A Midgardian's Antics

Former Marvel Fan Girl learns that the Marvel movieverse is somewhat real and... Her antics has no bounds.Also,be ready for some laughs. What if underneath all that antics is a person who wants to matter?


23. Being observent to one's surroundings

Ivy’s eyes slowly open in a tired and groggy manner.Her head tilted to the side feeling the hard metal part  back end to the chair. It is dark in here, Ivy thought adjusting her eyes to barely visible shapes sticking out in the darkness.Drip-drop went water droplets upon landing on the floor. Ivy blinks leaning forward squinting at the distant shapes that are ahead by some feet in the room.

Hard, metal chair cuffs prevented Ivy from going  any further  as did metal bands around her ankles.

“Great.” Ivy muttered, sitting back in the chair making a sigh. “Smart-ass.”

Ivy narrowed her eyes into the darkness.

“Not gonna use magic.” Ivy said. The sound of water landing in a puddle is the only sound in the room when Ivy  became silent. “Well there isn’t a spell to make a flashlight appear outta no where. If there were a spell hidden in the books I would have made it appear without batteries, duh.” She squirms in the chair as though trying to feel comfortable sitting on a wooden seat.She managed to lift one part of her hip up keeping the other one lowered. “Ahh, much better.”

The books she had read in Asgard did not mention summoning electronics of her era.

“Shape outline.” Ivy said, as though doing a certain situation where someone jotted down her words. “Most likely a couch that has a unusual top.” Her voice lowers into a whisper that is faint. “Counter near to the couch has a lamp missing a...” Ivy pauses thinking about the item usually put on a lamp. “Umbrella thingy.”

Ivy lowers her head.

“Cracked window, hole in the rounded  window that usually would be in a attic,and a leaky roof.” Ivy continues. “Someone doesn’t really care about putting numerous buckets around the house during rain season, eh that’s not cool.” Ivy taps her small fingers on the arm to the chair.The sound of snoring drew Ivy’s attention back to the couch. “Ew.” We hear Ivy’s low pitched yet not so innocent  whisper. “He snores like a toad.”

Ivy lowers her side back on the uncomfortable wooden seat.

“How long has it been?” Ivy asks out loud--sort of in a whisper--looking over. “Since my idiot abductors snatched me.”

Drip drop drip drop went the water; again.

“That is it.” Ivy said. “Let’s fall right over.”

Ivy rocks the chair  to the right using all her weight. You can do it!, Ivy mentally encouraged herself each rocking that tipped the chair at each time the two side legs were above the floor while the other side legs faced the carpet. Magic seemed way too cool to attempt using at this point.Ivy wanted to try getting out of this situation using her brain not a power considered impossible to summon among humans.

“Almost there.” Ivy said, hearing a loud snore.

Ivy then does strong swing to the right forcefully sending the chair down.

The chair made a loud commotion landing to the floor. Drip-drop went water droplets. The man, who had been snoring ever so happily, fell out of the couch. Ivy  had knocked the metal binds off her ankles, yet the wrist cuffs were still latched on. Ivy quickly gets up--with the arm to to the chair that had been drilled into the cuffs--dangling under her hands. She rushed forwards  yet didn’t expect a basement in her path. So that sent Ivy tumbling down the stairs hitting many of her body parts--including the knee’s--on the outrageously hard staircase sending  jabs of pain  that came to Ivy’s attention.

“Damn it Harold!” The voice, belonging to the ecstatic woman, is Sanatasha Adams. “I told you to put the girl in the spare room!”

Ivy lands on the floor feeling shaky and scared; oh dear, her heart is beating.

“Get up,get up, get up.” Ivy tells herself, forcing her feet to prop herself up using the wall.

Ivy didn’t look up to see Harold,being the man who had been snoring and was the suspicious one at the Police Department,rushing down the stairs. She ran over to the door in the basement that has a dangling bright bulb glowing.Ivy grabs at the handle hearing Harold land on the last step feeling panicked.

“If you had a power like mine, what would you do?” Ivy recalled a question she asked Loki--before leaving Asgard--hours ago.

Ivy’s hands electrified the cuffs off in effect shattering the metal that also got burnt.

“Defend myself.”  Was Loki’s reply. “I would have used it on Thor to make him think, when he’s holding  a compass or some other metal object, that whatever he touches summons thunder.”

Ivy turns around holding her right hand out.

“Absorb my little medicine!” Ivy shouts, freely letting go the spiral blue energy towards Harold. The spiraling kinetic energy struck Harold in the chest  so fast  that it made his body strike the wall  making a few pictures hanging on to shake. Harold lands on the rug shortly after. “You’ve been medicine’ed.”

Ivy blows off smoke  cooling off her right hand.

A quick pain originates in the back of her neck.

“You have been beaten at your own game, little girl.” Sanatasha said, as Ivy fell to the floor. Sanatasha held the needle squirting out little droplets of some unique and unknown water that isn’t water. “Harold; get your lousy butt up.”

Harold has a little moan.

“Harold, I am not tying this brat up.” Sanatasha said. “Get up before I use it on your buddy Max.”

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