A Midgardian's Antics

Former Marvel Fan Girl learns that the Marvel movieverse is somewhat real and... Her antics has no bounds.Also,be ready for some laughs. What if underneath all that antics is a person who wants to matter?


14. Finngard

A/N The Blank Closed Space is an idea that was used with permission from AshleyRed21.

Ivy basically does something that makes Odin mad and he grounds her to The Blank Closed Space for a whole Asgardian day.What she did is something that may be considered funny when explained to others but it sounds disrespectful decorating a statue in paint to ‘cheer up the sad face’ on the mentioned rock.Ivy is tapping her boots together staring off into the white space  thinking about other things.

“Blank Closed Space.” Ivy said out loud observing the whiteness. “Doesn’t seem closed.” She looks down towards her hands rolling an eye.  “If it were closed then it should be dark in this room. Too bright for a quick nap.”

Ivy thought about a bunny hopping.

And then a bunny hops over her feet.

“What dah?” Ivy said, shaking her head.

The bunny disappeared into oblivion.

“I just imagined a bunny.” Ivy said, out loud. A light bulb went off in her mind. A wide smile replaces Ivy’s boresome expression. “I just imagined a bunny!”

Ivy stands up thinking about the beach. The whiteness became replaced by a blue sky that has some popcorn shaped clouds in strange shapes that changed by the wind.Ivy walks on sand;boot-less. Ivy could feel the sand slipping in between her toes, the dry sugar feeling sand feels small but unusual,and the  warm cozy wind went by making Ivy’s long shoulder length black hair wave behind her ears. Well if ‘wave’ is not a better word to describe her hair flying then perhaps that is not a really ideal word.

“This isn’t a white  closed space.” Ivy said,looking towards the direction that she reaches her right hand out. “It is a imagination bubble!”

Ivy takes one step forward, and then, lands straight into the white mass she got out of in the first place. Ivy turns around taping on her chin and folded left arm underneath her right elbow thinking about her initial claim.Ivy raises her left dark eyebrow questionably at the whiteness ahead.

“Hmm.” Ivy said, taking her finger off her chin. “Maybe it is my mind doing it.” Ivy paces back and forth with her arms behind her back and her gaze fixated towards the floor. “I am here for one Asgardian day--which is beyond me how time is different between ‘realms’--and I have an apparently strong imagination.”

Ivy stops her pacing.

“A strong imagination.” Ivy repeats as a devious smile spreads on her face. “White bubble, underwater civilization that mostly consists of Mermaids and Mermen, fish, sharks, ocean, sky, and a seafloor.” Ivy’s left hazel eye looks towards the side. “I am so gonna have fun!”

Ivy claps her hands together putting them under her chin appearing to be delighted what she has thought up to do.Ivy looks up towards the ‘white sky’ with a sense of boldness running in her mind.She lowers her hands down away from her chin.

“Hey universe!” Ivy loudly shouts, waving her left hand  in the air while cupping one side of her right hand to the side of her mouth. “Watch this little beauty make magic!”

Ivy parts her arms away  saving some distance between her hands and bending her elbows making her fingers spread out.In the distance is a hint of blue followed by fast pacing moving body of water.A circle appears around Ivy on the ground floor. Ivy seems to be keenly focused in what she is doing.She rushes her arms forward letting her fingers bend upwards somewhat becoming outlined in moving water.

“Dad always said I got a thing for being a big thing in a small packages.” Ivy recalls. “He’s right!”

Ivy is wearing those small pair of brown boots that had a dangling white rope connected to small brown puffy balls. She apparently had stepped out of the beach scenery her mind had imagined in this unusual white space; so apparently that means they re-appeared. We see a thin gray line divide the level between water and the surface above.The perspective flies above Ivy pretty much above two feet from the gray thin line. The  outline of the underwater city is witnessed taking shape in a gray tint within this endless vast white space that never ended.It is similar to a time-loop except it does not depend on time.

The shapes of fish are seen coming into view.Landscaping slowly became unique in shape, size, and design resembling a mountainous climate.A huge towering tidal wave appears momentarily after the building designs to the underwater city had appeared in dark gray rock color blocking perspective of Ivy.The huge tidal wave crashes over the huge area in a gigantic water bodily crash that made a boom.

A beach takes shape at a rather great distance away from the location that the underwater city is located. A wide field of yellow shiny sand appears first,second came dark gray rocks taking on different shapes, third came a rocky brown cliff, and forth came a vast green grass at the very top of this cliff. The blue sky is dotted by a few fluffy soft popcorn shaped clouds strolling in the atmosphere so lazily. A sun appears to the right.

Our perspective goes through the sea,past several living fish, and zig-zagged past the living merpeople. Obviously they have tails; some of them are different, not very classic though. Their tails are similar to different fish life in the ocean. Such as whales and sharks.Anyway the scene halts into a entrance hall where we can see Ivy is basically in a white bubble surrounded by several merpeople.

“Hai!” Ivy said, pretty chipper and happy. “I created you.”

The merpeople, probably the residents of this underwater castle, gasp.

“Do you have a name?” Forktonish asks.

Yes, Ivy gives weird names to a amazingly fantastic underwater sea people.

“Of course.” Ivy said. “The name is Ivy...”

__                                                              __                                            __

...Three Asgardian Days later...

“Thor,do you know where the Midgardian has been lately?” An Asgardian by the name Bredward asks.

“No.” Thor said.  “I have not seen Ivy in a few days.”

“The play is doomed.” Bredward said.

“...play?” Thor repeats.

“The Midgardian has introduced ‘ballet’ to us.” Bredward explains. “It is a performance that tells a story with music and dance moves. A ‘theatrical’ entertainment as she described it.”

“Ah, I understand.” Thor said. “Another source of entertainment.”

Bredward nods.

“We really need her help.” Bredward said.

“What is this play for?” Thor asks.

“It is for the kids.” Bredward said. “This Midgardian is the only one who knows The Swan story by heart, and, some of our ‘cast members’ are doubting the kids will enjoy it.”  Bredward made the matter sound urgent. “We need her to clap willingly so the kids will join in.”

“The Swan?” Thor asks.

“The Swan Princess, Thor.” Bredward said. “The Midgardian has claimed numerous times ‘Not the Barbie one’ which I have no clue what that is.” Thor is finding that a little odd to believe. “This play was The Midgardian’s idea.”

“How many kids are you talking about?” Thor asks.

“A couple hundred.” Bredward said.

So Thor figured Ivy did something so bad that his father decided to basically ground her somewhere;in Asgard.

“Ivy will be back before the Masquerade Ball, Bredward.” Thor said. “I have a idea where she might be.”

Thor walks past Bredward.

“...I doubt she’ll get be back before seven.” Bredward mutters to himself. “Knowing her.”

Our scene changes to a room colored in gold tint, the walls were magnificent,and the floor just happened to be a floor without a beautiful design. Not that floors on Asgard had to match the buildings inner beauty. There is two Asgardian men guards seen  staring at a beach tinted circulating portal in the pebble rock tinted wall.These two are Dephinal and Cahiff.

“I see a beach.” Cahiff said.

“We should be seeing whiteness.” Dephinal said. “Not a veach.”

Cahiff looks towards Dephinal.

“You can stop rhyming,Dephinal.” Cahiff said.

“I find it fun.” Dephinal said.

“There are many Asgardians who can disagree.” Cahiff said.

Dephinal pushes Cahiff into the circulating portal.

“You have superseded me.” Dephinal said.

Dephinal walks into the portal expecting to land on his feet. Instead Dephinal lands on his face rather than the feet. Cahiff’s complaints about his hair getting dirty did little to Dephinal’s now grunty mood. Cahiff paces back and forth looking at the ocean every once in a while.Cahiff’s boots made the sand crunch underneath while somewhat sinking around in the sand. Dephinal uses a nearby boulder to help himself up. Cahiff’s hair is completely beaded by sand.

“I am not going into the water.” Cahiff protests.

“A Cotter would go in there if a god ordered him.” Dephinal said.

“We’re not in Scotland, Dephinal.” Cahiff said.

“Of course you’re going.” Dephinal said. “Just imagine if this were...” Dephinal points over to a  distant island. “Auckland.”

“Auckland sounds horrid.” Cahiff said, looking disgusted.

“It would be if this were a torrid day.” Dephinal said.

“One more rhyme and that nose is going to be broken.” Cahiff said, warningly.

Dephinal and Cahiff turn their attention to the ocean hearing a women’s whistle. The Asgardian guards saw a partially clothed and exposed mermaid leaning on a rock slightly waving her small soft and delicate hand at them.Cahiff’s mouth fell open into a perfect ‘o’ while Dephinal had a ‘that is one hot Midgardian’ kind of look.This mermaid is Selincebeth. Selincebeth’s fingernails are an attractive shade of pink dotted in small diamonds. Selincebeth’s red hair braided up thanks to some brown rope that seems to be some remainments from a shipwreck.

“A mermaid.” Cahiff said.

“She would make a perfect bridesmaid for my love.” Dephinal said, pushing Cahiff down to the side.

Dephinal had caught Cahiff off guard.

“Come here, little boys.” Selincebeth taunts them using in a soft and well promising voice.

“I am coming!” Dephinal cries, jumping over the large boulders rather than swimming to Selincebeth.

“Someone is going to be furious at you,poet!” Cahiff shouts, getting up with more sand in his hair.

“She’s a bernat.” Dephinal retorts,landing on a flat surfaced rock. “You know how they are!”

_                                                                             __                                       __

...Fifteen minutes pass...

Ivy is having a nightmare of the sorts.

This nightmare is creepy, strange, and unusual.Her boots made branches crunch  once stepping on them.There is a amber kind of tinted light that allows Ivy to see the cave walls decorated in dragon paintings.They are technically not paintings using the most modern day tool such as the paintbrush and not-so-much-regarded-as-art-work- spray paint bottles. These paintings were made using rocks. An orange red’ish light came from afar in the shape of a glowing heart.

Strangely, Ivy’s heart felt normal.

Ivy is feeling fear but her heart wasn’t sharing the same opinion.

“A...a heart?” Ivy said, coming closer.

A deep voice sent chills down her arm.

“Welcome.” The deep voice said.

Then the shapes that the glowing heart had been coming from came into view.

“I didn’t do anything for you!” Ivy said, stopping in her tracks. “That is uncalled for. Thanking me for something I haven’t done.” She folds her arms. “I don’t know who the heck you are and why I am dreaming about you...” Ivy made a pucker face. “But get your thanking in order!”

A pair of wings came forward, and then, a large dragon leg strides forwards.

“What the--” Ivy fell back landing on her butt. Ivy could see the shape of a dragon’s head, the dragon’s neck, and the glint of a golden tooth. What else she could see is the amber color coming from his eyes. “This is a dream.”

This is Drakise.

“A shared dream.” Drakise corrects Ivy. “Your heart is mine, child.”

“Don’t.” Ivy said, as her head is getting red. “Call me.” She gets up on her feet grabbing a big child. “Child!”

Ivy threw the branch at Drakise which ended up smacking him at the face.

“That would have hurt.” Drakise remarks, rubbing the side of his face.

Ivy stares at him in horror.

“Then why are you rubbing your dragon face?” Ivy asks. “This is illogical!”

Drakise puts his paw down.

“You, child, are illogical.” Drakise said. “A mortal usually does not find the courage to speak with a dragon.”

“You’re pressing the wrong buttons here, dude.” Ivy said.

“One second, you’re scared.”  Drakise said. “The next second; you’re arguing with a dragon.”

“I’ve watched a lotta television.” Ivy said. “And when someone on the Haunting show says ‘I can’t breath’ then why are they breathing?” Drakise pauses, giving it some thought. “It is very simple; they’re lying about the breathing thing!”

Drakise taps on his chin making one of his unique deep purs.

“Child, your heart--” Drakise began.

“Is made of organic material, pumps, and is helping me live.” Ivy finishes. “And it somehow fixed itself after somehow--and illogical, I assure you--a wimpy stick went through me.” She waves a little stick in mid-air. “Magic is the answer!”

“No.” Drakise said.

Ivy drops the stick with a visible frown.

“Lie.” Ivy said.

“Your heart is my second heart.” Drakise said. “Our fates are intertwined, now. Your soul is one with my soul.If you die; I die.” A ticked look grew in Ivy’s eyes. “If someone attempts to kill me; you’ll feel the pain.” Ivy gets up on her feet kicking away some creepy looking branches that resembled skeletons. When really they were skeletons. “I, on the other hand, will live.”

“Bull crap.” Ivy said.  “We’re not soul mates.”

“You’re not listening.” Drakise said.

“Lemme tell you something!” Ivy said, waving her index finger up and down quickly.Her voice becomes higher. “We’re.NOT.Soulmates!”

“What I mean is; your soul is mine.” Drakise said.

“Er,is this a twisted version of Ursula giving Ariel legs in exchange for her voice?” Ivy asks.

Drakise rubs his forehead with an irritated sigh.

“Child.” Drakise said. “You died.”

“Baloony.”  Ivy refuses to believe.

“Your heart died.”  Drakise’s claws smashes sticks into pieces. “You have my heart.”

“Dance over your mother’s grave, then your Pop’s grave, then your sister’s grave.” Ivy said. “Then as a ghost;DANCE OVER YOUR GRAVE!”

Drakise smacks Ivy with his tail sending her flying away from him.

“Just remember; bullets can’t kill you.” Drakise said, turning away. “Only I can end your life.”

Ivy lunges forward with a cold sweat panting and her heart racing. She feels her chest looking worried.She can see the white bubble that had a opening to the unusual world that had been created using the mind. Ivy could hear light footsteps headed towards the room. She feels relief at the idea of speaking to individuals seemingly a little human.

“Our creator is in this room ahead.” Forktonish said.

“...A Midgardian can’t be that capable of this form.” Dephinal said.

“Why she is a human.” Forktonish said. “A human like us all.”

“I don’t understand why we don’t need gear to be underwater.” Cahiff said.

The three came into the room, except Forktonish decided to stay out and let them be. The room is remarkably water-proof. Cahiff goes through his hair that makes several beads fall out landing on the floor. These beads had once been sand that Cahiff fallen into because of Dephinal.The delight on Ivy’s face is golden.

“Hai!” Ivy cheerfully said, as she waves at the two Asgardians. “Glad ya can come. I didn’t figure a Asgardian day would be this stupidly long.”

“Uh, it has been three Asgardian days.” Cahiff said.

Ivy stares at Cahiff.

“You...Odin...forgot about me?” Ivy asks, in a little whisper.

“There were other matters going on at Asgard.” Dephinal said.

“...And they were so important he forgot about me.” Ivy said with a depressed sulk. She looks down towards the floor. “Sounds like Odin doesn’t have the greatest of all respect towards ‘Midgardians’.” Ivy sadly sighs over the subject as her eyebrows briefly met together.Ivy rubs her shoulder trembling. “I guess Midgardians don’t matter much.”

“Preparing for the Masquerade ball is very attention tasking.” Cahiff spoke up.

“Attention tasking?” Dephinal said, his head turned towards Cahiff. “You mean focusing.”

Ivy then looks up towards the guards.

“Let me guess...” Ivy said, not very much in the tone that she usually spoke in. It was the sad truth kind of tone. It was like the juice of fun had been emptied. Ivy goes through her hair making it sizzle which startled Dephinal and Cahiff.Small electrical sparks had appeared briefly over Ivy’s fingers. “Frigga reminded him.”

“No.” Dephinal and Cahiff said at once.

Ivy is baffled as she takes her fingers out of her smooth hair.

“Well, it can’t be Lucky.” Ivy said. “Nor the Warriors three, nor Sif, nor Sammy.”

“Pardon?” Cahiff asks.

“Just the usual suspects.” Ivy said.

“It wasn’t them.” Dephinal said.

“Then who?” Ivy asks.

“That’s a funny story.” Cahiff said, earning a raised eyebrow from Ivy. “You see an Asgardian asked Thor about your whereabouts for  a ‘play’--”

“I forgot about the play!” Ivy shrieks, digging into her hair. Her hair goes in all directions discharging blue electrical sparks.These blue electrical sparks disappeared from view as Ivy takes her hands out paying no attention to the kinetic sizzles on her fingertips.  “I forgot about the insanely dubious cast members!"

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