A Midgardian's Antics

Former Marvel Fan Girl learns that the Marvel movieverse is somewhat real and... Her antics has no bounds.Also,be ready for some laughs. What if underneath all that antics is a person who wants to matter?


6. Exhaust

She was running. Her heart was racing. Who is the girl running? This girl is Ivy Stewart of PatternDale, Ohio.Ivy  can feel the adrenaline running through her veins. Twigs cracked under the small set of brown boots with white leather around the edge right above the ankle.She looks over her shoulder pretty enough we can see her  eyes are small.Ivy trips over a tree branch that had a sharp and broken remainder of a partnering twig that left a not very long scratch in her knee.  

“Keep wunning.” Ivy coached herself, verbally saying the ‘r’ wrong.

In Ivy’s right hand was a telescope. She already has scratches on her hands from fighting off a cat, strangely enough.We can hear gigantic paw prints depressing into the ground floor crushing dead leaves and sticks into pieces.Her legs felt wobbly and tiresome.Ivy circled around a big tree as the figure of a werewolf rushed by.She came to a planned halt beside the wide area that made eye-view not an option.

“Climb!” Ivy whispers to herself, climbing up the tree.

She could feel stinging pain from her knee. Her heart is pounding. Beads of sweat travels down her head once stopping near a big empty tree hole. She gulps seeing the  bushes shake in the distance and her fingers were  trembling.Both hands were red from all that running.

“Stop it!” Ivy opens her eyes. “I told you once, it wasn’t him!”

“You are impressionable.” Odin said.  “You can easily be convinced he didn’t scratch you.”

“Well, Mr.Eye-patch-who-knows-everything.” Ivy said, folding her arms. “I am not exactly howling, am I?”

“Howling has nothing to do with this issue.” Odin said.

“There is no issue.” Ivy said.

“Yes, it is a issue.” Odin said.

“Great, you sound like my mom.” Ivy said, with a head shake.Her hazel eyes change to a slight blue tint. She pauses, quizzically looking at Odin.  “Wait a second,are you thinking I have Stockholm syndrome?” Her small frame easily radiated growing fury. “There is one thing you are wrong about.”

“I am never wrong.” Odin said.

“I quit on love.” Ivy said, and then the next part came out in a hiss.”A long time ago.”

Ivy abruptly leaves Odin not really eager to continue this conversation with him. I shoulda gone to the other tree, Ivy thought going through the unlocked doors with her  shaky gaze fixed at the floor, Trees with Raccoons are no happy campers.

___                                                       ____                                                   ___

...One hour passes...

...In the hallway...

“Sorry, Loki.” Ivy apologizes, with a sheepish smile. “I kind of had a brainfart there.”

Ivy had pretty much bumped into Loki.

There were some items to Loki’s right that indicated they were training weapons that may belong to Sif. We can see how irritated Loki is by Ivy’s sudden presence in the hallway.One  item that hadn’t fallen from his arms was a knife sheath.

“Walking doesn’t require much thinking.” Loki said, as Ivy steps back rubbing her head apologetically.

“Oh. I just spoke too fast.” Ivy said, as she rubs her forehead. “I, um. mean...er, About the whole accomplices thing; I don’t have that many in real life I can’t find friends my age, and, most of my friends--who I do have-- are from the internet.”

“..Internet?” Loki repeats.  “I am not familiar to what you call ‘the internet’.”

“It connects everyone from everywhere.” Ivy said, flailing her arms. We can see water spill down the hallway behind Loki. A wide scaley turtle fin came first on the water. “It brings lots of people together.Even...” Ivy pauses for dramatic effect. “Lovahs!”

“Disgusting.” Loki said.

“It has other purposes than doing what I told you,mischief face.” Ivy said, with a little smile on her face.She was lying about the internet.Or at least something about it.  Ivy plays with her fingers. “When you asked about the whole accomplices...It was like being in 2009 all over again.”

“What did you just call me?” Loki asks.  “I didn’t catch the first part.”

“I speak fast.” Ivy said. “I have to slow down on my words,which is hard when being used to people not interacting with me.”

There were more questions than answers coming off from Ivy.

“How fast do you speak?” Loki asks.

“Ninety words per minute, when excited.” Ivy said, casually. “I can type one hundred ten words per minute. I can speak one hundred words per minute when not on the boat to excitement-ville and that’s when I am going on explaining about one subject.”

“I didn’t hear the last part.” Loki said.

Ivy lightly shook her head looking away from Loki with a smile.

“I speak really fast.” Ivy said, lifting her head up and had her hands cupped. “That’s the gist of it.” her eyes catch sight of a small lizard creature down the hallway. “Aww cute, a remaining Loch Ness monster relative!”

Ivy  speeded down the hallway leaving Loki alone. He didn’t see what she saw.Midgardians always imagine seeing extinct creatures, Loki thought, picking up all the items that had fallen to the floor. All of these items are what Loki hadn’t returned to Sif since last Asgardian month.He then continues down the hallway tuning out the delightful squeals coming from Ivy.

Would anyone want to drop everything right after they just picked it up?

Our scene has a little transition to a relaxing room that has Volstagg, Fandral, and Thor. Two of which are talking about something that really would be considered ‘really?’ in the minds of fangirls. We see a exhausted Thor relaxing on the couch in one of the rooms to the palace.The hammer is right beside his arm leaning against the chair’s leg.  

“And, guess what he said?” Volstagg asks Fandral.

“Thor never found the terrorizing werewolf.” Fandral said, with a chuckle.

“Exactly.” Volstagg said.

Thor sighs.

“I almost had him.” Thor said. “He was gone every time I crept near.”

“Guess the cat warned him.” Fandral said. “Beginner’s luck, we all get it.”

“Cats are not friendly with Werewolves.” Thor said.

“That is a figure of speech, Thor.” Fandral said, as Volstagg takes out a plastic bound book from a bookshelf.

“Figure of speech.” Volstagg said, as he hands Thor the book. “Funny story. We...kind of stole it.”

Thor is appalled.

“Why would you do that?” Thor asks.

“At a Bookstore, no less.” Fandral said. “It was an accident. We were busy getting some business tied up.”

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