A Midgardian's Antics

Former Marvel Fan Girl learns that the Marvel movieverse is somewhat real and... Her antics has no bounds.Also,be ready for some laughs. What if underneath all that antics is a person who wants to matter?


16. Friend

...Two days later...

“Loki, is there a chance this new friend of Ivy’s is your work?” Thor asks.

Loki glances up from a book that he is reading.

From backing away it is quite clear to tell what kind of book this is, and, the title. The book is no other than Twilight that has a penciled signature not visible to the human eye reading ‘To Fandral, from Meyers’ in not-very-visible red ink.Wait, didn’t the signature get described as  ‘penciled in’? Oh well.

“I do not take part in her befriending Asgardians.” Loki said. “It is her doing.” Loki turns his attention back towards the addicting large book called ‘Twilight’. “Ignore the title;I am currently reading to find out if there is a large fight at the last book.”

“Spoiler alert.” Thor said. “The hype is for nothing.”

“Then if it were for nothing this would be not in Asgard.” Loki remarks.

“Have you gotten to the part where Edward sparkles?” Thor asks.

Loki turns his attention away from the book.

“Brother, need I remind you that vampires do not sparkle.” Loki said. “I am almost an example of a vampire but not quite.”

“You don’t look like one.” Thor remarks. “Not close.”

“Tell that to Ivy.” Loki said. “I had my hair in a mess and all she did was say  ‘Nice Sirius Black impression!’.” Thor had a small laugh at it.  “And that I resemble Dracula to her.” Loki rolls one of his eyes. “Ivy refers to Vlad as Dracula...”

“Didn’t Vlad die for his son Ingeras?” Thor asks.

“Why he did.” Loki said. “But Shkelgim revived Vlad.”

“Shkelgim  is quite the lunatic.” Thor said.

“That he is.” Loki agrees. He looks down towards the book. Loki’s green  eyes get huge and his mouth fell open. “Vampires do not sparkle!” Loki puts the book on the counter. “Brother,does this matter about Ivy’s new friend seem  ‘extremely’ concerning that you come ask me?”

“Yes.” Thor said.

“And you came to ask me if I am tricking her.” Loki said.

“Yes.” Thor said, with a nod.

“Brother, this Midgardian’s annoyance has yet to reach that level.” Loki said.

“Boscal Undenson sounds like a name you would make up.” Thor said.

“Unden.” Loki said. “I am afraid that is not a name. If there is an Asgardian running around with the name ‘Unden’ then he should be pitied upon.” Loki turns his head towards the Twilight book, lifts right hand towards it spreading out his fingers then sent a green cloud levitating towards the bok. “I may make up odd names but that is not my doing.”

The Twilight book turns into ashes.

“I change my mind; I will not take the time to read trash.” Loki said, turning his attention away from the dark ashes. “Thor, I am willing to bet that the boy’s name isn’t ‘Boscal Undenson’. Ivy has the case of missing ‘r’s.”

“I bet you’re wrong.” Thor said.

“If you thought this Boscal Asgardian was not real; you would not be here, Thor.” Loki said.

“I bet that it is his name.” Thor said.

“Oh.” Loki said, acting like he knew the reason behind Thor approaching him with a nod. “You want to spy on a boring Midgardian.”

“No.” Thor said, with a shake of his hand. “She is not boring; just different.”

“Lets see who is right.” Loki said,leaning back in his chair tapping his right hand’s fingers on the arm rest. “As goats.”

__                                                      __

..Shortly before dawn...

...Outside the castle...

“Loki, you said ‘Goats’ not a porcupine and a rabbit!” Thor said, having been turned into a Porcupine.

Loki is a  black rabbit with bright green eyes.

“I realized Goats would not fit into the forest.” Loki said. “Goats are plenty in the fields.”

Thor walks right past Loki.

“Loki, stop moving around.” Thor complains.

“I am not moving.” Loki said. “I haven’t hopped.”

Thor is moving very lazily as a porcupine.

“Brother, turn me into something else other than a porcupine!”

Loki turns Thor into a Skunk then hops right by him.

“Moving mass!” Thor said, releasing the skunk stench.

It is safe to say that Loki will be smelling bad for quite some time.

“Thor, that was me.” Loki said.

“Oops my bad.” Thor said.  “Turn me into a different animal that does not have poor eyesight.”

“Give me a suggestion.” Loki said.

“Meerkat.” Thor said.

“Thor, that animal does not belong in the forest.” Loki reminds Thor.

“I want to be a meerkat.” Thor said.

“Fine.” Loki said.

Thor became a meerkat and he pinches his nose.

“I can see an eagle in flight a thousand miles away!” Thor said. “What beautiful wings.”

In the distance we can see Boscow sticking halfway in a tree house and that Ivy is down below the tree using a table--that she had made herself--that had a wide hard rocky plank.Thor dug a hole beneath himself then slowly digs his way towards the distant treehouse.Loki, as a rabbit, darts to them making the loose dirt fall in Thor’s eyes and he takes a different route. Loki came to a stop at the leg of the table.

“Ew, what is that smell?” Moscow said, waving his hand in mid air.  

Ivy looks from side to side.

“Not me.” Ivy said, with a shrug.

Moscow looks down to see the black rabbit.

“Ivy, that rabbit has been stunkafied.” Moscow said.

Ivy claps for Moscow.

“Wooho!” Ivy cheers. “Congratulations! You’ve finally been using ‘afied’ correctly.”

Moscow is covering his nose.

“Ivy,is the table ready?” Moscow asks.

“It needs mah insignia!” Ivy said, holding a steaming metal item that had little flickers of flame coming about.

“English, Ivy.” Moscow reminds Ivy.

Thor crashes into  a tree’s hard sturdy roots.

“Not yet, Moscy.” Ivy said, happily.

“It is Moscow!” Moscow said.  A hole from the other tree is dug out. “Ivy, please for my poor nose, do your thing on the rabbit.”

Loki looks up towards Ivy.

“Who's so cute?” Ivy said, grabbing Loki the rabbit. She spoke in a low pitch sweet tone that hurt Loki’s rabbit ears.

Thor watches Ivy stroll away from the table holding Loki the rabbit to a small mound near a little pond.

“Yes, yes you are!” Ivy continues walking  with a huge smile on her face and a confident happy attitude coming off.She comes to a stop near a hole that is big enough for a rabbit to crawl in. “Who's the one who stinks so bad?” She rubs the side of Loki’s rabbit ears--that really felt good--gently. “Yes you are!” Loki is kicking his legs trying to make her drop him. If he had spoken then Thor’s bet with him would be off. “Bye-bye cutey rabbit.”

She tosses him into the hole and runs away.

We hear a snake hiss from the hole.

“She threw me into a snake hole.” Loki said. “I am not a rabbit. I am a Asgardian.” There is another hiss but it came from Loki. “Don’t give me that look.” A hiss is heard from the snake. “Fine, I will grant your deathwish as a poisonous porcupine.”

Our scene returns to the tree house, Thor hid behind the tree watching the two children looking individuals socialize. Ivy wipes off sweat from her forehead all the while using the metal steaming item on the plank.She drops the steaming metal item to the grass. Surprisingly once it hit the grass this item disappeared

“Done!” Ivy said,holding up the metal long plank.She looks happy. “Here’s your order!”

She throws the metal plan towards the window.

“Finally.” Boscow catches the table top and dragged it into the tree house.

“Boscy, how do you spell your name?” Ivy asks.

“B-o-s-c-o-w.” Boscow said.

“So it is like Moscow.” Ivy remarks, cheerfully.  “Coolocity!”

“And it is R-o-d-i-n-s-o-n.” Boscow spelled. “Not Undenson.”

Loki the rabbit pops up from a terrible grass patch.

“Ivy,is there something wrong?” Boscow asks.

“Nah.” Ivy lied. “I am fine.”

“How are you feeling?” Boscow asks.

“I don’t know.” Ivy lied, again. “I don’t know why you’re asking.”

“Ivy, I can tell when someone is holding back their feelings.” Boscow said, leaping out of the side of the tree house.

“Convinced, now?” Loki asks, in a low whisper across from Thor.

“Why yes I am.” Thor said.  “More than I have been before.”

“Good to hear.” Loki said.

“Brother, you stink.” Thor said.

“Thor stand still.” Loki said.  “Close your eyes.”

“Why?” Thor said.

“I am about to give you a little gift.” Loki said.

“I love gifts!” Thor said closing his eyes.

Loki turns into a skunk, turns around,and released a terrible stench on Thor. He turns around and changes back into a rabbit all with Thor’s eyes still closed. Thor hadn’t noticed that he is now the one smelling really bad. Loki makes a crystal pair of boots appear in front of Thor with green sparkly magic.

“Now open.” Loki said.

“Crystal...boots.” Thor said.

“Yes.” Loki said, with a nod.

“Brother, I don’t understand why you’re doing this.” Thor said. “It would be much better for a woman.”

“Thor, the last time I did that; Midgardians made it into Cinderella.” Loki said. “I am not doing that all over again.”

“But those were dance shoes.” Thor said.

“Well, they were good enough to be slippers.” Loki said. “I tricked a young Midgardian into thinking fairy godmothers exist.” Loki sighs. “And that trick has worked on all the realm of Midgard.”

“How did you know there was going to be a ball?” Thor asks.

“I didn’t.” Loki said, hopping away.

“So you  were a fairy godfather.” Thor said, leaving behind the crystal boots as he hops after Loki.

“Drop it!” Loki said. “It took me years to lose that reputation on Midgard.”

“Fairy godfather!” Thor chants. “Fairy godfather!” He hops past Loki. “Fairy godfather!’

The two disappeared from our view within the forest. Though the glint of the crystal boots attracted Ivy and Boscow’s attention.They stood in front of the boots sharing a interesting conversation. Ivy raises a brow  tapping on her chin.Boscow’s eyes are full of ambition staring down towards the crystal pair.

Boscow reaches for the crystal pair.
“No.” Ivy said,stopping Boscow with her arm.

“But Ivy, they are cool.” Boscow whines.

“No.” Ivy repeats. “The last time someone got a ancient looking crystal related item; they were mind melded by aliens with their knowledge.” Boscow folds his arms making a ‘really?’ kind of look.  “Stare into those boots and you will become...loco.”

“Will not.”

“It happened in Indiana Jones.” Ivy said. “Featuring Shia Labeouf and Harrison Ford.” Boscow frowns. “If it happened in a movie then it must be able to happen.” She points towards the sky. “Well except for the monkeys partnering up with Mutt like he had a telepathic conversation with them while holding on to dear life using the vine.”

“Ivy,for once I understood every word you said.”

“Lets throw a party tomorrow for that.” Ivy sarcastically said.

“When?” Boscow asks.

Oh right, most Asgardians don’t understand sarcasm.

“Night.”  Ivy said.

“Where?” Boscow asks.

Ivy looks both ways.

“In a barn.” Ivy lied.

No she is not smiling.  

“Yay!” Boscow said.

Ivy hands Boscow the crystal boots.

“First, and only first, throw these into the ocean and then go home.” Ivy said. “At nightfall, tonight, go to the barn.”

Boscow quickly nods.

“I will!” Boscow promised.

_                                                         __

..After Bosow gets home....

...Ivy is spending some time with Sammy..

“Why these Asgardians are so lucky.” Ivy said, leaning against Sammy’s fin. “They don’t have problems in math, problems talking to large groups, and the memory of an elephant.” She looks up towards the dawn lit sky. “I can’t forget what I said, did, and my mistakes.” She makes a loose shrug. “At least not until I apologize.”

Sammy’s neck is around a big boulder with his head resting on the flat surface. Sammy makes ‘baww’ noise.

“I feel like singing.” Ivy said.

Sammy sent a ‘then sing’ kind of reaction.

“Okay then, I will.” Ivy said, getting off of Sammy’s fin.

Ivy clears her throat.

“Asgardians don’t have the society that my realm has.” Ivy begins singing, walking around a mound shaped object made of pebbles. “Why I can tell the obvious that Sif and Loki are in a serious relationship.” Ivy raises her right hand in mid-air as if presenting a transparent ball. “I can tell that something isn’t really right with my presence in this realm.”

Sammy made a low pitch honk lifting his head somewhat up from the smooth surface.

“Thor, on the other hand...” Ivy sings, walking over to a tree that does not have a wide tree middle bark. “I don’t have much to say.”  She leans her back against the tree feeling the bumps on her back. “They think I can forget and forgive. But I can’t forget.” She makes a slight wave in the air using her right hand.Her voice changes to talking without the musical tune dancing around. “I can show a whole new world with this curse of mine.”

Sammy looks towards Ivy,concerned.

“Here, Sammy.” Ivy said, as a black television appeared in mid air. “Let me show you what I saw two days ago...after coming back.”

Sammy look towards the television screen.

“In one...two...three.” Ivy counts using her fingers.

The television screen turns to dark blue similar to a painting from a famous artist. The image transformed  into a night time scenery that had a moon, stars, trees, and two figures sitting under a willow tree that had leaves looming ever so lazily.The two figures are at first blurry to the human eye. Eventually the figures become solid enough that Sammy could see these two figures are Loki and Sif cuddling. Sammy turns his head towards Ivy making a ‘baww’ noise.

“I am silent as a ninja.” Ivy said,in a happy tone.  “I one time caught a bird in roller skates while on the grass.”

Sammy tilts his head.

“And then I released the bird.” Ivy said. “I kept trying to make him fly out of my hands...repeatedly. I ended up putting the stubborn bird in the small knothole in the wooden fence.” She sighs. “Same place I caught him in the first place.”

Sammy honks.

“He was very much alive.” Ivy reassured Sammy. Ivy looks towards the levitating image. We can tell that she is about to sing because of some unique catchy music. “I wish I was able to trust people like everyone else.”  She shook her hand making the image disappear. “Wish I knew why the hell I was transported from Ohio to the realm of ice!”

She takes her back off the wooden bark.

“Seriously, why me?” Ivy said, glaring at the sky.

Sammy honks.

“I am not  interested in the slightest of fulfilling a prophecy.” Ivy sings, turning away from the sky. “I am not sure if I actually felt, so sad,--”Ivy snips a flower and pretends to do a pose that a tree is making of two dancing partners. She twirls the flower  inches above her lips with her eyes closed. “After being told,---” She straightens herself up raising her singing the word  ‘being’ in a deep womanly singing tune. “That I had been forgotten!”

Ivy throws the rose behind herself.

“How people these days move on over that is astounding.” Ivy sings. “Especially when you try so hard to not be the target,--” She grabs a cluster of dead leaves her arms then marches off to a little hill that shadowed what animals were grazing. “--and move on from pretending!”

She threw a cluster of leaves over a pairing of deers. The two deer continue munching off the grass paying no attention to Ivy. She turns away from the small hill towards Sammy’s direction.

“At least I sound like Meg singing in Hercules!” Ivy cheers.She looks up seeing a beehive attached to a unusual tree branch. “Trouble may be dangerous...” She grabs a wooden stick that is laying around on the floor.  “But to me there isn’t a second chance to make my life fulfilling with fun!” Ivy jabs the stick into the beehive then speeds off. “Asgardian’s don’t really have the society that my realm has!”

She hid in a cave.

“I am not interested in the slightest of be--ing that girl who gets fame and fortune.” Ivy said deeping her voice at the last part of ‘being’ genuinely at the ‘ing’ part. “Fame and Fortune can’t buy me friends.” She  picks up a rather clean skull and pretends move the jaw using her fingers. “Asgardians think I am annoying.” She tosses the skull into the open. “I don’t need to be told. I know it!” The bee’s run after the tumbling skull. “Oh yeaah.”

Ivy dances her way out of the cave.

“So I’ll take my leave with the fact; Asgardians are luckier than me.” Ivy sings,lowering her voice to a smooth easy going tone. “I can’t trust people with my life or my hand or my loyalty.” She clutches at her chest. “People think I am quite the opposite.” Ivy takes her hand off her chest looking towards her hand slowly walking back to Sammy. Her singing voice became lower and lower until it became an emotionally sad one. “I d-d--do feel sad...” She flicks off a tear that recently started coming out her eyes. “When I’ve been forgotten.”

The heaviness in her heart couldn’t hold back that strong sad feeling.She walks over to Sammy looking upset; there wasn’t that well known happy mood dancing around in her eyes. Ivy’s face twists up into an upset one that began pouring out tears.She takes her glasses off then  used her sleeve to clean off the fogginess in it. Sammy gently, with care, places his right fin on the side of Ivy’s face.

She looks up towards Sammy.

“I-...I need a hug.” Ivy admits.

Sammy makes a kind ‘then hug’ reaction.

“Than--thank you.” Ivy said,putting her glasses on the rock beside her.

Ivy hugs Sammy’s fin and breaks out into tears; crying.

There were not many Asgardians in the forest at this time as slowly turned into night. Our scene changes from dawn to night.We see Ivy is curled asleep on Sammy’s forehead. Sammy brings his head through an enlarged window to the room that has a bed. He lowers his head towards the bed letting Ivy’s little body to sleep into the bed without a stir.Sammy is holding Ivy’s glasses in his mouth.

Sammy turns his head over to the table and lets go of the glasses.

The glasses land carefully on the table counter.

Sammy sighs, relieved.

Sammy takes his head out of the window as Ivy curls up into a ball with her legs bent.The doors to the window gently closed in a way that can be told as in a slow approach. A slow approach taken in not to awaken a sleeping child. The windows closed without making a sound. Sammy looks at the small building making a content sigh. Sammy, under some circumstance that did not require him to make sounds on land, returned to the ocean.

“When you die; I die.”  The very same words from Drakise held no meaning to Ivy; but they would soon. “Only when I kill you.”

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