A Midgardian's Antics

Former Marvel Fan Girl learns that the Marvel movieverse is somewhat real and... Her antics has no bounds.Also,be ready for some laughs. What if underneath all that antics is a person who wants to matter?


11. Heart

Loki goes to the mountains for help holding Ivy dying in his arms.This help is not very conventional and ideal in most cases when knowing what help lies in the mountains, and, being in Loki’s boots. Oddly enough Loki could hear what sounded to be faint singing from Ivy that went “In my time of...dying...I will not...” repeatedly. The singing became fainter and fainter gradually until it seemed as though Ivy had stopped.

He came to a stop  near a cave that had a fleet of bent forward trees growing at the right hand side of the mountain.These trees needless to say were not much  of a ‘fear factor’ when the moon is out in the shape of a bannana.To the left of the trees there is a field of gigantic boulders varying in sizes stacke almost neatly in rows. Near these boulder collections is a large foot print sharing remarkable resemblance to a Dragon’s paw. Loki knew only one individual on Asgard who did not normally sleep at night and resided in a cave.  

“Dragon, come out!” Loki demands.

From the cave came a deep unpleasant and enormous dangerous growl.Midgardians normally would turn around, throw their hands into the air, and frantically run away screaming at the top of their lungs. Unlike Midgardians there are some Asgardians who don’t share the incredibly instant fear that persuades them to run away.

“I am not a pet.” Came a deep voiced reply as two glowing pairs of dragon orange eyes appear in the darkness. “Or your ‘partner’.”

“I am not here about your issues.” Loki said.

We hear a sniff from the cave’s opening.

Logically this is a dragon.

“I smell blood.”  The male dragon walks out of the cave followed by a heavy vibe of untrust and ancient-ness to it. We can see the glint of a golden fang from the side of the dragon’s mouth that is partially open while the front of the mouth is closed. One paw did not have claws; it seems as if that paw was selectively ‘declawed’.The other paw did have long huge claws

There came a hatred growl from the dragon.

“You bring a Midgardian to me, boy? Ah, how sweet. “ The Dragon lightly pats on his tough scaled chest. We see a visible sidewalk crack scar on the right hand side of the Dragon’s head. “You are too late.” His playful demeanor turned into a serious one. “I lost my appetite for Midgardians years ago.”

 “I didn’t bring this Midgardian for you to eat!” Loki said. “I brought her here for you to heal.”

“Say my name.” The dragon said in a deep voice.

Loki stares at the blue-brown dragon that stood before him.

“Drakise.” Loki said. We should probably refer to the dragon as Drakise since that is the Dragon’s name.  “If you don’t save this Midgardian, I am afraid someone will tip Odin off about a dragon hiding in the mountains.”

Drakise lowered his head to Loki’s level.Visible fiery orange-red smoke drifts from the nostrils. Drakise’s orange eyes flicker at Loki while narrowing in a way that wasn’t friendly.Drakise did not seem the least friendly in the presence of a Midgardian. Nor was he apparently comforting at all to say for the least.Drakise  basically frowns at Loki’s threat and then lifted his head up from the mischievous god.

“I am not only alive because of you.” Drakise said, lifting his head up.   “I can blend into the rock, boy.”

“Drakise, there is no way you can stand Asgardians poking at you!” Loki reminds Drakise.

“Say my full name.” Drakise said, snorting a puff of smoke.

Loki closed his eyes and coughed  waving his hand in front of himself to shake the smoke away.

“Drakise of the Icelandic region,stop stalling.” Loki said, waving away the last bit of the bad smoke.  “Your breath smells horrible.”

Drakise makes a fake cough patting on his chest and then spits out to the side a pigs head.

“Pigs.” Drakise said.

Loki’s eyes had opened at the time Drakise had spat out a bad dinner.

“I did not need to know why your breath smells horrible.” Loki said

Drakise knocks the pigs head into the creepy unusual forest and then tilts his head down to the right looking at Loki curiously.

“Why should I help?” Drakise asks. “I know you’re not the type to come at night...Over a mere mortal.”

“If this Midgardian dies, and I return with a dead corpse; Odin will extend my punishment to Midgard for a few centuries.” Loki said. “Then I’ll rat you out. You know my father does not agree to dragons residing on Asgard.”

Drakise made a low somewhat deep laugh at Loki.

“Oh boy.” Drakise said as he shook his head. Drakise looks down to Loki, the man who was holding a short figure in his arms, with a tilt of his head.  “You’ve been avoiding your little consequence like a child.”

“I am holding a child in my arms.” Loki said.

Drakise lowers his head towards the semi-conscious Ivy.Drakise smells her at first and then lifts his head up as his orange-blue eyes glint strangely.It was as though someone had brought in a mirror into a room that is shining light and brought a dragon into the very same room, and then  blinded the dragon. Well  that is a bit of an over exaggeration because basically Drakise’s eyes had glowed in the color of a bright blinding mirror.

“This is a unusual Midgardian.” Drakise said, turning his head towards Loki.  “And what do you expect me to do?”

“Heal her.” Loki said.

“This is a mere midgardian, boy.” Drakise said. His long and sharp talons dug into the dirt.  “I am the last of my kind!” Drakise’s tail knocks against a bent forward creepy tree making it fall sideways to the ground. “What mercy has humanity put on my race’s extinction? None!”

Loki frowns as his eyes were locked at Drakise.

“You owe me.” Loki said.

“I owe you nothing.” Drakise said.

“You said, right after I brought you here; I owe you.” Loki said, pointing up to the dragon.”I do not want a dead Midgardian to be responsible for my--”

“Midgardians are worthless,greedy, and hateful brats.” Drakise said.  “last I remember about being brought to a beautiful realm by a mere young boy was that he told me not to make myself a public attraction.”

“Drakise.” Loki said. “Look into Ivy’s soul.”

Drakise backs away baffled by Loki.

“You lost your mind, boy?” Drakise asks as he takes a step back. His tail made a wimpy near-to-death tree topple over. “They’re all the same!”

“This one is different.” Loki said, acting stubborn.

Drakise sighs, defeatedly.Drakise mutters a faint  ‘fine, Loki.’ in a lower voice. He reaches out his talonless fingers to Ivy’s face, and then, touched her cheek.Drakise’s mouth slowly opens to a complete ‘o’ and words did not spill out.He backs his talonless paw away from Ivy.

“Put her down.” Drakise said.

Loki lays Ivy down to the ground.

“This soul.” Drakise began as he makes a scar on his chest plate. “Is different.”

The scenery around Drakise is blinded by a annoyingly bright light. We can hear the sound of light steady dragon wings and the sound of a heart beating. We’re not able to get a clear view of the heart but what we do see is that Drakise had a made small incision into Ivy’s chest.Loki is visibly puzzled what Drakise is doing.Drakise carefully places the beating heart into Ivy’s chest that easily replaces the dead one. The wound made by Drakise heals up and then Loki uses his magic to repair the hole Drakise had made to perform the emergency transplanting.

“This Midgardian...is effectively immortal, until I die.”  Drakise said,and then he watches Loki’s eyes grow big. “Oh, so you were told otherwise.” Drakise snorts. “You didn’t realize that Dragon Hearts given to mere mortals make them immortal. There are legends that dragons can heal mortals to health when no one else can.”

“Those are the ones I’ve heard.” Loki said.

Drakise makes a low chuckle.  

“The prince of lies fell for a lie.” Drakise said. “Someone isn’t great as they claim to be.”

“You should have told me!” Loki shouts

“And she would have died.” Drakise said with much heaviness to the word ‘died’. “You came to me, boy. Remember that.” Drakise steps back from Ivy’s body.  “If you were capable of healing a Midgardian then you would not be here.”

“My father will notice her extended life.” Loki said.

“And he’ll have to kill me to end it.” Drakise said, budging his folded wings a little in a defiant manner.  “If she is in physical pain, so will I. When I die; so does this ‘Ivy’.”

Drakise turns away from Loki and walks into the cave without making another word.

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