A Midgardian's Antics

Former Marvel Fan Girl learns that the Marvel movieverse is somewhat real and... Her antics has no bounds.Also,be ready for some laughs. What if underneath all that antics is a person who wants to matter?


5. Chat

Ivy awoke, one day after being found in the forest. She wiggles her feet together, then wiggles her toes, and then looks down to her hands. Glue related thing!, Ivy mentally cheers seeing what can be inferred as ‘glue’ peeling off.Within  the hour she had awaken both hands were completely ‘glue related thing’ less. She had a wide smile  long after getting bathed and dressed.

“Did this werewolf speak to you?” A Asgardian guard asks.

Ivy looks up, startled by the request.

“Nah.” Ivy said.  “He was a big scaredy cat.”

The Asgardian guard couldn’t process what ‘scaredy cat’ meant.


“He wouldn’t want to touch me.”

“I don’t understand.”

“I know my werewolf lore,hence I find it funny he dared not to punch me.”


“Oh,sorry,I didn’t say his name is Patches.”


“Yeah. He has a really cool name. Patches Flinson.”

“So he did speak with you.”

Ivy stares at the Asgardian guard.

“I thought you asked if Patches hurt me.” Ivy said,apologetically. “I got all those scars from the cat I chased, and, that unpleasant racoon who didn’t like my telescope.” Ivy scowls at the mention of the racoon. She rubs her hands together deviously. “I pretty much knocked some legit sense into his little cute brain!”

“Are your parents dwarves?” The Asgardian guard asks.

“No.” Ivy said.  “Dwarves are taller than hobbits, and hobbits are shorter than dwarves! Hence the names--”

“I wasn’t saying dwarves and Hobbits are alike.”  The Asgardian guard said.

“--Hobbits have big furry and wide feet!” Ivy continues. “Dwarves are awesomely better at making fantastic weapons, some awesome melodies, nice sculptures, and so on.”

She continued babbling on and on about the differences between Dwarves and Hobbits. The Asgardian guard found himself slipping into sleep little by little and by her babbling nonsense. He never had been lured to sleep by a cute little Midgardian.The cute little Midgardian could have gone through a crowd of people and treated the walking crowd as a jungle gym; effortlessly.

“Ivy, you’re luring the guard to sleep.” Loki said.

Loki’s young voice had stirred awake the Asgardian guard.

“Ooops.” Ivy said, apologetically.Ivy sheepishly smiles and shrugs her shoulders at the sleepy Asgardian guard. She looks so cute;effortlessly. It was not just her personality or bearing the appearance of a Midgardian teenager.It just came natural to her.  “Sorry.”

She was so short.

Four foot eleven in fact.

“Father wants to speak with you about the Werewolf.”

“Oh, how patchy.”

“...Excuse me?”

“...Nevermind, I was attempting to sound funny but it didn’t come off that way.”

Then after a few remarks and a ‘where does Odin want to speak with me?’ conversation, she skipped off, leaving the Asgardian guard with Loki. The dress ends right above Ivy’s ankle leaving her wiggle room to walk around in. Once she was out of earshot and from their perspective; The Asgardian guard had to admit it.

“She’s cute.” The Asgardian guard said.

“You wouldn’t last a whole day with her in a room.” Loki said. “She’ll drive you mad.”

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