A Midgardian's Antics

Former Marvel Fan Girl learns that the Marvel movieverse is somewhat real and... Her antics has no bounds.Also,be ready for some laughs. What if underneath all that antics is a person who wants to matter?


15. Reckless

“Your heart is mine.”

Ivy did not want to believe a dragon--who had made an improper English statement--had given his heart to replace her dead one.But what else could Ivy believe other than her heart had been healed? Ivy has the marking of dragon wings on her back, she had heard the conversation between Odin and Loki from the door to the Library,and now the dream. Ivy shook her head knocking the questions out of her mind.

“Definitely not true.” Ivy said, making a sand castle with Sammy.

Sammy nudged up a clump of sand upwards patting it forward using his nose making a sound and a glance towards Ivy then made a low pitch ‘baw’.Ivy preferred to believe Loki had used magic on her heart and that the spell had a side effect.The side effect of dragon wing markings emerging up  on her back.Sammy is halfway out of the ocean blocking a few waves path to the in-progress sand castle.

“Ah Sammy.” Ivy said, with a fake smile lifting her head up towards Sammy. “I was just thinking about that dream I had.”

Sammy raises one of his non existent eyebrows.

“It involved a dragon.” Ivy said,dumping a lot of sand into a red bucket.

Sammy honks, backing his head up across from Ivy.

“A poorly executed dragon.” Ivy continues, with a slight wave of her hand.. “I mean; if he calls himself a dragon, then why in the name of Sesame Street does he not sound wise?” She threw a sea-shell over her shoulder. “The Dragons I picture are the ones you can look up to,can fear, and sometimes get eaten by.” The sea-shell hit a bird and then the bird fell over pretending to be dead like a possum. “I didn’t catch the name of this character who calls himself a ‘dragon’.”

Sammy made a ‘You know, that is disrespectful towards Dragons’ look.

“I know dragons are fierce, dangerous, and magnificent.” Ivy said,dumping the bucket in the middle of the sand castle.She smacks the side of the red bucket that has a gray handle loosely sticking to the sides. “But it is just that...” Sammy made another honk that is low. “I have large expectations.”

Sammy turns his head sideways and pats his dark sea blue horn on the corner of the sand castle with a honk.

“DragonHeart  is a really good movie.” Ivy said.

Sammy raises his head up towards Ivy making  a ‘so?’ reaction.

“And Eragon.” Ivy said, cutting out a square from beside the sand castle.

Sammy rolled his eye  with a sigh.

“I expect Dragons to be aware what say.” Ivy goes on taking out the solid square of sand out ever so carefully. “Except Eragon’s Dragon communicated through thoughts: I think.” She shrugs placing the hardened sand clump over a gap between the sand and the sand castle. “Been a couple years since I have seen the movie.” Ivy spat at the front and ending part to the square solid sand then lightly pats on both sides. “But Brom was an awesome character.”

Sammy honks.

The bird gets up looking both ways to make sure the coast is clear.

“I loved the movie so much I read the first book in four hours.” Ivy brags. “Four fantastic hours.”

Sammy makes a ‘first book?’ reaction.

“It was adapted from a book to a movie, Sammy.” Ivy said. “And the Inheritance Cycle is all based on Montana.” Sammy tilts his head, curiously. “Well the entire land that is described in the books; that is.” Ivy draws the shape of the dragon rider mark on the sand bridge using her index finger.”Hah, at least those students at school are not sharing this adventure!” She has a bright smile. “That’s what I see the good in this situation.”

Ivy’s eyes glow a light blue.Ivy furrows her eyebrows, narrowing her eyes,and then threw  the bucket over her shoulder.Sammy witnesses the red sand bucket knock over the innocent beach bird. The innocent beach bird gets upright flapping its wings then departed into the sky leaving a few feathers behind on the red sand bucket.The sand bucket is lain on the side.Ivy’s eyes returned to their natural hazel color.

“That boy should be given the crown of recklessness.” Ivy said, getting up.

Sammy honks twice acting confused, in a way asking ‘What boy?’.

“I’ll be right back, Sammy.” Ivy said. “I mean it.”

Ivy zips away leaving behind a light gray cloud outlining her figure beside the in-progress Sand Castle.

_                                               __                                                           __

...10 minutes later...

...The Bifrost...

“Gotta name?” Ivy asks, taking off the rope that she had wrapped around her waist.

Boscow gets up from the floor.

“Boscow of Asgard.” Boscow said.

Ivy had recently swung into the bifrost and caught Boscow then swung back into the building while he had screamed like a little girl.The rope, that Ivy had used, was initially wrapped around a sturdy handle to a waiting chair propped by the open bifrost building doors.Speaking of which; the large dark gray shield-like door to the bifrost hole had been reactivated.They had been put into place by Ivy pressing numerous buttons that she could find on a  nearby desk related item. The steam coming out of the dark gray shield-like door made light gray cloud tinted smoke float on out.

“Full name.” Ivy said, with her arms folded and tapping her left boot. She narrows her eyes towards Boscow making a sincerely dark look. “Before I take you outta this building by the ear.”

“Boscow Rodinson.” Boscow said.

A light bulb went off in Ivy’s head.

“Wrote Ton?” Ivy asks, wrapping the rope into a roll.

“Rodinson.” Boscow repeats.

“Rody in sun.” Ivy said, putting the rolled up rope on the armrest of the chair.  “Boscow Rody in sun; that’s a mouthful.”

“I am speaking correctly.” Boscow insists. “There is no way that I am saying Rody in sun.”

Ivy’s eyes brightened  and a happy smile spreads across her face. It was like Boscow flipped a switch.

“You just did.” Ivy said. “I tricked an Asgardian kid!” She threw her arms into the air.  “Go me!” She swings her hips side to side making air punches in delight. “Woohoo!” Boscow sighs, looking towards the ceiling. “Go me!”

Boscow looks down from the ceiling.

“I’ve been yanked and tricked by a little girl.” Boscow said. “That is humili--”

Ivy slaps Boscow at the face.

“Ow!” Boscow whines as he rubs the side of his face. “That hurts.”

“That it should.” Ivy said, appearing to be insulted.

There were red markings on the side of Boscow’s face from that very hard slap.

“You slap like an Asgardian.” Boscow said, and then Ivy grabs him by the ear. “Ow,ow,ow.”

Ivy goes through the wide open doors taking Boscow by the ear.

“That was the most reckless move I ever witnessed.” Ivy remarks. “And stupidest.” Boscow is trying to loosen Ivys grip but he fails. “You went in without supplies, without an emergency rope, and no freaking back up plan if you didn’t land where you wanted to!”

“Stupidest is not a word.” Boscow said. “Ow,ow,ow.”

“I know.” Ivy said, with a gleeful smile. “I just wanted to hear you say it.”  She strolls by the napping guards. “If you want to be an explorer of the realms then first you gotta get a hat, a whip, and a degree in what-ever-the-hell Indiana Jones has!” The guards are snoring. “Rule number one; don’t go in a un-manned Bifrost.”

“I get it!” Boscow said, wincing.

“Or be forever considered as the fool who gets chided every time by a woman yanking his ear.” Ivy goes on. “A woman for pete’s sakes!” She shook her free hand in the air within a fist form. “I would have expected a boy to do this! But no, someone out of the whole equation who looks like a child and is actually a teenager has to drag you by napping guards and explain that trying to fit into the ideals of Indiana Jones is a terrible idea!”

Boscow  caught only the ‘someone out of the whole equation,a child, to drag you’ part.

“...You’re a child?” Boscow said, with a yelp.

“I am not a child!” Ivy snaps. “I am a teenager.” She shook her head. “Come on, if you are going to try taking in a different approach but in double 07 style and a mix of Indiana Jones then watch Cowboys VS Aliens!” Boscow caught the ‘Cowboys vs Aliens’. “You need to be taught how to be an explorer by someone experienced! If you wanna be an archaeologist, as Jones had said, get your nose outta the library.”

“Cowboys vs Aliens?..OW!” Boscow yelps.

“That is a prime example of Indiana Jones and Double 07 sharing a crossover.” Ivy said.

“Ow.” Boscow complains. “Let me go.”

“No siree.” Ivy said. “Someone needs their parents to be aware what they nearly did.”

“You don’t know where I live.” Boscow said.

“Watch me.” Ivy said, in a challenging tone. Her eyes turn a bright tint of green in a flash.

Did her eyes just turn green?, Boscow wonders, ow...ow...ow...my ear!

Ivy’s eyes glow a light blue ever so briefly and then they returned to the hazel color.The color green wasn’t visible much after that challenging remark.Surprisingly,Ivy brought Boscow to his parent’s house. Boscow stood at the door apparently a little shocked that Ivy had somehow managed to find his house. He recalled the light blue glow.

“What magic do you wield, Midgardian?” Boscow asks.

“The name is Ivy.” Ivy said. “I don’t wield magic. I wield the mind of ‘I don’t give a crap’ and ‘responsibility’ merged into one.”

“I don’t understand.” Boscow said.

Ivy’s mood changed.

“Responsibility is a big thing.” Ivy said. “Especially when you promise yourself to be there for your new sibling.” She knocks on the door three times. “It is a big thing as Peter Parker’s grandfather said; great power comes with great responsibility.” She lowers her head. “And I failed on my responsibility.” Ivy looks towards the sky. “I know he’s up there.He told me before I went out.”

Boscow is a little intrigued.

“Ivy, what did he tell you?” Boscow asks.

Ivy looks towards Boscow.

“Its not your fault.” Ivy said, hearing footsteps headed towards the door. “Be a big boy.” Ivy pats on his shoulder lightly. “And tell the truth.”

The door opened, but when it did Ivy was not much in sight.It was as if she had disappeared into thin air.

“Boscow, you don’t need to knock.” Rodin said, with a laugh.

“Dad,uh...” Boscow said, tapping his fingers together. “I...got rescued by a little girl in the...”

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