A Midgardian's Antics

Former Marvel Fan Girl learns that the Marvel movieverse is somewhat real and... Her antics has no bounds.Also,be ready for some laughs. What if underneath all that antics is a person who wants to matter?


12. Lies

The last Ivy remembered about last night was the spear hitting the werewolf’s tail, and then, speaking with her deceased brother James. Usually Ivy could recall what she did the night before; except...last night was really different.Different than any other night she had been through on Midgard. Different enough she remembered the highlight: Werewolf.

Ivy awoke the next morning by tumbling off the bed and landing on the hard floor. She gets ready,got dressed, ate breakfast, and then went off to find if there was a chance that Sammy is still alive.She had a ‘inspector gadget’ movie theme bobbling off and on in her mind heading down the stairway to the backside of the castle that leads directly to a beach. A marvelous beach that had some very big boulders. Ivy often did not take this exit in her recent own adventures out the castle. The boulders lead directly up to a tall mountain ‘cliffy’ grassy hill that had small staircase rocks similar to fake rocks at a mountain climbing practice building.

“Due, do, dooe.” Ivy hums with her hands behind her back.  “Inspectah Gadget, nah nah nuh.”

There happened to be a hallway that crossed the staircase.Ivy twists a long green vine into a knot walking by.There were plants growing above right on the roof in these rounded shaped pots connected to other pots similar to a pipe line, except, it grew.

And then a hand yanked her to the side.

“Wee!” Ivy said, feeling a quick gust of air.

Ivy didn’t stop when the hand had let go so she fell down to the floor, and then, ended up laughing at herself.Miraculously her glasses were not broken  by the unexpected quick fall initiated by someone else.

“I don’t see how falling is fun.”

“When something is unexpected like you, Mr dracula-prince-malfoy-haired-dude, anything is fun!” Ivy said, getting back up. “It is best to enjoy the moment when it happens.” She fiddles with her glasses looking at Loki. “So what brings you’sah here?”

You’sah was so not a word. Far as Loki knew, anyway.

“Do not tell my father what happened last night.” Loki said.

Ivy tilts her head.

“...What?” Ivy said.  “I don’t recall seeing you at night.” Loki strangely acts relieved. I might be wrong about behavior, but Loki is acting like he has something to hide, Ivy made a mental note. Overall maybe being a TV viewer who watched crime shows did really come in handy for reality away from the television set. “Even though I don’t remember much.”

“Good.” Loki said.

Ivy’s forehead became a mess of wrinkles and her eyes narrowed as her eyelids  lower down making a ‘I see what you’re doing there’ glare even through the glasses. Ivy slides forward her glasses up  from the tip of her nose towards the bridge.

“So this means you were with me.” Ivy concluded. “And something good happened.”

“No.” Loki lied.

“Then why the hell did you take me to the side in the wee hours of the morning, and then, ‘suspiciously’ tell me not to tell Odin what I did last night?” Ivy asks, placing her hands on her hips. “I am a really nosy person, and when you deny something that I frankly just heard, let’s say, you got a bug on you.”

“No I don’t.” Loki said.

“There’s a spider on your shoulder.” Ivy said. “And it’s currently mating with a black widow.”

Loki looks over his shoulder and only saw a leaf.

“Not funny.” Loki said,flicking off the leaf.

“...Your right shoulder.” Ivy said, making a fake cough.  On his right shoulder is a piece of fur. “You have a really dusty figure of speech book.” Ivy folds her arms while grinning from ear to ear that she tricked the Trickier. “Anyway, denying what you said gets my attention; Mr I-am-a-perfect-rendition-of-Dracula-who-can-stand-in-the-daylight.”

Loki flicks off the piece of fur.

Surely Ivy would mature and stop frankly being annoying; someday. But that day wouldn’t be coming right this instant.

“You might have painted a mustache on Thor’s face and convinced me to put a horse in the dance hall.” Loki said.

Ivy’s mouth became open.

“...Hell I was sleep talkin’ again!” Ivy said.

“Yes, yes you were.” Loki said.

“And I slept walk killing a bratty ol’ werewolf!” Ivy said, sounding disappointed of last night.

“I am not sure if “old” is precise to describe a young werewolf.” Loki remarks

“So were you there!” Ivy said, stepping back. “How did I kill it? How did my terrible aiming hit the killer beast?”

“I wasn’t there when you killed him.” Loki said. “You asked for a shovel after waking me up, and so, I did.”

“Lies!” Ivy said. “You were there!” Ivy narrows her eyes. “I don’t understand why you’re lying about the night before,so, answer this rather simple question.” Ivy puts her hands together and then dips them forwards. “What the hell did I do last night?”

“You killed a werewolf, painted a mustache on Thor’s face, and then put a horse in the dance hall.” Loki lied.

Well Loki wasn’t lying about the mustache part.

“Was it black?” Ivy asks.

“No, it was white.” Loki said.

“If I put a horse in the dance hall it would be black. Black like Black Beauty.” Ivy said. “And you are seriously coverin’ up something." Ivy twirls her right index finger in a circle. "So--” She stops suddenly thinking about the recollection of the night before. Then the next thought came up: James. Her hands were trembling and she turned white as a ghost.  “I-i-i-i nearly died, didn’t I?”

“No.” Loki lies.

The whole scared attitude fell away for a different light on Ivy.

“I nearly died.” Ivy said. “And you’re lying to me about dying.”

Loki furrows his eyebrows.

“Didn’t say I was there.” Loki said. “I wasn’t there, Midgardian.”

Ivy steps back into the hall looking hurt.Emotionally hurt. Her head feels hot, bad, and dizzy.Loki hadn’t seen Ivy show a feeling like that since she came to Asgard. Ivy can feel anger traveling up from her heart. That was enough indicators that maybe she isn’t all ‘hide feelings in a snowball’ kind of a person. It was then Loki noticed that she didn’t seem to have those heavy and burdened shoulders. They were relaxed. Her once ‘sad but mostly happy’ eyes had changed into a ‘hurt and confused’ pair.

“If I was tall enough, I would slap you by now.” Ivy said.

Ivy left  Loki in the hallway and disappeared down the staircase as a distant dot.

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