Staying sober

Charli is a strict sober companion, and her next client is Luke Hemmings from the famous band 5 Seconds of summer. Luke doesn't like Charli very much at first, and Charli doesn't care because Luke is just another client, or is he?


20. Chapter 19

Chapter 19:

*Luke’s POV*

I woke up to the sound of the shower getting turned on, the memories of yesterday went through my mind, I had made such an arse out of myself.

I rolled over to check what time it was, it was only 6 o’clock, I sighed and tried to go back to sleep. When I gave up I decided to go downstairs to eat breakfast, when I was almost done, came Charli out of the bathroom, she only had a towel around her. She screamed in shock when she saw me, holding her hand over her chest, I laughed, she glared at me and went upstairs. Things were messed up between us, and it was my fault, I had tried all the things Calum had suggested, all except for one, get a new sober companion, I couldn’t get myself to do it, I was really mad at her, and she was also really mad at me, but I’d rather want her here not talking to me, than not at all.

Five hours later she knocked on my door, “the limo will be here, in 30 minutes” I didn’t answer, I was wearing an expensive black armani suit, with a white shirt underneath which the management had picked out for me, I hadn’t done anything with my hair, they would send some makeup artists to do that, and my makeup.

It knocked on the door downstairs, I could hear Charli open the door, and then she yelled at me to come down.

I went downstairs to greet the makeup team, “hi” I said, flashing them a smile, and shaking their hands, “take a seat” a pretty girl with long blonde hair, and blue eyes said, I did as she told me, and she started doing my hair first, “we also have to style a girl named Charli” I nodded and called Charli’s name, she came out from the bathroom, I looked at her with my mouth open, she was wearing a short, tight white dress, with a whole in the back, she looked absolutely stunning, “Pablo is ready for you” the pretty girl said, a very handsome man shook her hand, and asked her to sit down next to me.

The pretty girl was done with me after 10 minutes, “I completely forgot to introduce myself, I’m Kaede” the pretty girl said, I hadn’t realized before that she had an american accent, “I’m Luke” I said and shook her hand,  “you have very nice hair” she whispered batting her eyelashes at me, I gave her a subtle smile “you do too” I tugged some of her hair behind her ears, and kept my hand on her cheek, she didn’t seem like my type, but I enjoyed flirting, and I didn’t think neither of us were going anywhere with this. “Has anyone ever told you that you have a beautiful smile?” I asked, my hand was still stroking her cheek, “yes, but not anyone who mattered” the flirting kept going for like 20 minutes, we were interrupted by the limo chauffeur knocking on the door, “give me one second” Pablo said, putting some liquid cream on Charli’s face, he then said done, Charli looked amazing, she wasn’t wearing too obvious makeup, but you could still hence it, and her long brown hair was hanging straight down her back..

“We’ll pick up Mr. Hood first, then Mr. Irwin and then Mr. Clifford” the driver said with a thick accent, and rolled up the window between us leaving Charli and I in awkward silence, “I don’t get it, you can flirt all you want with that slut in there, but I can’t be friends with Michael?” Charli huffed, and gave me an evil glare, “well she’s not your friend, is she?” I shot back, Charli crossed her arms and looked out the window, “you would’ve done it anyways, even if she was my friend” I sighed annoyed, “oh, you know me so well” I said sarcastically, the Limo stopped, and Calum got in.

“Hi guys” he cheered, we both said hi in unison, Calum started making small talk, and only a few minutes later were we both dying from laughter, I swear even Charli smiled.

The Limo stopped again, and Ashton joined us, he made us open the bottle of champagne, neither Charli or me took a glass, even though Ashton tried to push us to do it, Charli gave me a little encouraging smile when I said no, and then returned to look out of the window.

Soon we stopped at Michael’s place, the first thing Ashton did was giving him a glass of champagne, “thanks” Michael said, and took place next to Charli. Calum gave me a sad smile, but didn’t say anything.

The award show took place about 45 minutes away from Sydney, it was only 1PM, but we had to rehearse so that’s what we did the rest of the day.

Charli came smiling over to me, “oh my god, I think I just saw Taylor Swift” I just huffed, then she looked at me like she had forgotten that I was mad at her, and walked away with a sad expression on her face, which made me feel a little guilty.

When the time came where it was about to start we had to go out into our limo, and drive to where the red carpet was.

Michael was the first who got out, we could hear the fans start screaming, then Calum and Ashton went out, and at last me and Charli.

Charli followed me awkwardly, Michael leaned in at whispered something in her ears, she smiled, I intertwined my fingers with hers, she looked at me in shock, and then she just smiled, it made my heart skip a beat.

An interviewer pulled us all over, and asked us a lot of questions about the band and our upcoming tour, Charli just stood in the background and smiled, until the interviewer turned her attention to her, “we’re all dying to know who you are” the interviewer stated and pointed the microphone at Charli, “I’m Charli” she said silently, I could tell that she was uncomfortable “who are you here with Michael or Luke?” Michael laughed, I just twitched, and looked at Charli curiously, “Luke is my date, but I’m also here with Michael as a friend” she said more confident than before into the mic. I smiled at Charli, and swung my arm around her, I was little surprised about what she had said, did she mean it? Of course she didn’t, it was probably just something the management had made her say, I felt like crying, I just put on a fake smile the rest of the interviews, and relaxed when it was finally over.    

I was sitting in the crowd, with Calum and Charli next to me “are you okay?” Calum whispered,“I honestly don’t know” I sighed, “well may-”

Calum was interrupted by a man who said we had to leave to get ready, I sighed again, and stood up.

*Charli’s POV*

I said goodbye to the boys, and watched the show silently, one of the guy’s managers was sitting next to me. A couple of minutes later announced the host (who was an actor I didn’t know) 5 seconds of summer. I smiled and clapped as the boys walked out on the scene, Luke was looking really hot in his suit. They played ‘She looks so perfect’ and ‘Amnesia’ while Luke and Calum sang ‘You look so perfect standing there’ he pointed at me and winked, I felt the blood rush to my cheeks.

Our relationship confused me, one minute he’s mad at me, the next he dedicates the chorus to me, it was really confusing.

When the boys were done, they left the stage. Michael came a few minutes later with the others behind him, I hugged Michael when he came “you were amazing” I said, he thanked me and we sat down, I also whispered to Luke that he were amazing, but he just nodded, maybe I should keep my distance from Michael, this always seems to happen when Michael’s around.

The narrator announces that to present the next award was Selena Gomez, she came out wearing a flawless white dress, she looked really cute. She made a little speech, and then she said, “and the nominees for the most popular song of 2014 is, “Charli XCX - Boom clap” the music video from the said song showed on the screen behind Selena Gomez, “Taylor Swift - Shake it off” the audience cheered, “Meghan Trainor - All about that bass” the audience cheered again “5 Seconds of summer - She looks so perfect” I clapped so hard my hands started to hurt, “Iggy Azalea featuring Rita Ora - Black widow” Selena opened the envelope she was holding in her hand, “and the winner is” drumroll “5 Seconds of summer - She looks so perfect” the song started playing in the background while the cameras was on the boys, they all hugged me and the man who sat next to me and Vivian, and run up and stage hugging Selena as well, she then gave Calum the award.

“Thank you so much for your vote you guys” Calum started out, “we would like to thank our management, and our families” Ashton continued, “and thanks to Charli” Luke said pointing towards me, the people around me awed, but I was pretty sure he was thanking me for keeping him sober not for being his girlfriend, or whatever they thought I was. “And thanks to our fans for voting and supporting us, we would never have gotten this far without you guys” Michael finished and they all ran backstage.

When the show was over we were going to an after party at some place fancy in Sydney close to Luke’s place.

I didn’t enjoy the party as much as I would have if I didn’t feel so guilty, I had to find Luke and apologize to him for being such an ass lately.

When I finally found him, someone poked me on the shoulder, I turned around to see Michael, I smiled “can I talk to you?” he asked slurring a little bit, I could smell the alcohol on his breath, I looked back at Luke who gave me a sad smile, I was about to ask Michael if it could wait but he was already dragging my upstairs. I followed him into a huge bedroom, I didn’t know who hosted the party, but they sure as hell had a fancy house, “what’s up Michael?” he looked drunkenly into my eyes, “you’re so pretty” he giggled, I blushed “thanks” I said, “what did you wanna talk about?” I asked getting a little impatient, “I like like you” he said sounding like a 5 year old, he leaned forward, I pulled back “sorry Michael, I don’t feel the same way” he looked at me with hurt in his eyes, “I’m so sorry” I said again before walking out of the bedroom. I wasn’t ready to date again, not so fast after Gabe, or at least not Michael.

I really had to find Luke, I looked around the crowd of drunk people either fighting, dancing or making out. I found Calum who was holding a bottle of something in his hand, “have you seen Luke?” Calum shook his head, he didn’t seem drunk, “are you not drinking either?” I shook my head, “oh right, you can’t because of Luke, I’m just holding this for Ashton” he said pointing at the bottle, I stared at him for a second confused, then went on looking for Luke.

I couldn’t find him anywhere, he wasn’t answering his phone, I was starting to get worried, not because I thought he had relapsed, but because he looked like he really needed to talk. I decided to go to the bathroom, most of the bathrooms were filled with people making out, who forgot to lock the door.

I was close to giving up when I found him sitting in the corner of the shower in one of the bathrooms, “Luke?” I said, I looked at him in worry, “are you okay?” I asked, Luke squinted at me, and then he giggled? “I’m fine” he said slowly, he then tried to stand up, “are you drunk?” I asked biting my lip, “pffft no” he tried to stand up again, I went over to help him, I could smell the alcohol on his breath, he was also holding a bottle of Jack Daniels, he saw me looking at it, and tried to hide it under his shirt.

I called and cap and got Luke into it, I then texted Calum that Luke and I was going home.

I helped Luke stumble inside, “do you want me to help you to bed?” I asked, “only if you come with me” he said flirtatious, I sighed and started to help him upstairs, “are you going to rape me? Because that would be fine with me” Luke winked at me, “then it wouldn’t be rape but sex”

I helped him sit on his bed, and handed him his pyjamas, “I can’t take it on myself, you need to help me”, I looked into his eyes to see if he was being serious, “I think you can do that yourself” I said, and started to leave “no I can’t” I sighed for the 5th time tonight, “okay” I first helped him take of his jacket, then I started to unbutton his shirt, we were so close I could smell the bitter smell of alcohol.

“I’m sorry” he whispered, his eyes were filled with guilt and shame, he cupped my face with his hands, “it’s okay, we’ll talk tomorrow” I whispered, Luke leaned in closer, our lips were almost touching, Luke quickly pulled away he had a painful expression on his face, it sounded like Luke coughed, I didn’t have time to turn away, and I could feel the wet, warm liquid spread over me and my dress, the air filled with the smell of alcohol and vomit.

Luke looked at me with an apologetic expression, and wiped his mouth with his shirtsleeve, “I’m sorry” he said hoarse, “it’s okay” I said, I took of my socks, and continued helping Luke out of his clothes and into his sweats. I helped him get into bed and went downstairs to get a bucket, he could vomit in if he had to do it again.

When I got back upstairs I couldn’t find Luke, I started calling his name, he had to be upstairs, I went into my room, Luke was laying in my bed under the covers, “I want to sleep here, my room smells like vomit” he said sickly, I laughed, “okay” I placed the bucket next to him, and turned around, “can you stay, please?” I nodded, “I’ll be right back” I went into the bathroom and slowly slipped off my white dress filled with vomit and started washing the places where it had hit my skin, the smell was unbearable, when I was done I quickly jumped into my pyjamas, and went into my room again.

I laid down next to Luke, I could feel that he was staring at me, “I’m sorry” he said again, I could hear he was about to cry, “it’s okay” I said intertwining my hand with his, we laid like that for a couple of minutes, until I could hear him breathing heavily. I let go of his hand, and I turned around, Luke moved closer to me, “I thought you were sleeping” I murmured, he was so close now that I could hear his heart beat, “not yet, you smell” he wrapped his arms around me, “that’s your fault” I said laughing. After I while I could feel my eyes getting heavy, and before I knew it I was asleep in the arms of Luke Hemmings.


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