A Midgardian's Antics

Former Marvel Fan Girl learns that the Marvel movieverse is somewhat real and... Her antics has no bounds.Also,be ready for some laughs. What if underneath all that antics is a person who wants to matter?


2. Name

The girl was unsure, a little scared, and nervous standing before the doors leading into the throne room.Odin was already in a meeting with Heimdall; speaking about some matters. Odin wanted to question the girl how she came to Jotunheim. Nothing made sense such as Laufey making the request to take her as an emergency.

“Brother, does she remind you of a chicken?” Thor asks, as the girl was acting strangely.

“No,she reminds me of a paranoid midgardian.” Loki remarks.

The girl is looking from side to side down on the floor and the hallway.Loki could tell this girl wasn’t accustomed to being lead into a castle twice the size of Midgardian building.They were standing beside the door leading to the throne room. The girl pretended not to hear a word the brothers were sharing.Currently she is studying her hands very carefully and tediously.

“There is nothing on your hands.” Loki finally said.

“Oh really?” The girl said, eying at Loki.  “Try telling me how I got here.”

“You were transported by some means of machinery.” Loki said.

“Nice theory.” The girl said.

“It’s a guess not a theory.” Thor said.

“Hakuna Matata.” The girl said, rolling an eye. “Anything can be anything. Oh by the way dracula dude, what’s your name?”

“Loki Odinson.” Loki said.

“Lucky, lucky, lucky.” The girl said,lifting her head up at the ceiling. She kept repeating the name in different voices; jolly, singing, monotone, excited,and so on. She finally came to a stop. “That’s a short name, Lucky.”

“It is Loki.” Loki corrects the girl.

“That’s what I am saying!” The girl said.

Thor laughs at the girl’s insisting replies. Heimdall came out of the throne room which made the girl jump up two inches. She didn’t notice he had left the building designed for the Bifrost being a Stargate in a little way.The girl clutches at her chest and her jaw fell open. The girl’s surprised reaction was something not expected.

“How. . .” The girl said.  “How did I not notice?”

“You were looking down to the floor.” Loki said as Heimdall walks down the hallway. “The entire time.”

The girl clears her throat, after hearing Odin say ‘come in, Midgardian’.The short girl walks into the throne room-- the doors shut behind her a few steps away--virtually shaken from the doors unexpected slamming. She continues her way until two feet away from the throne, at least.

Odin looks down to the incredibly short girl.

“Who are you?” Odin asks.

The girl has a ‘seriously?’ reaction.

“I don’t tell strangers my name.” The girl said. She squinted her eyes at the allfather. “Daaang, you remind me of someone from a movie.” She rubs at her chin and her eyes seem to give off a ‘deep in thought’ vibe. “But what...”

Odin’s glare at the girl didn’t seem to be working.

“You mysteriously appeared in Jotunheim,was required to be taken to Asgard by Laufey, and this is not the time to act stubborn.” Odin said, but in the middle of his reply the girl’s eyes became wider and wider. “Answer my question, Midgardian.”

“Son of the mask.” The girl said. Her eyes were huge. “Woah.”

“Midgardians do not name their offspring after titles.” Odin said.

The girl sheepish makes a wide smile then  lifts her arms up in a ‘sorry?’ kind of gesture with her elbow bent as her shoulders elevated. Her eyes return to their usual small size. It can be guessed that she really watches a lot of movies, or has at least watched a lot in the past.The girl lowers her arms and her shoulders lower down.

“My name is not a title.” The girl said. “Sometimes superheroes are given titles.”

“Do not stall with me.” Odin requested her, sharply.

“I am Ivy Stewart of Planet Earth, and sixteen years old. Gonna be  seventeen in June.” Okay let’s call this girl ‘Ivy’. “I have no idea where I am.” Ivy points down to her stained socks. “Or where to get a new pair of white socks.”

“What brought you to Jotunheim?” Odin asks.

“I don’t know.” Ivy said.

“I do not tolerate Midgardians lying in my presence.” Odin said, with a warning.

Ivy folds her arms and gets a bit cocky.

“Fun fact about me: I would be smiling at this point.” Ivy said.

From behind the doors we can see Loki and Thor are listening in.

“This is not the time for jokes.” Odin said.

“I am not joking.” Ivy said, with a little smile. “You see when I am lying; I smile. Often times when I’m telling the truth; I smile.”

“And the point is?” Odin said.

“I wasn’t smiling.” Ivy said in a cheerful voice.

“Loki, come in.” Odin said.

From behind the doors we see Loki and Thor had been caught off guard. They seemed so easily, well, innocent. Loki goes through the huge doors letting them shut closely behind him. We can see Thor rubbing the tip of his nose behind the now closed doors. Ivy is observing the throne room, curious and interested.

“Yes father?” Loki said.

“Tell me if the Midgardian is lying.” Odin said.

“I am not a backyardigan.” Ivy repeats herself, turning around. “You’re taller than I remember.”

Loki could see through Ivy’s eyes that she was bottling up feelings and that she was very hyper-go-lucky. One moment her eyes were green the next they were brown. He realized this child had hazel eyes.

“I am still the same height.” Loki said.

“You are literally a tower to me.” Ivy said. “No jokes.”

“Loki.” Odin said.

“Who left you on Jotunheim?” Loki asks.

“No idea.” Ivy said. “I was on my laptop writing on google docs.” Ivy did not pronounce her ‘r’s correctly. “Next thing I know there’s these blue giant guys with these excellent black markings and crystal-wooden spears in an antarctic climate; so I chased one and then caught one of their spears during their departure.”

“And what did you do with it?” Loki asks.

“I forced these dudes to make a army of snow lions.” Ivy said, giggling. “They were terrible at making lions.”

Odin seems to be finding it hard to believe this girl did all of that.

“I wouldn’t believe a Midgardian did that, alone.” Loki said. “You must have brought an accomplice.”

Ivy  stared at him, anger in her eyes. Her hands balled up into a fist.

“I DID NOT COME WITH A ACCOMPLICE!” Ivy yells, quite loudly.The word ‘accomplices’ stood out as though it had a double meaning. Ivy looks down  as her entire body is trembling in strong emotions. “Damnit.”

Ivy’s initial furious face is replaced by a calm and cheerful one.

“Sorry.” Ivy apologetically said.  “I just--um--got mad. Honestly I have no clue why I found myself there. . .Laptop-less.”

Loki turns his attention away from Ivy and to Odin.

“She is not lying.” Loki said. “All of it.”

“And I might act random after two days if you don’t return me home.” Ivy said. “Just a warning.”

“Hopefully your behavior will not be the reason you die untimely.” Odin said. ““You, Ivy of Midgard, have told me there is no coincidence why you appeared shortly before Heimdall’s sabbatical.”

Ivy looks up towards Odin as her face seems confused.

“Sabbatical?” Ivy repeats the word. “I may sound dumb asking this; but what’s that?”

“A break from duties.” Odin said.

“So he’s on Vacation.” Ivy said. “Good for him.” Then she pauses realizing what Odin had just announced. “Uh oh. You’re probably gonna be sick of my antics by the time he’s back.”

Ivy’s vocabulary, and her word of choice, seemed  to have no bounds.

Except for words she never heard of.

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