Staying sober

Charli is a strict sober companion, and her next client is Luke Hemmings from the famous band 5 Seconds of summer. Luke doesn't like Charli very much at first, and Charli doesn't care because Luke is just another client, or is he?


7. Chapter 6

Chapter 6:

My alarm rang, the sunlight glazed through the curtains, I opened my eyes slowly.

I could feel the hot Australian sun warm my face, I blinked, and rubbed sleep out of my eyes.

I took my grey top on with black skinny jeans and then I put just a little foundation and mascara on. Luke and I had to go to an AA meeting today, we had to follow my schedule, two AA meetings a week.

I walked into Luke’s room, he was still sleeping, “goodmorning” I cheered, and opened the curtains, “we have an AA, at 10, you have half an hour to get ready” I sand, Luke groaned, “can’t we just do the same as yesterday?” he asked rubbing his eyes,“I wish, but we have to go twice a week” Luke groaned again, hiding his head under his pillow, “I’ll be downstairs in 10 minutes” he said and grunted.

I went downstairs, and found two bowls, two spoons, frosties and placed it on the table.

About 20 minutes later, Luke came down fully clothed and with his wig on.

“That took a while” I said, I had finished eating over 10 minutes ago, “sorry, couldn’t make the wig look good, red is just not my color” he sighed, and poured frosties over in the bowl, “I think it suits you” Luke glared at me, “anyways, I’m going to put my wig on, I had totally forgotten about that” I was going to say it was dumb, but I think Luke was relieved, that the paparazzis didn’t recognize him.

I went into the bathroom to take on my wig, it was hard to hide my long brown hair under it, but in the end I succeeded, and I was used to wearing contacts, so it wasn’t hard putting them in.

Luke was still eating when I came back out into the kitchen, “come on, we can’t be late, Luke”

“Go out to the car, I just have to brush my teeth” 3 minutes later Luke came out of the door.

The AA meeting took place in the same room as last time, but the leader was a little woman, instead of Mr. Johnson.

When the little woman saw us she hurried over here, “hello, I’m Trish, welcome, who are you?” I shook her hand, and so did Luke, “I’m Luke, and this is my sober companion, Charli” judging by the look Trish gave, she thought like everyone else, that I was too young for this job.

Trish called the rest of the people together, and we all sat down in the circle, “welcome everybody, so nice to see you, first I think we all should start with our stories, “Luke will you start?” Luke looked at her and gave her a nervous smile, “sure” Luke said, I felt a little surprise, but mostly proud of him.

“Hi, I’m Luke, and I’m an addict” we all said hi, and Luke started telling his story, apparently telling it to me first made him more confident, and less embarrassed.

After Luke was there a white boy named Lester, and next another white boy named Matt, and so it went on.

When the person besides me was done, Trish looked at me, “do you wanna tell your story about why you became a sober companion, Charli?”

“Sure” I said a little uneasy, “my name is Charli, I’m a sober companion” everybody around me said hi, even though that wasn’t what I was going for, “I grew up with an alcoholic dad, and that basically ruined me, when I was a teen I never had any friends come over because I was embarrassed and scared that he would yell at them or something, I lived in constant fear, every time I hear a footstep my heart starts beating faster, even though I know it isn’t him. My dad ruined my childhood, and so when I was 14 years old I promised myself that I would do anything to help people sobering up, so that they could give their family the respect they deserve.”

I looked up at Luke, he was staring at me with his mouth open, Trish smiled, knowing that it was good for the addicts to hear about how you can ruin your family by being addicted.

The rest of the meeting Trish talked about staying sober and why it’s important.

We said goodbye after that, and headed out to the car.

“Why didn’t you tell me the thing about your father, when I told you my story?” Luke asked on our way home, “I don’t know, I guess it didn’t feel right” I said shrugging, I could tell from the look on his face that he was hurt “what do you mean? I had just told you my story, and it was really hard for me, and you knew that, it would’ve been nice of you to tell me”

“Look, I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to hurt you, I just don’t want to compare to you who has had the worst life, I think it’s stupid when somebody tells me something that’s hard for them to say, and then I start talking about how I also have it hard.” I seriously hated it when people did this, once I told my friends Olivia a thing that was really hard for me, and then she just started talking about how hard her life was, and it made me feel like shit.

Luke nodded, “I’m sorry, I can’t seem to stop picking up fights, huh?” Luke gave me a little unsure smile, “it’s okay, I understand, you’re going through a lot right now” Luke just nodded, and turned the radio on, Titanium was on, “I love this song” I rejoiced and turned up the music.

Titanium ended, and a man spoke “next up is the summer hit by 5 seconds of summer, she looks so perfect” Luke looked down, smiling shyly, “that’s your bands song” I stated, “that is so awesome” I turned up the volume again, “when are you singing?” I asked, because honestly I couldn’t tell apart from the voices, “I’m singing right now” he yelled at me trying to drown the music, Luke drove into the driveway, and turned off the car, the radio stopped immediately. “You have a nice voice” I said softly, looking into his eyes, Luke smiled, “thank you”.

We sat there for a couple of minutes in silence.

“So, what should we do now?” Luke asked breaking the silence, I shrugged “what time is it?” Luke took his phone out of his pocket, “it’s about 12” I nodded, “I don’t have anything planned before next week, which is just AA meetings” Luke groaned, “if you don’t relapse in the weekend, I will talk to the management about letting you be with other people than me, and other addicts” Luke’s face lit up, he was really missing his band members after only a week “please do that” he said pleading, I giggled “it’s not that being with you is not entertaining, I just miss being with people who doesn’t ask me how I feel all the time, and doesn’t know about you know what” I nodded understandable, “yeah, it can be pretty depressing, but you do know I’m going wherever you’re going, right?” Luke smiled, I’ve never gotten that reaction from any other client, I couldn’t help but smile. “I’m gonna go inside, you coming?” he asked, I nodded and followed him.


“So, I have plans tonight, is that okay?” we were sitting on the kitchen floor meditating, “yeah, where're you going?” I was going out with Gabe, but for some reason I didn’t want Luke to know about my boyfriend.

“Just some restaurant” I said hesitant, Luke nodded, “with a friend?” he asked and stretched his legs, “yeah” I lied, and stood up, “I’m going to get ready” I said and walked into the bathroom.

I had already picked out what I was going to wear, so I just needed to take a shower, and put on new makeup.

I jumped into the shower, and turn on the hot water, I could feel my body relaxing as the water touch my skin. I sighed as I realized that I had run out of shampoo, and that I would have to use Luke’s shampoo, that smelled strongly of man.

I quickly shave my pits and my legs, I don’t shave my legs often, I have really light hair on my legs, and I only shave them if I have a date or something.

I wrapped a towel around my body, and started drying my hair. When my hair was almost dry I started to apply makeup, I cleaned my face and applied foundation with a foundation brush, I then put on some concealer and made sure it blended. My eyeshadow was a simple brown red-ish color, and my lipstick was a light pink color.

I curled my hair, and took on a red strapless short dress, I looked at the time, I was going to pick Gabe up in half an hour. Gabe had offered to pick me up, but I wasn’t allowed to give anybody Luke’s home address.

I went into the living room, Luke was sitting in the sofa smiling at his phone, “hey” I said awkwardly, he looked up, his smile grew wider, “you look beautiful” he said, I thanked him, and he returned his attention back to the screen, I felt my heart drop a little. I shook the feeling off me, and smiled, “I’m gonna go, I’ll call you in a couple of hours” Luke nodded, he didn’t even look at me.


“So how’s it going with this new client? You never told me what happened after he heard our conversation” Gabe asked, we were sitting in a fancy restaurant, he was wearing a black suit, and his hair was flat, I had never seen it styled like that before. “It’s going really good, and it actually made him more determined on getting clean” I said

Gabe was about to say something when he got interrupted by a little dark woman who came to take our orders, I ordered the chicken, and Gabe ordered the steak. “You were saying?” I asked and looked lovingly into his eyes,  Gabe shrugged, “I don’t remember” we looked at each other in silence, I had missed him so much, “is he nice?” Gabe asked breaking the silence, I nodded enthusiastic “yes very, he’s not at all what I had expected” I said smiling of the thought of Luke. “He’s lucky, he gets to see you every day, and celebrate Christmas with you” I blushed and looked down, there was only 3 weeks to Christmas. Our waiter came with our food, and we started eating, “I’ll be home for New year’s” I said after a while, Gabe smiled sadly, “that’s not the same” Gabe was right it wasn’t the same, I had spent my last 4 Christmases with him. “I’m sorry, my job just means a lot to me” I said and placed my hand on his, he looked at me with hurt in his eyes, “more than me?” I looked at him in disbelief, if he wanted me to stay why hadn’t he told me so? “No, but loving you isn’t going to pay the rent” I said seriously, Gabe removed his hand from mine, “god Charli, you can be so fucking cold sometimes” I could tell he was getting angry, “you treat me like I’m one of your patients” I was about to disagree with him when I realized he was right, I looked down, the guilt came washing over me. “I’m sorry” I mumbled, I wasn’t much for sharing my feelings, I preferred if people knew as littlest about me as possible, “I didn’t mean to, it’s a habit” Gabe nodded understandingly, the anger was gone from his face.

We ate the rest of the meal talking about everything else but my work, Gabe was an engineer, he was still in school, so he wasn’t home much either. He looked a little annoyed when I had to excuse myself, and go call Luke to check up on him, but he didn’t say anything. Luke was just watching Tv, and texting with one of his bandmates, so I decided that it wasn’t necessary to call him again.

I kissed Gabe goodnight, and hurried home to check on Luke, he was sleeping when I got home, so I quietly brushed my teeth and went to bed.

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