A Midgardian's Antics

Former Marvel Fan Girl learns that the Marvel movieverse is somewhat real and... Her antics has no bounds.Also,be ready for some laughs. What if underneath all that antics is a person who wants to matter?


7. Werewolf

Our perspective dives down through a green forest that becomes darker and darker as we go through it.The prosperous bright and lively grass turned into brown dirt that had boresome rocks lain there in their vast variety of shapes.The rocks had different colors but that is not the point going on about the scenery. The view goes up showing a lakeshore ahead. Our view came to a stop right at the cliff.


A black paw--that we had mistakened to be a overgrown tree bark--moves away from the dead smallish route sprawling out on the dead ground.From the oceanic view we see a huge blue figure about the size of a whale, yet the shape of an iconic urban legend: The Lochness monster. Complete with fins, long tail, and a long neck that had Ivy’s hands wrapped around it below on the back.

“Woohoo!” Ivy cheers, right as the waves settled beneath. Her hair was all over her face and was covering her eyes. “Lets do it again, Sammy!”

Of course,instead of naming the lochness monster ‘Nessie’ she instead dubbed it; ‘Sammy’. We should call this lochness monster ‘Sammy’ for the time being. Sammy ignores Ivy’s cheerful insisting comment.Sammy reaches his long neck towards a tree that is still clinging to life. We can actually tell that Sammy had somehow been aged unnaturally by some other form of power.How?, you may ask.His tail still has some trace of crystal blue wavy smoke around it slowly fading away.There is only one guess on the block here; magic. The werewolf steps back under the thick of darkness that was under a surprisingly still covered tree.When we look closer to Sammy we see that his back is not completely covered by hard reptile scales as many people suppose it should.

“I am sooo lucky.” Ivy said, leaning her head on his neck and slowly slides her hands down Sammy’s somewhat scale-hard and soft surfaced neck. Ivy lets out a contented sigh, truly happy while resting her head one the wet hard neck scales.

Sammy chews on the leaves.We see the dark werewolf is growling and staring at Sammy, temptively approaching slowly but silently.What happened next was very quick enough that Ivy soon found herself flying in the air hurling straight towards the ground floor holding out her arms and her eyes all big and her dark brown eyebrows raised up. Ivy landed through a bush then rolled on the dirt and came to a quick stop against a large oak tree that had unusual spooky branches that strangely give off the ‘alive-dead’ part in an intimidating fashion.

“Sammy!” Ivy yells, getting up.

She smelled a horrible stench close by. From the corner of her eyes she saw a yellow werewolf body of course it wasn’t moving and breathing.The ground trembles from a body slammed into the ground. Ivy pushes herself upwards against the tree looking horrified. She turns her head away from the dead werewolf. It was Patches body; the tail was short and not really usual for a werewolf. This is how Ivy knew who the dead body once belonged to. She covers her mouth feeling sick.

A large tail smashed the tree’s in half and flattened them at once. Water was sent trinkling above the dead light brown dirt and landed there making it a darker shade of brown.The sick and heavy feeling in her stomach is awful.She gets up,checks  the brown-white pair of boots that end at her ankles,and then runs off.We can see in the distance from behind her that Sammy is not going to be taken down easily by a werewolf that has a white spot on its forehead.

Our view slides up from the forest easily losing track of Ivy who disappears in the endless vast of trees yet we had a good view of the castle.

___                                     ___                                                         ____

...One hour passes...

...Somewhere not in the Castle, but rather outside...

“You know how I am with Midgardian children.” Thor mentioned to Loki.

“She’s a teenager, Brother.” Loki said. “Talking to a teenager is not hard.”

“She acts like a child.” Thor said.

“So you’re saying you are mentally a child?” Loki asks.

“...Not the point.” Thor said. “Father would like to know which era of Midgard she comes from.” The very reason why Thor had approached Loki. “So we know where  she must go after Heimdall’s sabbatical is over. The problem is; I don’t know how to start a converse with Ivy.”

“She is a random Midgardian, Brother.” Loki said. “I can’t stand her antics.”

“A Midgardian’s antics are beyond your toleration?” Thor said, with a smile. Then Thor laughs from what he has said. “I once thought hearing you say it was impossible.Turns out I was wrong.”

“Maybe you might be wrong about more.” Loki said.

Ivy comes back, visibly shaken but okay.We can tell that her dress is pretty dry enough that the two brothers would have not known she came back from a water-sea fight. We can tell that Thor and Loki were oblivious to her arrival. She silently walks by Thor and Loki who were comparing ‘Was I wrong when....’ moments.

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