A Midgardian's Antics

Former Marvel Fan Girl learns that the Marvel movieverse is somewhat real and... Her antics has no bounds.Also,be ready for some laughs. What if underneath all that antics is a person who wants to matter?


24. This invovles the hammer

Ivy wakes up wearing a blindfold.Obviously the blindfold deduction came rather easy when she could hear the two abductors sharing a conversation that her eyes could not see.Also the sounds of water droplets landing in a puddle that Ivy could not see in a blinding darkness is a dead give away.Ivy’s shoulders sharply rose in fear; yet,  there was some difficulty raising the shoulders. Something is definitely wrapped around her arms preventing them from moving up, down, and freely move.Ivy sticks her tongue out and feels along her lips.

Ivy sighs just as her shoulders  lowered down while slipping her pink wet tongue back in.

Phew, Ivy thought, they haven’t gagged me.

The mere picture of being gagged disgusted Ivy.

“So, Sanatasha.” Harold said. “I suppose you planned ahead how to contact the parents.”

“No.” Sanatasha said,followed by a grim tone in her voice. “That was your part of the plan.”

“Ry--right.” Harold said, acting unconvinced. “So...Wait...We didn’t leave the number?”

Sanatasha smacks the side of Harold’s head.

“Idiot!” Sanatasha chides Harold.

Ivy heard what sounds like another slap to Harold’s face--or face slap, whatever people call them these days--that may have been done by Sanatasha.

“You didn’t tell me I had to leave the number!” Harold said. “Ow, that hurt.”

“Yes, I did.” Sanatasha snaps back. “I told you before we went in to get the girl.”

Despite the whole conflict of being tied up; Ivy is amused by the very unusual kidnappers.

“Maybe I should lay off eating cheetos before doing a crime like this again.” Harold said.

“You won’t be able to do it again!” Sanatasha said. “We can only do it once.”

“We can just ditch her in a  landfill.” Harold suggests.

“I think not.” Sanatasha said. “I want my payout.”

“Take off the blindfold!” Ivy demands.  “I mean this is totally useless when I’ve already seen your stupid ugly faces!”

“She has a point.” Sanatasha said.

“But not our other accomplices.” Harold said. “So, Tasha, were you being serious about using the needle on Max?”

“I would have done it if you had not gotten up.” Sanatasha said.

“My dad is a truck driver.” Ivy said. “Not a billionaire.”

“Shut it.” Sanatasha said,opening what sounds like a box to Ivy. “Before I give you a lethal dose.”

“Uh,assuming that’s the same thing you used on me then that’s not very productive.” Ivy said. “I am wide awake, fresh off the boat of dreams, and you two are too cowardly to make the call.”  The whole view of this scenario through a blindfold is very unbelievable when unable to see their reactions to Ivy’s reply. “If you have other accomplices then I really suggest putting ear buds in my ears so I can listen to music.”

There is almost silence in the room except for a microwave that went off.

“We’re not spoiling this child.” Harold said.

“This girl is playing us.” Sanatasha said. “Harold; I told you no cooking during a time like this!”

“I am hungry.” Harold said. “It is night and I just woke up.”

“Assuming that whatever you used on me can take down a human; I very much recommend you think logically.” Ivy suggests. “I figure you haven’t really thought about it much if a human can survive that whatever-the-realm-version-of-hell is dose. Like that little dog that survived but had changed in more ways than one after being experimented on by a scientist pioneering something that’s commonly used in Medical fields. I can’t remember what it is exactly called.”

Harold has a short laugh.

“She’s a thinker.” Harold said.

“I hate it when people start spoiling the fun.” Sanatasha complains.

“Wait, you attempted to kill our moneybag!” Harold said, shortly after realizing.

“Moneybag.” Ivy repeats. “Not exactly how I picture myself.”

“And she’s awake.” Sanatasha said.

“Sure she is!” Harold said. “But that doesn’t explain---” Harold probably turns his head towards Ivy. “Oh my god.”

“What?” Sanatasha said, acting puzzled.

“This child is an immortal girl.” Harold said.

“Eh, close, but not that close.” Ivy said.

“She is a human.” Sanatasha said. “And pretty mortal.”

“No, she’s a vampire.” Harold argues back.

“I am NOT A VAMPIRE.” Ivy exclaims. “I may be pale and stay inside all the time--urgh.” Ivy groans, irritated, at her captors. “This might be exactly what Loki felt when I said the same thing about him.”

“Then why are the parents not out on TV?” Harold asks. “If she is ‘pretty mortal’.”

“Maybe the guy Ivy came with is a valuable suspect.” Sanatasha theorizes “Makes sense for the cops.”

Harold lowly sighs.

“Ah, poor guy.” Harold said, pitying Loki.

Ivy hears shoes trail over to some part of the building, and then, head over to her.Ivy hears one of the two wrap something around her head--again, unfortunately--this time going over her mouth.It feels bumpy, soft,and crunchy.That is only then that Ivy realized the two abductors decided to gag her on the spot.Perhaps I should have not spoken in the first place towards my failing abductors, Ivy regrets in a late timing.What they wrapped around her mouth is probably a rag of the sorts.

Something hard binds Ivy’s hands together and covers them.Ivy tried to wiggle her fingers to no success.The mere flicker--well really just the thought of it--of electricity  emitting off those small fingers seemed to be a figment of her imagination in a world that is beyond normal.They put something on Ivy’s ears that blocked of the remaining awareness of the building keeping her under the police radar.

Strangely Ivy could hear a Dragon growl in her ears.

It sounded deep, disturbing, slightly cool, and real.

Damn it girl, Ivy thought wiggling her fingers, why did you have to nearly die and get a dragonheart? She began to feel a bitter hate towards dragons ever so slowly instead of the adoration fangirling that normally didn’t get replaced. The dragon adoration fangirling seemed to fade into the never ending depressing darkness.What little sound of a dragon snorting out smoke painted a clear picture to Ivy of a dragon standing on a mountainside spreading out their wings while putting their paw on a tall bumpy boulder resting at the cliff edge in the dawn.This growl is outrageous, Ivy thought, and ugly. Sounds like a tyrannosaurus Rex straight out of Jurassic Park.The painted image of the dragon had a scar going over one of its eyes and a golden fang sticking out to the side.

Ivy pictured a red boxcar, ignoring out the dragons ugly growl, imaging a dark brown hound barking after a couple kids holding baskets of some questionable items.The picture came to life in Ivy’s mind watching a girl open the door halfway to reveal what seemed to be a kitchen beside a couple haystacks serving as beds. One of the kids referred to the dark brown hound as ‘Watch’ instead of a common everyday dog name such as Max. That picture replaced Ivy’s scared and sour mood into a temporary reassured one.

It should be very strange for a kidnapped person to be this brave.

__                                                         ___

...Police station..

..The interrogation room in Ireland...

Loki waited until the two detectives left just so he could make his escape move.Or at least attempt to make a explain how in the world Ivy came to his realm. The Detectives had puzzled looks hearing what Ivy did in Asgard. Loki did not know that he had been there for an extra couple hours explaining Ivy’s antics--the ones Loki had been to witness--to the detectives.Loki did make a glass of water appear every couple of hours then drank it before continuing.The detectives, although, had lost track of time listening to the many impossible stories.

It seemed to everyone in the room that it had only been an hour.

“Don’t leave town.” Detective Shawn said. “We have eyes on you.”

Loki raises his left eyebrow up and straightens in the chair.

“You don’t have your eyes on me.” Loki said.

“Geeze, this guy is really formal.” Detective George said, going to the door.

“I would appreciate it if you referred to me by my given name.” Loki said.

“Really formal for a city slicker.” Detective Shawn said.

“Asgard is a kingdom not what you now call it these days.” Loki said. “Asgardian Technology is beyond yours.”

“Cities.” Detective George said. “That’s what we call them.”

Detective Shawn went through the open doorway first, and, second went out Detective George.Detective Shawn had a notebook that held every tale that Loki could share about Ivy’s time in Asgard.The Detectives, both of them, had a ‘woah’ reaction that is visible to the outsider’s eye.The door came to a click when shutting within the frame.

“Did you see his black eye disappear, George?” Detective Shawn asks,standing to the side beside the closed door.

“It was like magic.” Detective George said. “I don’t know someone could do photoshop in real life.” Detective George looks down towards the notebook.The notebook has endless pages stained in ink as do the page turning paper.“Man this is the strangest case I ever worked on.”

“Same here, buddy.” Detective Shawn said. The side of Detective Shawn’s left hand is covered in ink. “I have not dreamed of seeing everyone using fans and lights to melt down a frozen ice man.”

Perfect time to make my move, Loki thought. There is not any detectives bothering him nor an icepack to cover a bruise.A bruise that has since healed. The gray dull room became engulfed in smoke  that clouded anyone’s view to the inside. The glass shatters when a hard shaped object sharing significant resemblance to wings bust through.Our view flies out of the building right into the twinkling sky. A huge dark falcon about three times its normal size made a kaw diving above city limits into the lingering dark clouds.

Loki feels relaxed, finally, after being cooped up in a gray metal room.

At least he was able to feel relaxed for at least ten minutes.

Ten minutes is all it took for Thor to find Loki, then hide behind one extremely dark cloud,next send a thunder strike right at Loki’s back.Loki the Falcon is sent falling down, back feathers burning, at a  incredibly fast speed rate that even Speed Buggy couldn’t compete against in a air based race.The dark falcon disappear behind a building that had a seemingly abandoned forgotten vibe about it.The windows had endless vines blocking what little is left of wooden material to the human eye; these endless clear to see green rope-like plants does their damage in a unique way unlike roots breaking apart stone.A puff of smoke trails slowly behind the building shortly after a hard-felt crash made the ground shake.Feathers had fallen landing here and there in the likewise unusually clean street which usually wouldn’t be clean for a ‘street corner’ within the dead of night.

Fun fact;there are certain types of tree seeds that when dejected out of a bird, can land into any stone crack, and then immediately begin growing.The roots themselves do the most crucial damage to the building in the years these long curly heated parts push against  the walls to make more room.The view dives away to the smokey curls floating without a care away from  a crashed human figure in the pavement.There is a circular shape of a crater made in the not-very-much busy road that has one  of the yellow lines ending at the large big mound radiating some extensive heat.The human figure had landed face first on the ground not on the back that somewhat softens the super humans landing.

Oh, we know who this is.

“Really?” Loki said, getting up as his back radiates heat. “You rely on the hammer to have a conversation; I don’t know about you but that hammer obsession is getting unhealthy.”

Thor’s appears beside a closed down candy store.

“Not when a Midgardian recently given ‘godly powers’ was lost.” Thor said. “And there are many midgardians taking souls with machines.”

Loki stares with fresh disbelief towards Thor.

“Thor...you know those are cameras.” Loki said. “And I did not lose Ivy; she left with her parents!”

“Then why is she reportedly missing?” Thor asks.

“Like her said; her parents.” Loki said.

“...And you think they were her parents.” Thor said.

“She’s not my daughter;and if she were kidnapped, then her real parents would be driving their way through everything and get her back without the authorities.” Loki said. “All I know is there two couples claiming to be her parents. One couple shares the unique physical resemblance to Ivy, while the other couple I have not seen.How can I know she has two pairs of parents sharing joint custody and bicker until sunrise where she should live? How can I be very sure that she really is missing? In this current situation I don’t believe there’s a clear answer for now to explain away this troubling problem.”

“So you have met her parents.” Thor said.

“I can’t be positive without it being confirmed with proof.” Loki said.

“You have seen the proof.” Thor said. “It takes two people to make another.”

“Thor, why did you use your hammer to crash me?” Loki asks. “If making me crash land into a deserted area was your intentions then you have terribly failed.”

“You don’t normally stop flying for a quick conversation when disguised as a falcon.” Thor said.

“Then this must be very important to strike me down as a falcon.” Loki said.

“Loki, I told father.” Thor said. Loki raises a brow.  “About us returning Ivy to Midgard.”

“What was on your mind at that time?” Loki asks, dumbfounded.

“Tacos.” Thor said. “They’re quite tasty.”

“Donkeys are not tasty.” Loki said. “I find it hard to believe you landed somewhere that eats farm life.”

“I am talking about a different kind of Tacos.” Thor said. “It involves; a shell,meat,flavor,and cheese. What father has for you, after you serve out this Midgardian year, I can only tell you that you won’t like it. And another piece of news you may not like.”

“Thor, you’re lying.” Loki said. “There’s more to the taco.”

“...And tomatoes, salad,pepper, orange, pineapple.” Thor said. “The list is endless, I say, very endless with the crops available to Midgardians."

“I knew they would finally embrace tomatoes.” Loki said. “It has been too long they believed a little lie.”

“Part of your punishment involves not seeing Siff.” Thor finally said. “I was not aware you had a relationship between her until today.”

The shock on Loki’s face is more than fresh.

However, what Thor didn’t know, Loki had a good idea who told Odin about the relationship.

“I never told any other Asgardian’s about us.” Loki said. “Nor you.” The sound of a car honking drew Loki’s attention away from Thor.Loki shielded his eyes to see what had made such a really loud noise. This noise belongs to a car engine.  “Brother, you do have your--” Loki turns towards Thor; only to see he is gone. “Timing..."

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