A Midgardian's Antics

Former Marvel Fan Girl learns that the Marvel movieverse is somewhat real and... Her antics has no bounds.Also,be ready for some laughs. What if underneath all that antics is a person who wants to matter?


9. Humor

When Loki had waved at the blankets; he had sent a string of green wavy thread like cloudy smoke that might as well be magic right towards it. You see this spell Loki had cast would undo Thor’s temporary duck form only when Sif walks into the bedroom. The bedroom where she would find Thor sitting on her bed on a pile of roses. Not all was what it seemed. Loki is considerably lucky to stray away from the Asgardian city and be pretty much learning more about Ivy.

It took a while for Loki to understand some of the gibberish Ivy was saying and when he did understand it; he saw a different childish Midgardian speaking to him. She was more than a childish Midgardian at first glance. She was a random person who had many characteristics locked behind a large and tall wall that seemed to be budging little by little that it could eventually give away.

“My name should have started with a ‘S’.” Ivy babbles. “My mom and my dad both share a S in their name. Except for my brother...” She went quiet for a moment while setting up a trap using only vines resourcing from the forest. “--Mom calls Dad ‘Shawn’ and my dad often calls mom ‘Sarah’.” A large grin took over  the moving mouth as did a brief giggle. “Maybe I should change my first name when I’m old enough. That way it would seem hilarious!”

“I don’t see how it would be ‘hilarious’.” Loki said.

The grin on Ivy’s face turns into a kind and understanding kind of smile.

“Just imagine an entire family that had their names start with an ‘S’.” Ivy said. “I knoooow you can picture it!” Ivy had stopped wrapping the vines around a thin wooden and wimpy stick that wasn’t a spear she had recently made. “Picture it, picture it, picture it!”

“I can’t.” Loki said.

“Aw, that’s awful.” Ivy said, wrapping the vines around each other without paying attention to what she is doing. “Why don’t you imagine those three parrots as a family and dub them with names that start with S. I bet five bucks you’ll pick a girls name for them all.”

“Samuel, Sophie, and Sam.”

“Sam is also a girls name, and, so is Sophie.”

“Sapheria,Shawn, and Sean.”

“Kay, you got me there.”  Ivy said, with a defeated sigh. “How long has it been since ya, um, um...” Now all of a sudden she was finding it difficult to ask a very simple question despite playing out the idea in her mind. ‘Visited Mid-quard.”

“Mid-Gard.” Loki corrects Ivy.

“Go’uard.” Ivy said.

“There is no such realm as Midgod.” Loki said. “Sounds as though you come from Boston instead of Ohio.”

“I wasn’t talking about a middle god.” Ivy said shaking her head.  “Ow.” A thorn from the vines made a slit on her fingers. Ivy wraps a wide leaf around it then knots it up using the side of the perhaps outrageous wide leaf. “I am talking about the planet of dirt! Planet Earth!” Her face became red. “My ‘r’ is terrible; it’s part of having this disability that is so rare that you can’t make a duplicate of me without it.”

“Dis..ability?” Loki said.

“Disorder.” Ivy said.  “Not a disease. We’ve gone past mis-labeling  people. Now we just misquote everyone right after they’ve been given their Miranda rights!”

“When is misquoting after they’ve been given their ‘Miranda rights’ be possible?” Loki asks.

Ivy shrugs.

“Beats me!” Ivy said. “Ask the lawyers,and the Media, and the writers. That’s who.”

“Who are these Midgardians?” Loki asks.

“They are..” Ivy dramatically begins, looking both ways in a hushed manner. “The internet.”

“But you told me the internet is made of networks that connect all over on Midgard.” Loki reminds Ivy.

“I was lyin’.” Ivy said, with a huge smile.  “Lyin’ my butt off!”

Ivy finished her rows of wimpy sticks wrapped in vines that had thorns sticking out. Her fingers had small punctures in them yet she has  wrapped them up in big parts of leaves and twisted the edges of the leaves to knot it up. Just as how she had treated the recent slit on her finger.Ivy looks towards Loki a bit puzzled and startled.

“Are you a vampire?” Ivy asks.

“No.” Loki said.

“Then why are you awake in the middle of the night?” Ivy asks.

“It is daylight.” Loki said.

Ivy points to the sky that is setting into darkness.

“When you mentioned ‘werewolf’ that caught my interest.” Loki admits.

“So the guy who resembles a prince of bats and very royal like,pretends to understand me, can’t make a hollow silver beebee gun,and denies he’s in love with a gorgeous hot model is admitting he has a interest in hunting werewolves.” Ivy pauses dramatically. “Like Van helsing.”

“...Van Helsing hunted vampires.”  

“Then who is the famous figure who hunted down werewolves?”


“Exactly! It was a woman and history likes to ignore that!”

“I am one thousand and twenty eight years old. I have never met a woman who hunted werewolves.”

“Ah ha!” Ivy points at Loki looking quite satisfied.  A  “So you are an old fart!” She walks around in a  circle doing a robot dance that was quite odd and not really what many can call  a ‘real’ robot dance involving walking backwards. “He admitted it! He admitted it! He admitted it!”

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