A Midgardian's Antics

Former Marvel Fan Girl learns that the Marvel movieverse is somewhat real and... Her antics has no bounds.Also,be ready for some laughs. What if underneath all that antics is a person who wants to matter?


1. Retrieve

Thor and Loki had to retrieve a child from Jotunheim.The request, coming from Laufey, was not expected. Our scene makes way into the cold and freezing chilly realm characterized by the huge mountains and snow all over the place. Nothing seemed right about this request. That was long known before Loki  and Thor stepped foot into Jotunheim. There was scarcely a  frost giant in sight.

“Are we being fooled?” Thor asks, wary as  he looks briefly in different directions.

“Brother,they wouldn’t just request us to come here.” Loki said, not really bothered by the cold. His boots move in the dirt practically snowless. “If this were an ambush they would have requested we bring your friends.”

“Fair point.” Thor said.

They heard what can be best described as running feet crunching in the snow.

“Not boots.” Loki said. “Or paws.”

Thor looks around pretty much a bit paranoid that some frost giants would leap out of no where.

“It must be a creature.” Thor said.

“Did you not hear what I just said?” Loki asks, as we hear the  running getting further away in the distance. “Creatures have talons, hooves, and paws.” He has three of his fingers out. “We are hearing feet crunching in the snow.”

“Maybe this one is evolved.” Thor said. “I knew this would be a ambush!”

Loki rolls an eye.

“Before you start declaring a war on this realm and destroying it; wait here.” Loki said.

Loki walks off into the snowy climate distance. Soon enough he was not in sight but only the slightly foggy image stood in the way. Thor taps his foot and folded his arms; waiting, and waiting impatiently. It seemed as of Thor stood there for eternity in the cold. I forgot my coat, Thor thought standing there rubbing his shoulders. He could feel a chilly breeze come by.

“Are you related to some guy named Superman?” Thor heard a young girl’s voice. “Are you related to Dracula? My mom has a really sharp chin, and, your cheeks have the same effect. You must be related to some very important individual! Brr, I’m cold.”

Loki came back into perspective holding a short girl up by her shirt collar.

“A midgardian.” Thor said,a bit perplexed.

“I am not a backyardigan!” The girl insisted, and then, Loki drops her. “Ah  the cold!” The girl leaps up. “I hate the slagging cold. I hate the cold, I hate having the cold, I hate my fingers getting frozen, and I hate running in my socks!”

 “Heimdall, take us back to Asgard.” Thor said.

“Him Dale?” The girl repeats as the blinding white light surrounded the three.  “Oh, a light beam!”

“That is not a light beam.” Loki said. “That is the Bifrost.”

The three are sent up through the blinding light. The girl gapes at the sights zipping past the almost transparent glass wall.  We see this girl is not wearing shoes despite wearing white socks that didn’t come close enough to match the pale girl.Soon enough the three were inside the big dome building where Heimdall usually stood in.

“Hai!” The girl said, waving at Heimdall. “Your armor is so neat, and, golden.”

“I didn’t understand a word she said, Brother.” Loki admits.

“Sounds like she is speaking nonsense.” Thor agreed.

The girl turns around towards the two.

“You look familiar, hammer dude.” The girl said, tilting her head. “So familiar.”

“My name is  Thor.” Thor said. “And I am not a hammer ‘dude’.”

“Thor.” The girl repeats.

“Yes.” Thor said.  “Thor.”

“Okay, Thor.” The girl said, with a roll of her shoulders. She looks down to see her socks are wet. “Frag it.”

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