A Midgardian's Antics

Former Marvel Fan Girl learns that the Marvel movieverse is somewhat real and... Her antics has no bounds.Also,be ready for some laughs. What if underneath all that antics is a person who wants to matter?


22. The thing about being real

The thing about being real to people who’re aware of what that character can do is plausibly the worst in the world. Loki had turned into a mouse then scurried his way to the exit in the police building. The only problem Loki hadn’t expected was one of the officers to be brave enough they put a glass cup over him. The Officer walks into the empty interrogation room; technically it isn’t empty as there is a glass window, a square gray table, and three chairs.The Officer holds the closed cup above the lone chair across from the two comfortable looking  chairs. The Officer turns the glass cup over dumping Loki the Rat onto the seat.

Loki the Rat lands on the hard metal seat to the chair.

“Ow.” Loki said, falling right off the hard seat.

The Officer walks out the room closing the door behind. A puff of dark smoke appears where Loki had fallen, as a rat, to the floor. In about four seconds after the smoke appeared Loki gets up rubbing the back of his neck. The eye that Mr Stewart had punched at had a black marking circled around it. Loki makes a pack of ice appear in his right hand in what seems to be a bag that is tied up.He sat down in the chair putting the icepack on his black eye.

“So much for escaping this building.” Loki mumbled to himself.

Why would Midgardians bring him into a dull and boring room? Ivy mentioned the Avengers, and Thor, as fictional characters in her realm, Loki thought acting wary for the littlest of all signs that could give-away what the Midgardian’s are foolishly thinking they can do. Loki taps his left hand’s fingers on the table ever so lightly yet patiently. Why would a father deny he picked up his heir, with his wife included, and act irrational?

Why, she isn’t mine, Loki thought as his not-so-bruised eye could see light pouring out under the closed door. Loki could see the shape of shadows blocking the very lighter tint of yellow spreading under the door. Perhaps someone pretended to be Ivy’s parents and took her, Loki contemplates the scenario, then made their quick escape before anyone took notice of Ivy’s reaction. The idea sounded very plausible. Now the second problem about this is that the Midgardians suspect Loki has a part in Ivy’s abduction.

Now Loki must have been thinking about this idea for a good hour. Actually Loki did spend an hour thinking  ‘why would someone abduct an annoying girl?’ The door opened, and in came two men.They seemed to be all eyes on him appearing to be suspecting Loki Has some part in this. The second man had a skeptical look when the first man seemed ‘this perp looks familiar’ kind of facial reaction.

“My answer is the same as it was before.” Loki said. “I don’t know where his heir went.”

These two men are Detective George Willows and Detective Shawn Summers. Detective George sat first across from Loki and Detective Shawn came second.The two men seemed to be synchronized at once.

“I don’t usually hear Heir thrown around a lot.” Detective Shawn said.

“Agreed.” Detective George said. “Sounds stone age.”

“No, that isn’t stone age.” Loki argues back.

“Where has Ivy Stewart been for two months?” Detective George asks.

Loki lowers the icepack off his black eye.

“Asgard.” Loki said, as if it wasn’t a question.

“You’re joking.” Detective Shawn said, in disbelief.

“You haven’t turned the news on.” Loki said, with the slightest of all deceiving smiles. “I am afraid not, Midgardians.”

“I don’t believe a cosplayer until I see proof.” Detective George said.

Loki stares at Detective George.

“W...What?” Loki asks, leaning forward. “What did you just call me?”

“A cosplayer.” Detective George said. “Dressed up as a fictional character.”

“I am not a ‘cosplayer’.” Loki said. “I am who I am.”

“You’re cosplaying Loki Laufeyson, except Loki doesn’t have black hair.” Loki leans back in his chair as his facial reaction is turned into a ‘this isn’t right.’ “He has WHITE hair.You got all the costume organized but not the hair.” Detective George said. “I have a sixteen year old girl at home waiting to hear if the man who fell from the sky is a very good cosplayer.”

“But I am Loki.” Loki said, tapping on his chest. The Midgardians accusation that he wasn’t ‘Loki’ was unfounded and disturbing. “I wouldn’t lie about not being me.”

Detective Shawn slid forward a  open notebook on the table.

“Prove it.” Detective Shawn said.

Loki taps on the table turning it into a couple of border collies. The paper turned into toy bones that the collies could chew on except for one staring at the men very so intimidatingly.Loki applied the icepack on his black eye.

“You would think black eyes would heal faster.” Loki complains about his black eye.  “It should be gone in a few hours.”

Detective George and Detective Shawn slid the chairs away from the table and then hold up their guns at him.

“Now I am a threat?” Loki said, looking up to the two men. He shook his lowered head still pressing the icepack to his black eye.These midgardians are dumber than Ivy had babbled on about, Loki thought with such disappointment, so much for their justice system of intelligence. If only things were much different. “You’re escalating far than it has to be.”

“Where is the girl?” Detective Shawn asks in the most critical and dramatic voice.

“I don’t know.” Loki said.

“You obviously know more about this kidnapping.” Detective Shawn said. “Other than crash landing like superman in the middle of the road.”

“She’s not a child, Shawn.” Detective George reminds Shawn.

“Okay, abduction.” Detective Shawn corrects himself with an eye roll.  “Loki, You are a suspicious character.”

“I am not a character.”  Loki said. “I am a living, breathing Asgardian who has been stranded on Midgard for a year.” The detectives look far more confused than before. “I have been avoiding going to Midgard for...” Loki glances over to the security cameras that are hooked into all four corners of the room.  “Apparently longer than I thought.”

“...Why a year?” Detective Shawn asks.

“A year is very specific.” Detective George notes.

“It is better than being powerless.” Loki said.

“How bad can you have screwed up?” Detective Shawn asks.

“Messed up.” Loki corrects Detective Shawn. “I told Heimdall to send my brother to the Light Elves realm instead of taking him to a different realm.”

Detective George lowers the gun.

“Explains why he hasn’t disappeared in thin air, Shawn.” Detective George said.

“But...Loki is a fictional character!” Detective Shawn reminds his partner. “Marvel has made it clear that Asgard does not exist, such as The Avengers and...” Detective Shawn snaps his fingers trying to figure out who he’s thinking of.  “And Star Trek!”

“...You know Marvel doesn’t own Star Trek.” Detective George said.  “Right partner?”

“No, Marvel owns Star Trek.” Detective Shawn said.

“Paramount owns Star Trek.” Detective George said.

“Rest assured, I am real as you two are.” Loki assures the two detectives.

Detective George takes out a flat device and put it on the table. The image of a young man with white hair was on the screen and seemed to be dressed as Loki. Beside that imposter was a man who wielded a hammer--who looked nothing like Thor--and a cape attached to his metal shoulder armor.Is that...My brothers hammer in this man’s hand? Loki squints at the image until he could see a faint resemblance between Thor and the imposter. They shared a strong medium build.

“Who is this Midgardian impostering Thor?” Loki asks. “I want his name.”

“That Midgardian is Kam Cartsworth dressed up as Thor Odinson and his Co-Star William Tippleton dressed up as you.” Detective George said. “Welcome to the new century; technophobe.”

Detective Shawn made a fake cough.

“So, as you say, when is Mr Stewart going to be thawed?” Detective Shawn said.

“Depends when you look the other direction and look for mortal suspects.” Loki said.

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