A Midgardian's Antics

Former Marvel Fan Girl learns that the Marvel movieverse is somewhat real and... Her antics has no bounds.Also,be ready for some laughs. What if underneath all that antics is a person who wants to matter?


25. The timejump skip

Some people like to think that being randomly transported from a comfortable climate to a impossible fictional one is the most fantastic thing ever. Truth to be told that is not a fantastic idea for a person like Ivy Stewart. Oh yes, we'll do a couple time skips but just to show important events.
Such as this event that happens one midgardian year after Ivy's abduction--oh,her mom found her--taken place on Asgard. In the castle, to be precise, where Odin has recently clarified Loki's punishment for harboring a Dragon on Asgard for long as he had.
"You're...banishing me from how many realms again?" Loki asks.
"Eight." Odin said. "You will spend the rest of your life where I should have left you." The words stung deeply but Loki didn't show it. "The titles you've earned do not belong to an person harboring a dangerous, and very feared, dragon.What you've done is unforgivable.There is a reason why Midgardians began hunting them down to their death and freed the many realms of a large disaster."
"Of fire breathing dragons who love gold." Loki said.
"No." Odin said. "They do not have a obsession with gold. They have an taste in crumbling realms and killing. Where is the dragon?"
"Midgard." Loki said.
"I will make sure access to Midgard is restrained." Odin said. "Until the time of the dragons has ended." Odin looks towards the guards as Loki's facial reaction turns into a 'There is only one dragon,why say 'dragons' when there is one?' while standing there. "Take him."
Our scene turns into about five minutes later--when out of the throne room--down the large hall leading right out to the main exit doors remaining clear open. How does one manage to be calm after being banished to Jotunheim? Well there is one keeping their cool while walking out of the castle.
There were some guards making sure Loki did not try to defy escaping his punishment.
"Wait!" Loki said, stopping in his tracks. Siff is seen beside the largely, and, wide open brown doors as her arms are folded. "Just one, little quick minute,before I embarrass myself."
"Make it so." The Asgardian Guard said.
Loki approaches Siff.
"You told him." Loki said. "Why?"
"After what I learned what you did; I had to." Siff said.
Is that what you intended?" Loki asks. "For our...Was it even true? You threw me under the bus."
"Bus?..." Siff asks, staring at Loki in pure puzzled confusion.
"You don't understand." Loki said. "It is a Midgardian saying."
Loki turns away from Sif.
Had he chosen so terribly?
Loki probably did knowing Siff.
Loki did not share another glance towards Siff followed by those guards.
What a terrible note to leave Asgard on.
____                                                                    _____
...Somewhere; probably North Dakota...
Yes, a large very large time skip is required for a story that has lost its steam. Of course not all people should believe the first thing about one of the main character's dying in the third time switch. It should be taken like a grain of salt mixed into sand. That's how fine and skeptical this next scene should be taken until the last words.
Drakise's long claw stabs through Loki's chest, however, the image of Loki flickers away in a purple spree of colors that revealed Ivy. Drakise's eyes widened and the pain in his heart became imminent.Drakise takes his claw out with a painful yelp followed by grabbing at his chest taking some several steps back. Loki, along with an Avenger, appears over the hill.
 "Ivy!" Loki shouts. "I told you not to come!"
"You'll mad, child!" Drakise bellows, landing his side against the rocky sided wall.
A few pebbles tumbled down sliding over his bumpy scales.
The shock is so strong to Drakise it can not be exaggerated.
"You've...you've killed yourself." Drakise said.
"No..." Ivy said, with a little smile.
Ivy looks like a young woman wearing big boots that made her seem taller than she really is,she had a suit one similar to a scuba divers but mixed into high tech  special  agent science fiction-ey uniform.The look in her hazel eyes are those of pride.
Why 300 years stranded on Jotunheim didn't make Loki just give up.
Frankly Loki had found an exit two years ago, and then, landed in Antartica frozen in a cube sleeping because of some complications around the escape. Drakise, meanwhile, had made himself known to the world. To the world that has despite him for one hundred years and have built defenses to keep him at bay.
That is, until their weapons failed last year.
So, the people at Area 51 and the President came to deciding the fact.
Recruting to kill Drakise.
Which brings us to our present situation.
  "I just...killed a monster." Ivy said.
Drakise steps forwards, furious. However, just as he had stepped forwards, our unnamed Avenger activated a large cannon device that erupted into power and shot at Drakise's head.The life in Drakise's eyes faded into nothingness. He falls to the side but as he did; Drakise dispersed into red lights.The red lights sunk into the ground disappearing out of sight. except for the golden replacement tooth.Ivy propped herself up against a boulder feeling her life slipping away.
"Dragon; zero. Humanity: one." The Unnamed Avenger said.
This unnamed Avenger--there was a program named after The Avengers initiative in Marvel made 300 hundred years ago in case something like Drakise ever happened--probably will remain unnamed to the end of this story.In a sense this person does remain unnamed.
Loki came over to Ivy.
"I told you there's a back up plan." Loki said.  "You did not need to die for this."
Ivy covers her wound.
"You  wouldn't have gotten the killing blow if I hadn't come." Ivy said.
The sky is somewhat dark above. There were some fireflies starting to come out. The Unnamed Avenger collects the golden tooth.Yes it is quite much in the nighttime similar to the last scene in Dragonheart. Ivy saw the glowing shining stars appearing in the sky. Her body is becoming no longer solid but a flurry of light tolerable colors. She looks like an appropriation to Loki except with wings attached to her back.
"This is where I go." Ivy said. She turns her head over towards Loki. "Hey, you, Dracula mischief man...take care of yourself."
She took one last sigh then her entire body lost its apparition shape. The stars above were gathering. Loki watches the once solid light blue balls fly into the night sky to join the others. Odin was right; her fate was left to the stars. The unnamed Avenger wielded a random shield gazing at the night sky gaping at the impossibleness behold.
Then when the blue light came to the middle all the stars--once in the shape of a incomplete constellation--joined incoming together to the newly arrived Dragongardian. Yes; Dragongardian is a made up word that was just used to describe Ivy's soul. There is a bright flash blinding the sky for a few minutes then the blinding sight died down.
"She's a star." The unnamed Avenger said, seeing Ivy's star glow a bright purple.
"Funny," Loki said. "She never wanted to be a star in the spotlight."
"..Hey, what your business on that Ash caurd?" The unnamed Avenger asks.
"It is Asgard." Loki said. "And I don't see a chance I am going back to that realm."
Some kids--and teenagers--looked up at Ivy's star in their darkest moments when all hope seemed lost. Her star shined the brightest. Though Loki never did go back to Asgard; he just went exploring. He went to the stars. Ivy once said to Loki when she wasn't being annoying; "You know, some stars are planets, and you know what planets mean? It means an adventure ahead!"
The End.

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