forehead then slowly shakes his head looking downwards.They had agreed not to talk about that ‘time when a Midgardian scared them’, but now Thor had gone against it.

“Dragons are full of surprises.” Odin remarks, turning towards a shaky guard. “Tell me, who found this body?”

“Boscow Rodinson.” The shaky guard said.

The surprise on Thor’s face is clear.

Anyway, our scene makes way to some time later. Loki had retrieved the boot after the group had left; some guards were shaken up by the burns on Sammy’s dead body.These burns are absolutely terrible for those not accustomed to burns on animals.Loki grabs Boscow near a narrow passageway near a corner  to two buildings conjoined alongside each other that haven’t been visited lately.

“I don’t have a strawberry!” Boscow said.

“Strawberrys pose no importance to a private conversation.” Loki said. “That is an odd claim to hear.”

Boscow rubs his eyes and saw it is no other than Loki.

“Uh, Hi.” Boscow said. “I was just making my way to the castle.” He shyly fiddles with his shoes in the dirt. “My mom wanted me to comb my hair.”

“I didn’t just take you out of the street about your conversation with my father.” Loki said, holding his hand out. “I believe this boot belongs to your friend.”

A boot appear in Loki’s hand with a dangling thread that is missing a ball; one side is pretty wet.

Boscow’s eyes grew while staring at the boot.  

“Uh, yeah.” Boscow said, looking up towards Loki. “Where did you find it?”

“Near the body of a dead sea creature.” Loki said.

“So, that’s what happened to it.” Boscow said, with a relieved sigh. “We...We were riding Sammy having fun...and then something happened.”

“Something happened.” Loki said, tilting a brow up.

“Something hot, heated, and smoky.” Boscow said. Loki’s eyebrow slide down. “Ivy ended up in the sand, I landed in the bush, and Sammy...” His voice became lower. “You know where he landed.It is the exactly same place he died in.” Boscow made a sad sigh about it. “Ivy had burns on her face because she was at the front in the impact zone.”

“So you flew because of a fireball.” Loki said.

“I like to think a gigantic heated sea monster did it.” Boscow said.

“Boscow, that was not a sea monster.” Loki said. “You were attacked by a Dragon.”

“Dragon’s are extinct.” Boscow said.

“Quite...not.” Loki said, holding his index finger and thumb an inch apart from one another.

“Dragons...are still alive?” Boscow said.

“More singular.” Loki said.  Boscow gasps, covering his mouth. Boscow’s eyes widened in that moment. “Unlike the fairy tales you’ve heard dragons don’t have a ‘good’ aroma. He smells terrible.”

Boscow uncovers his mouth.

“There is, a living and breathing, Dragon on Asgard.” Boscow said.

Loki nods.

“Yes.” Loki said.

“On Asgard.” Boscow said.

“You can see The Dragon for yourself before he munches on you.” Loki said.

“He...eats Asgardians?” Boscow said.

“Only when they have reached the end of his nerves.” Loki said.

Boscow’s eyes return to normal size.

“I have never seen a dragon before my eyes.” Boscow said.

“One day, you’ll see one soon.” Loki said. “And you were blasted away by a fireball.”

“If Ivy knew; she would want to kill the Dragon.” Boscow remarks.

“I bet she wouldn’t.” Loki said.

“Oh, she started off on the wrong foot with you.” Boscow said.

“No, I was the one who dropped her into the snow.” Loki said.

Boscow has a short laugh.

“You’ve only seen her annoying side.” Boscow said.

“She’s made of absurd behavior.” Loki said.

“Eh, you haven’t seen her go up against a troll.”  Boscow said as Loki hands the boot back.

“A...troll.” Loki said.

“A rock troll.” Boscow said, with a nod.

Boscow is not lying, that Loki could tell.

“That is quite a feat.” Loki said. “A feat that sounds too...unreal to be true.”

“It wouldn’t be real if the Rock leader troll didn’t call Ivy a; Shorty childy,and nose pickery-chattery-boxy pigy.” Boscow said. “Word for word.” Boscow nods repeatedly three times. “Ivy took me to the side, then grabbed a club, and advised me; ‘Step aside, and watch the professional take care of this’ in a really cool manner.”

The disbelief on Loki’s face is apparent.

“Are we talking about the same Ivy?” Loki asks.

“Yes.” Boscow said.

“Unbelievable.” Loki remarks.

“One thing I’ve learned is; don’t underestimate the short woman.” Boscow said, then looks over his shoulder to check if anyone is coming. He turns his attention back towards Loki. “The Rock Trolls are hanging out under the waterfall opening.”

“Boscow, trolls don’t hide under waterfalls.” Loki said.

“That’s what I said when we crashed in the opening!” Boscow said. “Bye, I got to give Ivy the boot back!”

  Boscow ran out the hiding place.

“What happened to the leading Rock troll?” Loki asks.

“She killed him!” Boscow  shouts back, looking over his shoulder.

Loki turns away rubbing his chin.

Boscow disappeared in the distance.

“I don’t know what Drakise saw in her, and I don’t like not knowing.” Loki said. “A short Midgardian killing a rock troll is not an everyday possible event for a mortal.” He lowers his hand away from his chin. “What if she’s not a Midgardian?” His eyebrows crept forward meeting each other but not quite. “That’s not possible.” Loki shook his hand dismissing a thought that is considered implausible. “I’ve seen her injured for myself;Ivy cannot be an Asgardian under a powerful spell that makes her seem Midgardian.”

Loki rolls his shoulder.

“But then why?” Loki asks himself. “I don’t see a reason why father would reach that point to fool any Asgardian that they’re speaking to a Midgardian who is not mortal but in fact immortal.” The whole idea seemed absurd. Another,really implausible, thought came into Loki’s mind. “No, she can’t be a demigod. It would have been strongly obvious by now.”

Loki came to a pause as he contemplated this troubling thought. He had his eyes focused on a odd shaped rock that resembled a flyswatter. Loki recalled a conversation he overheard from two guards talking about ‘Finngard’.And the conversation, that Loki is recalling now, seemed to have the questions that he has at the moment. Also that this conversation has finally made sense to him.

“Did you see how her hair sizzled?” Dephinal asks.

“For once, you’re not speaking poetry.”  Cahiff said.

“I know that I am, Cahiff.” Dephinal said.

“One step in the right path; recovering from Poetaholisim.” Cahiff said, lightly clapping his hands together.

Dephinal rolls his right eye with an annoyed sigh and a shake of his head.

“Cahiff;did you see that crackling energy?” Dephinal asked.

“I saw what you saw, and I can’t explain it away.” Cahiff said.

“It is like the power of kinetic energy was transferred from her hands to her hair.” Dephinal said. “She did not notice this abnormality.”

“When there’s energy, there’s bound to be a reasonable explanation.” Cahiff said. “Very reasonable.”

“There’s only one and I refuse to believe it.” Dephinal said.

“Which is?” Cahiff asked.

“Midgardians don’t necessarily learn magic out of the blue.” Dephinal said. “Asgardians have a higher chance of performing magic unlike Midgardians. She must be an Asgardian put under a tough spell by our king.”

The same idea that Loki had, just like Dephinal. Loki was disguised as a black and white cat--being bored at the time--sitting on a wide wooden branch taking aim for a room that Thor sometimes trained in.There is a Bee Hive under the wooden branch.The two guards had been close to the area with a tree that has an unusual position being spiraled and ancient resembling.

“Merlin learned it out of the blue.” Cahiff said. “Her being an Asgardian?” Cahiff made a light laugh. “That is ridiculous.”

“No, someone taught Merlin, Cahiff.” Dephinal said. “Maybe one of the Odinson’s is teaching the Midgardian to do magic.” Dephinal rubs his index finger and his thumb together ever so slowly while hunching his eyebrows together contemplating. Maybe she is a secret relative to one of the Odinsons and they are unaware of that.”

“That is a wild theory.” Cahiff said.  “You saw how Ivy used your sword to distract her own creations rather than fight.’

“Finngard is wild, too.” Dephinal said. “Her imagination is wild and defied the whole meaning to the White Closed Space Dimension.”

“Ivy has a unique and powerful imagination.” Cahiff said. “So strong it defies any chance of nothingness. And that can not be a reason why Ivy is really of Asgardian blood.”

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