Staying sober

Charli is a strict sober companion, and her next client is Luke Hemmings from the famous band 5 Seconds of summer. Luke doesn't like Charli very much at first, and Charli doesn't care because Luke is just another client, or is he?


21. Chapter 20

Chapter 20:

I woke up with Luke’s arms around me, he was still sleeping, I tried to remove his arms, when he opened his eyes,”goodmorning” I murmured, he groaned quietly, and held his hand up to his face, “I’m going to get some painkillers and a glass of water” Luke nodded gratefully.

I hurried downstairs and picked up the painkillers and the water, and went up to Luke again.

“Here” I whispered, handing him the stuff, “thanks” Luke popped the pills, and drank all the water, “I’ll let you sleep” I said, and started to walk out of the room, “wait” Luke said as loud as he could without it sounding like his head was getting kicked in, I looked at him “yeah?” Luke sat up, and groaned again, “what happened yesterday?” I sat down next to him on the bed, “you got drunk” I said obviously, “I figured” he said sadly, “what else?” I shrugged, “I wasn’t with you most of the time” I said regrettingly, I shouldn’t have let Michael drag me away when I knew that there was something wrong with Luke, “where were you?” he asked, I chewed on my bottom lip, choosing my words carefully. “I was with Michael” I said knowing that it would be stupid to lie, “oh” he just said, I was expecting more, “but it’s not what you think” Luke looked at me confused, “Michael told me he liked me” I said locking eyes with Luke “but I turned him down” I reassured him, Luke nodded, “listen, if you wanna date him, you should, don’t let me stand in the way” I shook my head, “I don’t like him that way” Luke smiled, he took my hand, and started to draw circles on it, “I’m sorry that I got drunk” Luke said, I could hear he really meant it, “I’ll have to tell the management” I blurted out feeling the tears fill my eyes, Luke just smiled, I looked at him confused “then they’ll let you stay longer” I looked the other way, “no they won’t, either you’re going to rehab, or getting a new sober companion” Luke kept silent, his hand stopped moving on mine, “oh” he stammered after a while.

We sat in silence for a while, neither of us knew what to say, “do you have to tell?” Luke then asked, “it’s my job, Luke” he looked at me with hurt in his eyes, “can’t you just break the rules once?” I shook my head, “no, what if you relapse again? I have to tell for your own good” my voice broke, the tears were burning in my eyes, I didn’t wanna say goodbye, “I won’t if you’re here with me” Luke was still staring into my eyes, and I could feel his face getting closer to mine. When our lips brushed my eyes fluttered open in shock. His lips moved slowly against mine, and to my own surprise mine moved back. Luke opened his eyes, and pulled away, I looked at him in shock. “I- I’m sorry, I shouldn’t have done that” he stuttered, he stood up, “I have to go, Calum and I-” he mumbled the last words so quietly I couldn’t hear, and then he left.

I looked at the door in shock, did Luke and I just kiss?   

*Luke’s POV*

I took clothes on and hurried out the door as fast as I could and jumped in my car.

I knocked on Calum’s door, and walked in without hearing an answer. I found Calum in his bed lying next to Ashton. I shook Calum, and whispered his name, he slowly opened his eyes, “Luke?” he said pretty loud, Ashton groaned next to him, and rubbed his eyes. “Sorry I woke you Ash” I murmured, he glared at me with an annoyed look, “what’s up?” Calum asked tiredly.

Ashton walked out of the room mumbling something, I looked at Calum trying to find the right words, but my brain was empty.

Ashton came back a few seconds later with a glass of water in one hand, and painkillers in the other, he swallowed and sat down next to Calum in the bed, “where’s Michael?” he asked softly.

Calum shrugged, “I don’t know” Ashton nodded, and we went back to silence, “so, what’re you doing here so early?” Ashton asked after a while, I looked at my hands in shame, “I got drunk last night” I mumbled, Calum looked at me with a mixture of worry and anger.

“So? I did too” Ashton said, I ran my hands through my hair, “Charli is not his friend, she’s his sober companion” Calum said sounding a little angry “what?” Ashton exclaimed, the tears were burning in the corner of my eyes, “a while ago I started doing drugs, and somehow the management found out, and they sent me Charli” Ashton just stared at me with an open mouth.

Calum was still looking at me in disbelief, “I’m sorry” I sobbed, Ashton put a hand on my back, “it’s okay” he said while patting me.

“Why did you do it?” Calum asked the anger was gone and his voice was now filled with worry, “I saw Charli with Michael, and I blanked out” and then I told them everything Charli had said this morning.

“So, you have to get a new sober companion?” Calum asked, it almost sounded like he was happy about it. I was about to answer when I got caught off by my phone ringing, it was Charli, I walked out of Calum’s room, and took a deep breath.

“Hello?” I said quietly, “hey Luke, where are you?” she sounded worried, “I’m at Calum’s” I quickly said, she sighed in relieve. Nobody said something in a little while, “listen, Luke, about this morning-”

“-Let’s just pretend it never happened” I said interrupting her, “not that” she said, the blood rushed to my cheeks, “oh”

“Can you come home, I think we need to talk” I paused, “sure” we then awkwardly said our goodbyes and hung up.

I went back into Calum’s room, they were still sitting on the bed whispering quietly, “I gotta go, I’ll text you” they nodded, and said goodbye.

*Charli’s POV*

I was sitting in the living room waiting for Luke, I stood up when I heard his car, he walked in, his hair was messy, but still perfect as always “so, what did you wanna talk about?” he asked awkwardly, I walked over to him taking his hands in mine “I tried to call the management today” I whispered, he looked down at his shoes “but I couldn’t” he looked into my eyes and smiled, “I’m so selfish, I won’t let you get help, because I wanna be with you” he wiped my tears away with his thumb, “I’m really bad at my job” I said, he laughed showing his dimples, “that’s okay” he whispered, I smiled through my tears.

I leaned in and pressed my lips against his, I took his hand in mine and pulled me towards him. His arms were wrapped around me. I closed my eyes, collapsing against his chest. It had only been a couple of hours since our last kiss, but I had already missed it. Had I really missed having him so close to me?

“You drive me insane, Charli” he murmurs against my hair, “you’re the most amazing person, I know, I can’t stop thinking about you” I didn’t know how to respond.

I opened my mouth “I’m so-”

He put two fingers on my lips, and  put his hands on my face, and pressed his mouth to mine again.

Whatever shreds of self-restraint I had crumbled into pieces. I fell into his kiss with helpless urgency. One of his hands touched my face, the other one was around my waist. Right now I couldn’t care less about my job. We made our way upstairs and into Luke’s room, without our lips parting. Luke stumbles against me, and then lost his balance, and we both collapsed backwards on his bed. His body knocks the breath out of me. We both laughed for a second, his hands were running up and down my body, I took his shirt off, and started kissing his neck.

His hands started to fumble with my shirt, I lift my arms up and he takes it off, neither us dares to say a word, afraid that it will stop us.

Luke smiled when his eyes met mine, I looked down and blushed, not able to comprehend what was happening.


“What does this mean?” I asked breathless, I was lying on my back with only a blanket covering my naked body, Luke was lying right next to me fully naked, nothing covering him up “I don’t know, but I do like you a lot” Luke said smiling, my face turned bright red.

“I like you too” I said, and pecked him on his lips, he wrapped his arms around me, we were lying so close I could smell his breath, “let’s go out on a date” he suddenly said, I sighed and looked into his eyes, “it’s more complicated than that” I said, knowing that one of us had to think realistic, “what about the management? or the fans? They’re not going to like this”

“The management can suck it, and the fans aren’t real fans if they don’t support me, now please go out with me” Luke begged, I rolled my eyes laughing, “sure”  he smiled.

I could feel butterflies in my stomach as he leaned down with his soft gentle lips and planted a soft sensual kiss on my mouth. I returned the kiss but with more passion. I parted my lips and slipped my tongue into his mouth.

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