A Midgardian's Antics

Former Marvel Fan Girl learns that the Marvel movieverse is somewhat real and... Her antics has no bounds.Also,be ready for some laughs. What if underneath all that antics is a person who wants to matter?


3. Hiccup

Ivy is hiccuping quite a lot. She hadn’t stopped hiccuping since the feast. She had quite the argument wearing a dress--while hiccuping--that ended at her feet.Surprisingly she kept tripping and falling over the long dress fabric that didn’t have any problems with any Asgardian ladies.

“This--hiccup--dress is too long!” Ivy said, on the floor.  

Ivy hiccups, again.

“You’re too short.” Sif said, helping Ivy up.

“I am a size small.” Ivy said, nearly standing straight. “And--hiccup--where’s my slagging glasses?”

“With your midgardian belongings.” Sif said. “Until you return home.”

Ivy stares at Sif.

“I am blind as bat without them.” Ivy said, and then looks down to the dress.  “I should--hiccup-- be wearing a shorter dress that ends at the ankles.”

“There wouldn’t be much difference.” Sif said.

“Uh huh.” Ivy argues, looking back up to Sif. “There would be a tremendous--hiccup--difference in walking.”

“But you said you are blind as a bat without your ‘glasses’.” Sif said, pretty confused.

“I can’t read stuff from--hiccup--a  great distance, from a distance everyone’s face--hiccup-- is blurry, and I can’t see everything--hiccup--perfectly from a great distance.” Ivy said, counting her fingers. “I don’t need glasses to walk in a dress; I need a short dress!”

“So you are saying this is a long dress.” Sif said.

“Technically, I am saying it is too big on me.” Ivy said, walking right past Sif. “For example; exhibit A.” Ivy fell over the long dress again landing on her face. “I can really use--hiccup--a short dress to walk in.”

 In the end, Ivy was given a dress that ended at her ankles. Once, Volstagg made a joke that Ivy was picky about what kind of dress she wore and wouldn’t be able to decide which dress to wear during a ball. It was eerie to Sif since there was going to be one in a couple days. Odin wasn’t aware of Ivy’s strange arrival to Jotunheim nor did  he know if Ivy was someone important for Asgard.

...Two days later...

“She is still hiccuping.” Sif said, landing on the bed. “I can not stand the Midgardian’s hiccups much longer.”

“And you think I can stop her ‘hiccups’?” Loki asks.

Sif sits upright from the bed with her hands on the bed spread.

“You did it before with Fandral.” Sif said. “Considering that; yes.”

“He had three helpings to ‘Cotton Candy’.” Loki said, looking disgusted by the mention of it. He waves his hand in mid air. “Fandral was hyper for days.”

“I thought he had the hiccups.” Sif said.

“The hiccups do not make a Asgardian hyper, Sif.” Loki said. “My brother is the one who had the hiccups and that was when Dragons were still roaming Midgard.”

“...Dragons are extinct?” Sif asks, visibly unaware Dragons were gone.

“Midgardians fear dragons.” Loki said.  “Among other things. How long has this Midgardian been hiccuping?”

“Two days,non stop.” Sif said. “The only time she stops is when she is sleeping.”

“Did you go to the Healers?” Loki asks.

“They made her taller, didn’t help with her hiccups.” Sif said. “Ivy went on and on about being “5’3 feet tall’ as if it was a major change in her life.”

“I see.” Loki said.

Loki and Sif were friends,no surprise there, and were what people can define as ‘a team’ on some occasions.Sif often visited Loki and had some form of help in quite a few plans that not many Asgardians would have noticed. In fact Thor is not aware Sif fancied his brother, or that pig he found in his room was accidently put there by Volstagg.

We can tell it has been considerably a good deal of time because of the shadows being made in the curtainless hallway.Of course we are not in Loki’s room anymore due to the description of the afternoon hallway. Our now-tall Midgardian is standing by a door tapping her foot impatiently.We see from the corner of the hallway some movement however its not very visible  despite the moving counter.

“Hic--hic--hiccup.” Ivy squeaks, covering her mouth. I need to stop eating fast, she thought looking down to her stomach. She taps her feet together while waiting at the door for Hogun. We can see down the hallway is some decorations and armory from way-back-when and other items prepped near the wall or on the wall.

She  picks at her fingers, then the palm of her hand, and feels her face for anything sticky.

All-while waiting for Hogun and hiccuping.

“I am looking for the small fake sword.” Hogun replied from the room.

“I didn’t--hiccup--say anything.” Ivy said.

“Sounded like you did.” Hogun’s voice is from the room.

Loki jumps out, under the disguise of a walking large rabbit, and shook his hands yelling ‘Boo!’.Ivy jumps up two feet not making a scream that usually would come out,she points at Loki while covering her mouth,  her skin--which is already very white--did not change color, yet the horror and fear on Ivy’s face made it apparent she is frightened.

“You are stubborn not to scream.” Loki said, as his disguise went down.

“I am not a chicken.” Ivy said, her eyes showing clear signs of anger.

“Wasn’t saying you were.” Loki said.

From inside the room, we can see that Hogun is searching for the wooden toy sword.Ivy wanted to learn how to sword fight, so she had been bugging Hogun for hours until he had complied, where-ever Hogun felt most comfortable.Where-ever at Asgard, that is. Of course teaching a Midgardian how to fight using a sword might not end well.

“Where did Thor put the wooden plank?” Hogun asks, out loud.

He could hear Loki and Ivy arguing. He couldn’t hear what their argument was about whole looking under the table. Hogun saw the toy sword laying underneath the table innocently on the floor.Hogun could hear a contagious laugh from behind the door. It didn’t take him long that Ivy was amused and Loki was at a loss what she is laughing at. He grabs the wooden fake sword then opens the door and finds Ivy crying and laughing but mostly laughing.

“What is funny about a rubber duck being chased by a wolf?” Loki asks.

“All of it!” Ivy replied, rubbing her eyes.  “All of it--ooh wooden sword!” She takes it. Her laughing demeanor change into a calm and relaxed one.  “Me likey!” She jumps up and down, excitement radiating off her. “Sword practice, sword, sword.”

“Training room.” Hogun said as Ivy was looking at him with this ‘what now?’ reaction.

“Off to the training room!” Ivy hollers going down the other passage.

Hogun rubs his forehead.

“Good luck with the Midgardian.” Loki said.

“I’ll need all that I can get.” Hogun said, walking after her. “This one is a handful.”

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