A Midgardian's Antics

Former Marvel Fan Girl learns that the Marvel movieverse is somewhat real and... Her antics has no bounds.Also,be ready for some laughs. What if underneath all that antics is a person who wants to matter?


4. Change

Loki brought Ivy’s unconscious body to the healers.

“And while you heal her; restore the Midgardian’s original height.” Loki said.

One of the healers raise a brow.

“It is part of why the Midgardian is hurt in the first place.” Loki casually lied.

At least that’s what happened after Ivy went off to retrieve some item from a walking dog-wolf animal that stood on its two back feet, equipped with razor sharp claws, paws that could leave imprints in the dirt, and a strange short tail. When Ivy didn’t come back for what seemed to be  four hours--usually Ivy would have been riding back by then making whatever creature she was initially chasing be pulling her on a sled back to the castle--in Asgardian time, Odin sent Thor and Loki.

“She was...asleep the entire time?” Sif asks.

This is much later, probably one hour after Ivy was brought back.

“She was holding the telescope in her hand and covering herself with a big tree branch that still had its leaves.” Thor said. “I have never seen a wounded Midgardian smile in their sleep.A Midgardian would not usually charge after a werewolf to retrieve a replaceable item.”

“I’ve only known Ivy for two weeks, and, she is...very flawed.” Sif notes.

“I agree.” Thor said.  “I cannot take the idea she forced a werewolf to give a telescope back.”

Sif and Thor were riding along the edge to a dark forest when a sudden creepy noise came from the forest.Their horses came to a halt, patting at the dirt acting uneasy. Thor held the reins to his horse and pats on the side of the horse using his left hand. Thor basically strokes the horses neck.

“Its only the wind.” Thor said.

“I am not sure about this.” Sif said. “We shouldn’t be waiting for it to come out and kill it.Perhaps it is not the wind, but the werewolf giving a warning.”

Thor takes his left hand off the side of the Horse.

“This ‘werewolf’ has been creating fear to the Asgardians.” Thor said. “And this time, we’re not waiting this out.”

“This time?” Sif repeats,furrowing her eyebrows.

The noise coming from the bushes becomes shaky and we can see whatever was in the bushes had ran off into the dark forest.The sight of an unusual short tail is partially visible in a light corner of the trees that were not crowded; it was a wide space that had dark corners. We can see there is dead grass surrounding a circular pathway-rock.

“It was a long time ago, Sif.”Thor said.

“Don’t pull a year on me.” Sif said. “I am your friend, I deserve to hear the truth.”

Thor lowers his head,and made a sigh.

“It has been making itself known for two Asgardian years.” Thor admits.

“This has been going on for far too long.” Sif said. “It needs to end.”

“The Werewolf hadn’t been hurting anyone.” Thor said.

Sif’s eyes narrow at Thor.

“Then why did it come to the streets?”

“No idea.”

“And who else knows? Your father,your mother, your brother?”

“My brother doesn’t know.”

“Loki wouldn’t be left in the dark about this.”

“He is.”

It is too hard to believe; hearing this from Thor.

“Your brother knows.” Sif said.  “Loki knows what I don’t know about you.”

Thor laughs with a slight shake of his head.

“He doesn’t know what father and I did last Asgard year at the Light Elves realm.” Thor said. “Its the root of the cursed ‘Werewolf’.”

There is a pause between the two.

“Who is the werewolf?” Sif asks.

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