Staying sober

Charli is a strict sober companion, and her next client is Luke Hemmings from the famous band 5 Seconds of summer. Luke doesn't like Charli very much at first, and Charli doesn't care because Luke is just another client, or is he?


17. Chapter 16

Chapter 16:

Luke wasn’t up, when I woke up, it was already 12 o’clock, last night had been crazy, I decided to cook pancakes, assuming that Luke would be a little irritated because of the drug test.

When I was done making pancakes, I watched some tv, and waited for Luke to wake up, not long after I had sat down in front of the tv, came Luke down.

“Goodmorning” I said, he grunted in response, I could already tell that he was angry with me“I made pancakes” I placed the plate with the pancakes on the table and he started eating, I took a plate myself and started digging in, “I’m sorry about the drug test, it’s not that I don’t trust you, I do, but it’s my job” Luke looked at me confused, maybe the drug test wasn’t the reason why he was annoyed, but what else could it be? “Was is nice seeing your friends yesterday?” Luke rolled his eyes, “stop sounding like mom” I felt a little sad, but he was not wrong, I just didn’t know what else to say. “Wanna go christmas shopping today?” there was only a weeks till, 2 weeks till I was done here. “Sure, whatever” he said, and kept eating, “should I invite Calum, Michael and Ashton?” he shrugged, “do what you want” he left the kitchen, and went upstairs, I couldn’t help but feel hurt.

Michael came an hour after I had called him, with all the others in his car, “Luke, they’re here” I yelled and took my jacket on, and went outside, “hey” Michael said, he was on his way to knock on the door, “hi” I gave him a quick hug, and thanked him for last night, Luke came out in the middle of the hug, he huffed when he saw me. I looked down, why was he so mad at me?

We all hurried into the car, and drove to the nearest shopping center.

Luke, Ashton and Calum was busy talking, so that left me with Michael, “what’s wrong with Luke?” he whispered into my ear, “he’s mad at me, and I don’t know why”.

*Luke’s POV*

Michael was whispering something into Charli’s ear, it looked like they had a serious conversation, but then Charli said something that made Michael crack up. I felt my heart sink, Calum looked at me, and saw what I was looking at, “forgot about her” he whispered into my ear. Ashton looked confused at me, but then he saw the same as Calum, and gave me a sad look. Dammit, when did I get so pathetic?

Calum and Ashton start talking again, but I didn’t really listen, all I could think about was Charli and Michael.

“Where should we eat?” Ashton asked, we all gathered around Michael and Charli who was sitting on a bench, the jealousy made it hard to concentrate, I tried to ignore it, but they were right in front of me. “I think there’s a dominos close from here” Michael spoke.

After we ate, we started shopping, I bought a gift for everybody in my family, and Charli helped me find a present for Calum, Michael and Ashton, that was the only time I had her alone that day, she spend most of it with Michael, I swear I saw them hold hands at one point.

Calum helped me find a gift for Charli, I had proposed a necklace, but Calum said it was a gift a boy gave to his girlfriend, so I found a pretty iPhone cover, I was sure she would like.

The car ride back home was everything but quiet, I had almost gotten used to Michael hanging around Charli, I still didn’t like it, but it didn’t made me wanna punch him anymore.

When the car stopped at my place, I invited them all inside.

We all sat in the sofa, I was making popcorn, it took a while since we were 5 people, and one back wasn’t enough, while the others were discussing which film to watch.

I walked into the living room with three bowls of popcorn, “what have you decided on?” I asked them, “we’re watching Star Wars, because Charli has never watched any of the old ones” Ashton said, giving Charli a judgmental look, she just smiled, “is that okay with you?” she asked, “sure” I smiled at her. My hand ached to hold hers, but I kept them to myself.

When the movie was over, the others decided to go home, it was getting pretty late.

Calum and Ashton were the first to leave, Michael was talking to Charli.

Michael said goodbye to Charli, and then she went up stairs. Michael looked at me with a goofy smile, the urge to punch him came back, “can we talk?” Michael asked, I shrugged and followed him outside, Calum and Ashton was talking in the car, it was freezing, “what’s up, Michael?” I asked, wanting to get it over with so I could get inside quick, “is there something going on with you and Charli?” he asked, I wondered if he had seen the looks I gave her, “no, why?” I said, feeling numb inside, and outside because of the cold, “I wanna ask her out, but I don’t wanna get in the middle of something” all the blood drained from my face, “are you okay, you look a little pale?” I nodded, “I’m fine, it’s just cold” I lied, “and you’re not getting in the middle of something, there’s absolutely nothing going on between Charli and me” sadly that was the truth. Michael nodded and said goodbye.

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