A Midgardian's Antics

Former Marvel Fan Girl learns that the Marvel movieverse is somewhat real and... Her antics has no bounds.Also,be ready for some laughs. What if underneath all that antics is a person who wants to matter?


10. Warn

Loki had managed to convince Ivy that she could use his help taking down a  dark ‘werewolf’. Ivy had created a wooden machine that operated the wimpy thorny vines flat down in a circular shape and had a set of wheels below it made from two rocks that resembled bolts. Loki didn’t understand how a Midgardian could compare a boulder to a gray long item with a flat surface and a short tail end coming out. It didn’t make sense.

Thor had asked Loki to get Ivy to say what year she is from, however he  had gone beyond what Thor had requested. Loki had gone to occupying Ivy during this unknown mission in a vastly and nearly dead forest area.He is learning more about Ivy in one night than a set number of days.

“I’ll like to see this ‘werewolf’ in the flesh.” Loki said.

“Be careful for what you wish for.” Ivy warns Loki. “Because the next thing you know; I'll hear you screaming ‘I take my wish back!’.”

“I don’t take back wishes.” Loki said.

Ivy lightly shook her head and made  a sigh.

“...At least you didn’t say never.” Ivy said, with an amused laugh.

The bumpy rocky boulders made a bump going over the large indents in the road. The dead bumpy road was more than a ‘calm’ and ‘flat’ walk through the park it was creepy.A owl hooted in the dark forest yet its big yellow eyes stood out more than a exotic dancer wearing a sparkly red dress.There wasn’t a cricket making its infamous melody at night. Loki had to wonder how this strange Midgardian ignored the unusually creepy scenery.

“T...This is the place you saw  a nonexistent animal?” Loki asks, seeing the dead trees and the unsettling dark patch of grass ahead.

They had come to a stop under the dark creepy and not-so-settling night.

Ivy stares at Loki, insulted.

“The only animal to date that is non-existent is a griffen.” Ivy said. “A werewolf is a mythological animal.” Ivy folds her arms still holding the rope attached to the wooden pulling machinery using her hand. “Come on,learn how to insult  werewolfs better.”

“Insults are not learned.” Loki said.

“I can grade insults.” Ivy said,hearing something move in the bushes. “And you claim to be good at it...When in fact your insult dictionary needs some updating.”

“Half of what you say comes out as gibberish.” Loki said, holding his hand out in the pose of someone talking and mocks Ivy without speaking.

 Ivy ignores the mockery as her right hand tucked into the corner of her left arm had grabbed on to the handle on the spear--the spear was basically the pulley at that point--and yanked it out from the wooden machinery. We see the spear glint a certain shade of bright gray at the top meaning it is probably silver thanks to the moon in the shape of a banana in the distance.

“This is for Patches.” Ivy said.

“For what?” Loki said then noticing what Ivy’s attention is focused on.

Ivy threw the spear towards a moving  bump near a old wooden tree. The bump resembles that of a wolf tail that is bushy, narrow, and has furry characteristics. The spear hit the shape of a tail then came a obvious loud painful wolf yelp.The werewolf that blended into the night had stood up and yanks out the wooden spear from its tail.The werewolf made a sinister spooky growl that raised the hairs at the back of Loki’s neck. We can see there is a white crystal shape on the werewolf’s forehead. Loki hears Ivy gasp and then her very unexpected startled unexpected shriek despite anticipating the very large and wild animal.Ivy kicked at the wooden side of the machinery that started rolling down the nonvisible dark dirt instead of going forward.

 Awwhoooo came the howl from the standing werewolf figure. What is left of Ivy is a dust cloud hovering in mid air clear to the human eye. Instead of staying behind and attempt killing these werewolf Loki ran in the direction Ivy had gone. The werewolf’s aggravated growl followed suit after the two running individuals.

  “Said you wanted to see him!” Ivy hollers running past Loki.

“I didn’t mean that close!” Loki shouts back to Ivy who is running faster than he is.

Ivy is leaving behind a dust trail and wiggling bushes.Loki ran through a different passageway into a thicker part of the forest.The werewolf stops at the entrance of this thicker part and sniffs at the air. The werewolf grunts glancing both ways that Loki could have gone. The werewolf turns back into the lighter part of the foerst that isn’t thick. We see Ivy come out from the bushes, then grab the spear that has the melted silver rock lodged into it--it  is in the shape of a bullet--pretty intact yet bloody.Ivy then ran right after the direction the werewolf had gone while waving the spear in the air using her right hand dramatically.

 Eventually, and somehow, Ivy manages to find the werewolf's tracks into the forest.The machine she had created had accidently been activated so whatever creature stepped in the perimeter would be subject to a very odd death since wimpy sticks are not expected to be effective when in fact they are in defying logical expectations. Ivy made a heavy sigh  with much weight on her shoulders.

“Damn it.” Ivy said.  “I shoulda’ made the binds tighter.”
“What binds?” Loki randomly asks.

Ivy screams and did a karate  kick at a part of Loki that would usually hurt. The squeak Loki made was so unexpected that Ivy stepped back pretty terrified while she had a karate chop pose ready to be initiated. The fear on Ivy’s face is much present then it is replaced by shock and next came a humiliated look.

“Re--really?” Loki asks.

Ivy’s face is beginning to get hot and red. Loki could not see her face change color in the darkness.

“You scared me, dude!” Ivy said as she steps away from Loki feeling embarrassed.Her boots made a leaf crunch into pieces underneath. Loki is lucky that Ivy didn’t use the spear instead of her legs. She taps her fingers together awkwardly. “I...kind of practiced ninja kicks while watching Jackie Chan movies.”

Loki is bent over just reeling in that unexpected blow.

“You’ve had too much of it.” Loki said.

“Thanks.” Ivy said, as her embarrassed look turns into a happy one.

“I wasn’t complimenting you.” Loki said. “And what good can a staff do?” Loki points to the spear’s bullet dug into the rugged tip that is clawed around the item. “Staffs are capable of making dents. Not lethal blows using Midgardian mythological kill switches.”

“No.” Ivy said.  “It can kill, like I told you.”

“Then why didn’t it kill the werewolf?” Loki asks.

“It hit the tail.” Ivy said. “It has to hit the area where the heart lies. Then the werewolf dies and take on the original human form.”

“If it was that deadly then perhaps the werewolf would be dead already.” Loki said.

Ivy groans, shaking her head.

“You don’t understand about the whole silver bullet concept.” Ivy said. “Hitting the tail was a ‘warning’ that we are on the hunt.”

“A warning would be more along the lines of throwing a rock and then verbal warning.”

“We have two different definitions of warning.”

“And you just noticed.”

“Hey, I am not a fast thinker sometimes.”

“That using a staff is useless than using a fish on a fire.”

“...You have an invalid argument, Lucky.”

“It’s Loki. Low-key. Not lucky.”

Ivy sighs.

“That’s what I am saying.” Ivy said.  “My disability is part of the verbal in-accuracy.”

“And what is your disability?” Loki asks.  “Is it Anticpestermitus?”

“...There’s no such thing as Anticpestermitus.” Ivy said.  “I have that aspergers thing.” She waves her right hand in the air. “Named after a dude who coined it.”

“You talk too much.” Loki said.

“Then why did you  come?” Ivy asks, feeling hurt.

“I came to kill this beast plaguing the streets of Asgard.” Loki

“So you decided to hitch on my mission to avenge a werewolf.” Ivy said, with a hateful tone to the word ‘you’. “And then acted so genuine about it that I decided not to make a fuss.” Her hands were in fists.  “You’re horrible.”

“I perfected that skill.” Loki sid.

“Being horrible is not a skill, damn  it.” Ivy said.  “It comes along naturally!”

“Your skill is at being a pest.” Loki said.

“Fine!” Ivy said.  “Take your pistol from the 1700’s and use ordinary bullets to kill the werewolf!” She steps back from Loki keeping her composure. “I am not gonna be the one who tells Odin that his son has been scratched by a werewolf and is doomed for the rest of his life to become one at night!”

“No.” Loki said. “They don’t.”

“Yes, they do.” Ivy said.  “That’s what everyone says to Werewolf experts, and lucky, you’re wrong!”

Ivy storms off away from Loki pretty ticked off.

“I hope you die.”

Ivy held up her middle finger.

“That makes the two of us!” Ivy shouts back

She was really strange. Never before had Loki got a comeback like this.

__                                          __                                                                   __

...Thirty-two minutes pass...

...Right outside the forest but at a pathway with a clear ground...

“Lucky!” Loki heard Ivy’s distant shout in the background from behind. “Use the spear!”

He could hear the spear flying by leaves towards his direction. Loki catches the spear in the nick of time as the werewolf had lunged towards him claws extended and large baring fangs revealed. His magic turns the missing spear end into a visible type of metal that shined briefly in the moonlight. Loki aimed the spear forwards in the nick of time that it stabbed through the werewolves chest making the werewolf halt in its tracks.The unusually short werewolf lower its arms and back down the fierce look.

Light disappeared from the werewolf's eyes.

Loki yanks the spear out of the werewolf's chest. The werewolf's body tumbled back landing on the ground. Loki shifts towards the left in a way that can be easily decided as ‘to the side’ in the words of literature. His eyes had adjusted to the night at this point but the spears end was glowing an electric blue. Just like the Asgardian swords used by warriors that sizzled when striking one another in combat.

“Its over, Ivy.” Loki said. “Come out from where you hide.”

There was silence. There wasn’t a reply

“Ivy, don’t play tricks on me.” Loki said, as we witness the werewolves curled up body turn into an Asgardian boy.

There was nothing, except for an owl hooting in the night, and Loki not hearing what he expected to hear. He looks down towards the right as the spear had given some spotlight on the boy’s body. His face turns into that of recognition. Lokii lowers his head and then shook it lightly.This boy is an Asgardian who went missing three days ago, and, unfortunately fell victim to a uncontrollable werewolf. Loki sighs pitying the family’s loss. With a twirl of his fingers Loki made an excessively and strangely odd huge border collie appear behind the body in a not so bright green light. Lets call the border collie merely ‘Tyun’ since he may be a temporary creature for the time being.

“I expect you know where to go, with him.” Loki said, his head turned up towards Tyun.

Tyun  nodded his head and then lightly with care picks up the boy’s body.

“Good boy.” Loki said. “Off you go.”

Tyun ran down the path that the werewolf had been running in.

Loki turns away feeling as though something was wrong. Something that concerned only the most strangest Midgardian on Asgard. Something had happened in the forest without hearing a scream, a yell, and a cry from Ivy. Loki taps on the spear’s handle that then turned a unique shade of purple, and then, a cast of purple light travel down the direction behind Loki making a path to follow. This basically is a different form of a tracking system using magic.

He follows the path for a while until he came over a tree that was in half.

“I’m...I’m okay.” Ivy’s weak voice alerted Loki. “B..Bu..But that damn racoon isn’t.”

Loki saw a limping racoon over a tree branch. He zapped the poor racoon, and then watched the furry critter fall over landing in a bush much dead.Loki walks around the tree stump, carefully as he had seen the big cart Ivy had made being empty and leaned against a standing tree.Loki walks over a  small tree stump and then walks over to a couple steps away from Ivy’s boots.There were wimpy sticks to the side near Ivy’s right boot.

“What did you do?” Loki asks.

“I...I...I tripped.” Ivy said.

“Don’t lie to me.” Loki said. “I am the prince of lies.”

“I may have...tried to throw the spear at the werewolf’s head.” Ivy  said, sounding weak. “And then that...Plan, erm, kind of backfired.” She looks over to the wimpy sticks. “It ain’t logical. Really. They’re so wimpy they can hurt a human. Yet not a werewolf...And then I don’t know what happened to the spear. It just...poofed!”

“You threw it to me.” Loki said.

“No I didn’t.” Ivy said, with a stunned reaction on her face. “I was sitting right here,” She points down to herself. “In withering pain contemplating where the hell I went wrong and how that crater crashed and illogically...erm,er...went through my chest.”

“You removed those sticks without considering that keeping them in could save your life?”

“Dumb as it sounds; keeping them in would have caused more dire damage.”

“That was dumb.”

“No, it was a smart move considering I wouldn’t be bleeding out more.”

“And you’re dying.”

Ivy made a weak sigh.

“Doesn’t feel like it.” Ivy remarks. “Well...” She looks down her right side weakly.  “Seeing my dead brother James awhile ago and...apologizing to him and all.” Loki is staring at Ivy, awkwardly. “Fine. You’re right...I’m dying,lucky.” Her voice sounds defeated. “I’ll be coming home in a box.”

“What makes you think you’re going back in a box?” Loki asks.

Ivy sighs.

“I know...that you can’t heal people like me.” Ivy said. “You don’t have the experience. Hogun told me about the little incident you had...years ago with an average Midgardian.” Ivy looks towards the glowing purple spear.  “Purple.” She smiles a little tilting her head to the side. “My favorite color.”

Ivy loses conscious, however she is still breathing ever so faintly.

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