A Midgardian's Antics

Former Marvel Fan Girl learns that the Marvel movieverse is somewhat real and... Her antics has no bounds.Also,be ready for some laughs. What if underneath all that antics is a person who wants to matter?


19. A brother's concern

“I do not like lying to father.” Thor admits, as Ivy is sitting in a chair reading a book silently.

They are in a room that pretty much is not in the castle. It is definitely well hidden that most of Thor’s friends are stumped in how to find it.The room is so old that numerous generations of Asgardians forgot about it leaving the room to the mercy of dust and time. Yet, Loki and Thor had some-how found it.

“It was your idea on the lying part.” Loki reminds Thor.

“Well, that was before I learned she can do magic.” Thor said.

Ivy narrows her eyebrows towards the pages of the book and leans in forward, as though watching a very attention grabbing movie.The conversation that Thor is sharing with Loki is background noise to Ivy .

“Because she touched your memory ball.” Loki lied.

Actually Ivy did touch a memory ball; but, that isn’t the cause of her sudden and unexpected magic.

“Brother,that was a gift to help me with my memory.” Thor said.

Loki folds his arms.

“You’re forgotten something.” Loki said.

“I have not.” Thor said.

“Obviously you’ve forgotten what Fandral approached to you about.” Loki said. “As you haven’t been finding that lost item.”

“The book is not lost.” Thor said.  “You burnt it into ashes.”

Loki has a small laugh.

“No, the other one.” Loki said.

“The book on ‘how to not seem like an idiot’?” Thor asks.

“Other.” Loki said.

“Book of commonwealth?” Thor guesses.

“Other.” Loki said.

Ivy darts her attention off the book and focused on the floor. She taps her right index finger on her knee and twirled it in a circle as the two brothers are sharing a ‘what book’ kind of conversation.In a cloak  of dark purple smoke with some blue sparkles appeared a red apple that had half of it missing.It seemed to have a small bite into the side. Ivy glances back towards the book with a curious look in her right eye.
She could only hear parts of the conversation in her current mood.

“I can always turn the ashes back into the book.” Loki said.

“But you don’t know the ending.” Thor said. “Fandral would notice.”

“Maybe not.” Loki said.

Ivy slides her finger to the side of her knee making the apple roll down the rug.When the apple hit the rocky wall it disappeared in a thick ball of smoke that resembled a ball. The smoke turns into light blue easily replacing the darkness playfully.Well most people wouldn’t personify light winning against the dark in a child-story telling kind of way.

“Where were you for all hours last night,Loki?”

“I was checking if Ivy had done even more damage than she has let on.” Loki lied.

“All night?” Thor asks.

Loki nods.

“All I found was a tree broken in half that had a outline of a boy’s hand on the broken half.” Loki lied.

“Loki, is she really connected to a dragon?” Thor said,turning his head towards Ivy.

Ivy turns a page.

“I don’t know; ask a mouse.” Loki said, sarcastically.  “Truthfully I am not aware how she came across a dragon.”

“The idea that a dragon is alive explains the sea creature’s death.” Thor said. “And Father being right.”

“Sammy.” Loki said.

Thor turns his head towards Loki, puzzled.

“Huh?” Thor said, raising a brow.

“The sea creature had a name.” Loki said. “A very easy name to remember.”

Thor lowers his golden eyebrow.

“You had a dog named ‘Sport’.” Thor said. “Names like those are not easy to remember.”

“No, that was yours.” Loki said. “Sport usually got in the fun.”

Ivy came to the last page of the book then she puts it on the table and takes out another. Ivy opens the book then goes silent sitting in the chair with attention on the page.Thor’s face turns into a realization one. Thor did not seem to have realized the pet was even his until now.

“That...was mine?” Thor said, in shock.

Loki nods.

“You know how the dog grabbed your flute and made you run after it.” Loki said. “I have never forgotten how beneficial Sport made himself to you.”

“For a really long time; I believed he was yours.”Thor said. “He always slept beside your bed.”

“No wonder I had to feed him.” Loki said.

“I thought Mother fed Sport.” Thor said.

“Someone had to be the responsible one.” Loki remarks. “Mother wanted you to take care of the poor dog. Oh he was so  determined to make you notice him  that he went to Jotunheim with you, a couple Asgardian years ago, and met his death there.”

Thor is shocked.

“He died?” Thor said, taking it in as recent news.

“Thor, I brought his body back and you weren’t paying attention.” Loki said. “Someone had to bury him.”

“Why...I don’t remember that.” Thor said, with much horror on his face.

“You were returning a lost Asgardian child to their parents.” Loki said. “Who the dog had been growling at during the entire rescue mission.”

“And what about Heimdall?” Thor asks. “How do we walk to the Bifrost, with Ivy, and convince him that Father changed his mind?”

“I need a scroll, a inkpen, and some orange juice.” Loki lied. “I can’t make those three items out of thin air.”

“Why?” Ivy asks.

“I have yet to make those appear successfully being solid.” Loki lied. “And I have to get a important item that will be useful on that walk. No Thor, for this one you’re not coming.”

“Empty scroll, inkpen, and oranges.” Thor said. “...I don’t know what that does; but, I’m not going to ask.”

Thor left, first.

“Orange juice makes paper wet.” Ivy said. “Really wet.”

“And old.” Loki said

“No, it doesn’t.” Ivy said. “It makes your fingers really sticky and wet.”

“On paper.” Loki said.

“It tears apart easily.” Ivy said. “...One time I was eating an orange while doing homework.”

“Your home has work...I don’t see how work gets stained.” Loki said, clueless.

“Paper, problems, fill in the blank.”  Ivy said.

“There is problems with paper?” Loki asks.

Ivy rubs her forehead.

“Never mind.” Ivy said, with a defeated sigh. “It woulda’ been much easier if I were transported from my first hour History class doing homework and kept it intact.” She shook her head lowering the book to her lap. She could tell Loki is confused. “We have to learn the mistakes of the past so they won’t be done again. There’s some pretty terrible stuff in history.” Ivy shudders. “Nasty stuff.”

“History of what again?” Loki said.

“Earth.” Ivy said.  “My world.”

“So Midgard’s history.” Loki said. “We call that a realm.”

“We call worlds as  ‘planets’ and ‘dwarf planets.” Ivy said. “I did a science project once, and then, that same year Pluto was classified as NOT a planet!”

Ivy spoke slow enough that Loki could understand.

“A planet named Pluto.” Loki said.

“Yes.” Ivy said, with a nod.

“That’s a Dog name.” Loki said. “I don’t see how they see a body of rock as a shield against incoming forces.”

Before Ivy could reply Loki had gone in a unusual instant. Ivy gets up then looks both ways looking confused. She waves her hand in the space that Loki had once stirred. She looks up to the ceiling tilting her head. There is nothing that points he had activated a flipswitch. Ivy then uncurls the rug to check for a secret trap door. All she could find was a hard concrete floor feeling new and smooth.

“Such a magician.” Ivy said, putting the rug back. She looks back toward the book on the leather blue seat.  “I so gotta find out if that spell gets with his girlfriend in distress!”

She picked up the book then sat down on the floor reading the book.

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