A Midgardian's Antics

Former Marvel Fan Girl learns that the Marvel movieverse is somewhat real and... Her antics has no bounds.Also,be ready for some laughs. What if underneath all that antics is a person who wants to matter?


21. Not the real parents

“I don’t understand how Midgardians market over secrets.” Loki said, sitting on a couch  reading a newspaper that had a full on review of ‘The Avengers’ on the front.

“That’s business typical for Earth.” Ivy said, sitting in a chair.

Loki looks over almost startled by Ivy’s sudden comment.He hadn’t heard a peep from Ivy in the many hours, all spent waiting in this room for her ‘parents’,that Loki had forgotten she had been in the room at all.The left side of her head had wild messy hair that had the imprinted shape of a chair’s arm.Ivy’s left forearm had a visible red marking clearly made by her chin.

“How long have you been here?”

Ivy looks up towards a clock, then her eyes shifted in different directions indicating she is thinking.

“Seven hours, forty five minutes, and five seconds.” Ivy said. “It has been seven hours; but the forty-five minute part is an estimated guess of death--...Damn it!” She looks towards the ceiling with a groan.  “Get out of CSI mode.”

“CSI?” Loki asks.

“Crime Scene Investigation.” Ivy said, lowering her head. She grabs a brush and cobs down the side of her messy hair. “Did you know that your fingertips has living bacteria  that are only unique to you?”

“Well, I didn’t know that before.” Loki said

“And Tubeworms actually help you lose weight not kill you.” Ivy babbles, grabbing a remote. “Also that Black Widow spiders kill their mates at night and put their mates into a web shortly after mating. So...since it is June I guess that all the good shows just finished their season finales.”

Ivy aims the remote at the ceiling and then loud blaring music turned on.

“Ah man, not that Investigation Discovery rerun!” Ivy whines, covering her eyes.

Loki looks towards the source of this blaring music.

“And then right as Isabella came down the street; she was struck by a bullet to the heart--”

“Nope, that was a stray bullet shot by a paid for killer who was hired by a wealthy businessman to kill his wife but instead hit a bystander.” Ivy said, over the very sleep alluring narrator.She scrolls down the list.  “Eenie Miinee miny mo, catch the tiger by its--”

“Tail.” Loki said.

“Toe!” Ivy said.

“No, it is tail not toe.” Loki said. “It was all Fandral’s fault he spread the game and made it wrong.”

Ivy puts down the remote on to the table with  a smile on her face.

GET THAT BABY!” The first man shouts.

“Come back Baby!” The second man shouts.

“BABY!" The third man shouts.

There were three men, on the screen, running after a baby through a busy road in New York.

“Are they...” Loki said,in much shock. “Running after a baby?”

“Technically he is a toddler.” Ivy said. “And yes, they are.”

“...Does this happen a lot in movies?” Loki asks.

Ivy laughs at the three men getting lost in the street trying to catch up with the baby.

“Well; there is talking dogs, aliens that break out of people’s chests, men who become werewolves, vampires, kids who get left behind and have a amazing time making some bad guys have the worst time, movies where people play the role of god by bringing dinosaurs back on two different islands. One island is for the raising and the other for the actual desired park.”

Ivy stopped only to laugh at the baby getting into the zoo.

“Hold on, Midgardians brought Dinosaurs back from extinction.” Loki said.

“Not literally.” Ivy said. “All of which that I mentioned are well known classics.”

“Including bringing the Dinosaurs back.” Loki said.

“Yes.” Ivy said, with her eyes focused on the screen.

“That is a terrible decision.” Loki said.

“Why, if I this movie on a DVD then I would rewind to the beginning.” Ivy said.  “The beginning is a nice treat to see.”

“Uh huh.” Loki said, acting unconvinced.

Ivy looks over towards Loki.

“Do prologues bore you?” Ivy asks.

“Yes.” Loki said. “Skip that and go to chapter one. It’s where all the fun begins.”

“Wow, you’re boring.” Ivy said.

“No, I am not.” Loki said. “I am quite fascinating to fill an entire book.”

“Sometimes the prologues are the first thing that brings someone into knowing another person.” Ivy said.

“You’re using prologues as an analogy to greeting.” Loki said. “People don’t tell their life story on the spot.”

“That’s not what I am alluding to.” Ivy said, turning her attention back to the TV. “What I am saying; first comes ‘the first introduction to each other’, next comes whatever happens between those people, and after that...Oh that’s up to the universe to decide.”

“So you’re saying a prologue is the same as an introduction.” Loki said.

Ivy nods.

“Like how Pitch Black began.”

“Pitch black never begins.”

“It is rated R.”

“For redundant.”

Ivy shook her head having a short laugh, then looks back up to the television.As the movie progressed; Ivy had some laughs at a few scenes--some of which didn’t amuse Loki--featuring the oddly determined men running after a baby.Loki had drifted his attention back to the book, despite Ivy’s sudden unexpected laughter that sounds like a walrus and a short pig snort often startled Loki enough he lost his reading place,while thinking he should make a pair of noise canceling headphones.

It was when the men had arrived to a construction site that the door to the room opened..Officer Jacob stood beside the open door that is leaning against the ugly brown wall not much decorated.There is enough room that someone could walk right past him through the doorway. Ivy looks towards Officer Jacob appearing to be excited for what he has to say.Loki did not need to be reading a script to know what Ivy is thinking about Officer Jacob.

“Miss Stewart.” Officer Jacob said.  “Your parents are here.”

“Woohoo!” Ivy cheers, running into a different hallway.

Loki was on the couch pretty relieved Ivy wasn’t going to be annoying him much longer.

“Wrong hallway, Miss Stewart!” Officer Jacob shouts.

“Ooops!” Ivy hurries past Officer Jacob.  “Mom,Dad, I just got back from Asgard!”

Loki puts on a set of headphones that canceled out noises. I should have done this earlier, Loki notes as he reads a book entitled ‘book of modern day insults’.He returns his attention back into the book.Our scene follows back to Ivy. She comes to the entrance door to see a two strangers, obviously a couple, looking rather well rested.

“Hello, Ivy pumpkins.” The ecstatic woman asks. “We’ve been waiting!”

“Want to go home?” The suspicious man asks.

Ivy stares at the two; her eyes full of horror.

“You’re...not my parents.”  Ivy said.

“Yes, yes we are.” The two agree.

“These guys are not my parents!” Ivy insists, as the couple are guiding her out through the door.  Ivy is kicking her legs. “You’re not my parents!”

Her insisting shouts were long gone after exiting the building with two people--who were not her parents--guiding her into a black van. The van’s door screeched shut, and then the two people went into the back.The black themed van drove off into the street.Not many had the bright minds to check if she had been screaming the truth.

__                                             ___

...One hour later...

...in the same room..

Loki had taken the silent headphones off his head.He had put them where they had been prior.He heard the door open again but this time there wasn’t a question.The room turned into a not-so-friendly kind of atmosphere.Loki could sense the presence of a furious parent.The atmosphere that usually followed Odin during Loki’s childhood years.Loki is still unaware the real parents of Ivy had walked in,

“Where.is.my.daughter?”  Mr Stewart demands.

“You should know.” Loki said,paying not the slightest of all attention to Mr Stewart.

Mr.Stewart snatches the book from Loki and slams it on to the desk.

“One more time; where is my daughter?” Mr Stewart repeats.

Mr Stewart is a tall man in his mid-thirties with a black beard growing around his mouth and the sides of his jaw.Mr Stewart had  a baseball cap that still revealed some black hair out the circle hole at the back. He has dark bushy-thick eyebrows just like  Ivy.

“You picked her up earlier.” Loki said, glaring at Mr Stewart.“Did your mother teach you not to grab someone’s book when reading? That is quite rude of you, especially since I can make your life a living hell.”

“Apparently you already did.” Mr Stewart said. Loki acts surprised by the reply. “Where the hell is my baby girl?” Loki raises his eyebrows at the mention of ‘baby girl’. “I don’t know what business you’re part of or who hired you but drop the act.”

“I am part of nothing.” Loki said. “And you’re threatening the wrong man.”

A woman, who had long brown hair, turns away from the corner.She had a fairly long chin that seemed pretty sharp just as how Ivy had compared Loki’s prince-like cheek bones.This woman is Mrs Stewart, the mother of Ivy,who didn’t want to hear the conversation any further. Mr Stewart’s right hand crawled up into a fist, then looks over  his shoulder towards Officer Jacob giving him a short little nod. Officer Jacob shuts the door leaving Loki and Mr Stewart in the room.

“From what I hear; I am not.” Mr Stewart said.

“Think you can beat me?” Loki  asks. Mr Stewart puts down his baseball cap on the table using his hand that hadn’t balled up.  “I am a god. You can’t beat gods.”

“Why yes I can.”  Mr Stewart said.

“You must want to be frozen--” Loki started to say but Mr Stewart punched Loki at the face sending him landing on the floor.

Loki rubs at his cheek.

“You’ve made the grave mistake abducting my daughter.” Mr Stewart said, rubbing at his bruised fist.

“...One;  how did you do that?” Loki asks.  “Two; I did not abduct your daughter. Why would I want to abduct a babbling Midgardian? I don’t see a good reason why. Three; You punch like an Asgardian.”

Mr Stewart’s mood only became darker.

“Where.is.my.daughter.” Mr Stewart demands.

“Well,I tried to reason with you.” Loki said, raising his hand up. A gust of ice freezes Mr Stewart in place. “This is not how I viewed this first meeting to end.”  Loki gets up on his two feet. “You’re looking at the wrong man.”

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