Staying sober

Charli is a strict sober companion, and her next client is Luke Hemmings from the famous band 5 Seconds of summer. Luke doesn't like Charli very much at first, and Charli doesn't care because Luke is just another client, or is he?


3. Chapter 2

Chapter 2:

My alarm rang at 6 o’clock, I had to get my makeup done and get clothed before Luke woke up, I preferred keeping them really close to me the first couple of days.

To my surprise Luke was already up when I came downstairs, and making breakfast, “morning” he sang, he looked extremely happy, “are you okay, do you need to take another drug test?” I asked not really sure if he’s just excited or really high.

“As much as I love to pee in a cup, we don’t have the time, after we’re done eating we have to meet with the boys” he answered.

“We have all the time that we need, now I would like you to pee in a cup” I commanded finding a plastic cup in the cupboard.

“Fine” he hissed at took the cup, and went into the bathroom. I heard the toilet flush and the door open, “here” he said and handed me the cup, “can we go now?” he asked annoyed.

“Where are we going?” I asked,

“Like I said I have to rehearse with the boys” his good mood was already gone, I shook my head, “no, sorry, the management says you have to stay here to get used to me the first week and frankly I’m with them on this” I said stern, Luke huffed “why do you have to ruin everything for me?” he yelled, and placed some pancaked on a plate “you kind of brought this on yourself, I’m just doing my job” I snapped getting a little annoyed.

Luke rolled his eyes “what am I supposed to do with you for a whole week?”

“Well we’re going to attend a lot of AA meetings, at least 2 times a week, the first one is tomorrow at 10” Luke shushed me, “okay, though that sounds really fun, what if I just promise I’ll stay clean, and you can go away” his jaw clenched, he looked at me with begging eyes, and started showing the pancakes into his mouth, I shook my head “sorry, but no”.

Luke groaned in frustration, and took his plate and went upstairs.

I quickly followed him, “please stop running out on me” I said, Luke looked down in the floor, “we have to get going to your first activity” I stated, “you might want to change into something a little more comfortable” I said while pointing at his clothes, he was wearing almost the same as yesterday, just with another shirt, Luke looked at me with a mixture of horror and curiosity, “we’re going to meditate, it’ll be good for you”

I went into my room to change assuming Luke was protesting against it, so I gave him a little time to calm down.

When I was done changing Luke knocked on my door, “I’m ready” he said, I opened the door, he was wearing grey sweats, and a white t-shirt, I looked at Luke in surprise “good” I just said, and walked downstairs, and he followed me.

We were sitting in front of each other in legged position in the middle of the living room, we had been sitting there for a couple of minutes “I was a little surprised that you agreed to this so quickly” I said between taking deep breaths, “I have to live with you for the next 5 weeks, I might as well do what you say, and make this easier for both of us” he hissed.

“Thank you” I said ignoring the anger in his voice, “I’ll try to make the next few weeks-” I was cut off by my phone ringing “sorry, we can just call it a day” I said and answered my phone.

“This is Charli Smith” I answered walking upstairs to my room, “Smith? That’s new” Gabe said on the other end, “it’s for work, he’s famous”

“Oh who is it?” Gabe asked curiously, “I can’t tell, sorry” Gabe sighed disappointedly, “I understand” he went quiet.

“How’s it going?” Gabe then asked changing the subject, “fine, I guess, it hasn’t been easy, he’s a major dick, but what would you expect from a famous person, who’s an addict” Gabe laughed, “they’re almost always dicks” I heard the door to Luke’s room slam. I didn’t understand why he could be angry at first, but then I realized he might have heard. “Oh god, shit, sorry Gabe, I have to go” I hung up and hurried outside of my room, and knocked on Luke’s door.

“Luke?” I opened the door, his room was pretty small, not what I would’ve expected, there was just a king sized bed in the middle and a closet, I guess he liked it simple, “I’m sorry if you heard that, I just-”

“It’s fine, I don’t care” he snapped, “okay” I said awkwardly, this was definitely going to ruin the chance of him trusting me, “are you hungry?” I asked trying to ignore the tension, “no, I just ate, can you just do what you have to do, and leave me alone?” I nodded, “okay”

I had screwed up pretty badly, and it could ruin my career.


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