A Midgardian's Antics

Former Marvel Fan Girl learns that the Marvel movieverse is somewhat real and... Her antics has no bounds.Also,be ready for some laughs. What if underneath all that antics is a person who wants to matter?


20. To Midgard!

“Odin’s orders.” Thor said, handing the scroll to Heimdall.

Heimdall opens the scroll, sharing a quite suspicious look, and looks to the paper.

“The Allfather wrote this, on paper,to avoid any conflicts about Ivy’s departure?” Heimdall asks, raising a brow.

“He did.” Thor said, with a nod.

Heimdall closed the scroll.Loki and Thor had brought Ivy to the Bifrost using the blanket of invisibility while riding a pony named Lightning McQueen.To the unsuspecting Asgardians; Thor and Loki were chasing after an unusual owl--a large owl that had horns sprouting out of the feathered forehead--to the Bifrost. If some are lucky enough to hear the ‘you picked the wrong pony’ conversation then they would assume the Odinsons are chatting about small ponies. Thor had greatly misunderstood the meaning behind Lightning McQueen.

All Ivy could do was hang on to the reins and conceal her excitement.Thor had warned Ivy not to make loud noises that drew attention, but to his dismay she gave numerous examples of pet sounds and asked  ‘like that?’ after making each one of them. Poor Thor had the unfortunate luck to say ‘no’ every time; at least until she squealed when a random black Pegasus appeared and Thor finally said ‘Yes!’.

To say for the least Loki had put the blanket on the arm to a chair near the doors.

“Okay, me going!” Ivy cheers, bouncing up and down in front of the gigantic Stargate like portal.

Heimdall is surprised to see such a little girl be bounced by excitement.It is actually unusual minus the adorable cheerful-happy-squeals coming from Ivy. It is as if someone put Ivy in front of a immortal lion named Aslan capable of speaking.

“You are excited.” Heimdall said.

Thor and Loki had started about something that Ivy did not bother to listen. Well, who likes to hear an argument about the brothers trying to pin the one who tells Odin that Ivy had escaped Midgard without their knowledge? Ivy is in fact standing right across from Thor and Loki near to Heimdall.Heimdall is technically right across from the Bifrost Portal’s reach on the endless platform of circles that are somewhat raised up by one foot leading to the circular key hole big enough for a sword to be entered in. If that is even clear to understand about the very design at all.

“I haven’t been on Midgard in ages.” Ivy said, wiggling her toes in the white pair of socks. Ivy is wearing Midgardian clothing that she had first arrived in Jotunheim. “Heck, everyone might be asking where I’ve been or my parent’s lives have been turned upside down.” Ivy shudders at the very thought. “I don’t want the second to be true.”

Heimdall nods.

“I understand.” Heimdall said, turning his sword into the Bifrost’s circular key-sword hole.

Then right as the bifrost opened up; Thor and Loki ended up getting into a fight.The three were taken in by the gust of blue wave-like ball. Ivy’s huge and wide eyes watched the brothers fight in outer space in the single bright yellow tube of light.Ivy turns her attention away from the two gods paying more attention to what was around her than the plausibly not-so-good situation across.

“Science-cy stuff!” Ivy squeals in delight, flapping her arms. “Weee!”

The fight that had been going on between Thor and Loki had knocked Ivy straight in a totally different direction. Ivy closes her eyes bracing herself for imminent impact.Hold on girl!, Ivy squeezes her eyes shut thinking of a movie that took her mind off the current situation.One can say Ivy looks unusually happy while falling through the atmosphere with her eyes closed. We see Loki’s body zip through a tree which makes some of the dangling leaves catch on fire. The headlights belonging to cars is seen right across from the falling figures. Cars are zipping  in different directions; right to left.

Ivy still had her eyes closed.

Loki crashed in the middle of the road.This made a crater effect. Some cars swirled  to the sides making the wheels create a high pitched screech against the pavement.The headlights were still but the cars from the other lane had stopped to the side of the road. A few of the cars that hadn’t swerved in the lane with the crater had stopped. Next came Ivy--who appeared to be doing a cannonball--speeding past the trees leaving behind a trail of burning leaves. Ivy lands on her butt moments after crashing into the already made crater. People started coming out of their cars to see what had made this large crater.

“Ow.” Ivy said, sitting in the crater on her butt. We see her eyes winch, and then, she gets up from the steaming hot crater landing.  “My butt is sore.”

“What the hell happened?”  Walter Desk asks as he stood by his open car door. He has a slight Irish accent that sounds visible to being heard.

Apparently they didn’t land in America; they landed in Ireland. Ivy turns towards Walter’s direction noticing the trees--thanks to the car lights being bright--were different and strange.The tree’s hard an eerie reminder to a creepy scary movie; when in fact, this road has been used for many movies because of the iconic tree appearance. This is not The Dark Hedges but a rather more wide interstate

Ivy turns towards Walter’s direction.

“My name is Ivy Stewart, who crashed because two gods couldn’t bother to think about sharing their fight OUTSIDE the bifrost.” Ivy bluntly explains, clearly and slow.  “And I’ve been missing for a month!”

Ivy could hear a groan from behind.

“Actually, it has been two months.” Loki said. “Not one.”

Ivy counts her fingers. Walter and a few other drivers had froze at the sound of Loki’s voice.

“May, June, July.” Ivy hesitates. She looks up to the sky frowning while seeing a yellow streak pass by in the sky. That must be Thor skydiving, Ivy assumes. “No, it must be July.” Her eyes widen and her fingers trembled upon realizing a big fact. We see Loki gets up from the crater ruined road. “Aw man, I missed my birthday.”

“Is that wh-h-h-who I think it is?” Walter said, taking a step back.

“I am Loki Laufeyson of Asgard.” Loki said.  “The adopted son of Frigga and Odin. But call me Loki.”

It was as if a highly adored celebrity had summoned a horde of camera’s. Ivy didn’t know how that happened, but what she did know it was quick and fast. Time might have flown quickly because of the crash landing effecting her head. It was still flashing lights from the camera’s when Ivy was able to ask the question that bugged her.

“..Who’s Laufeyson?” Ivy said in a whisper.

“Son of Laufey.” Loki said.

“Laufeyson is the son of Laufey?” Ivy repeats, tilting her head.  

“You’re stupid.” Loki said. “Laufeyson means son of  Laufey.”

Ivy didn’t seem to be bothered by his insult.She merely shrugged it off as though it was nothing to fret about.

“..If you’re not Odin’s son, why do you call Thor ‘Brother?” Ivy asks, in a little shy whisper.

“Father told me my true heritage, years ago.” Loki explains to Ivy,  with a little wave to the camera’s. He made a fake smile at one of them. “As far Thor is concerned, we’re brothers.”

“Is that child your daughter?” One of the reporters ask.

Loki’s face grew red, a perfect red. Ivy lowers her head all the while rubbing her forehead in shame.

“No!” Loki said. “We’re not related.” Loki gestures to Ivy.  “This ‘child’ hails from Midgard.”

“...Shouldn’t you be calling me a teenager?” Ivy reminds Loki.

“Not at all.” Loki lies.

Ivy managed to skillfully, with little to no sound, escape the spotlight by being in the dark background that wasn't being lightened up by the press.Everyone sounded different,and in a different language. It made Ivy wonder where in the world they had crash landed. Or if she’ll ever get tall enough to be not mistaken as a child.

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