Staying sober

Charli is a strict sober companion, and her next client is Luke Hemmings from the famous band 5 Seconds of summer. Luke doesn't like Charli very much at first, and Charli doesn't care because Luke is just another client, or is he?


16. Chapter 15

Chapter 15:

*Luke’s POV*

I woke up excited, today I was finally going to be with my band members after not seeing them in two weeks, my knee still hurt a little bit from last night, but I could easily walk.

I went downstairs to find Charli eating at the kitchen table, she was wearing black skinny jeans, and a grey tshirt, her hair was tied up in a ponytail. “Goodmorning” I mumbled, she smiled at me, “goodmorning, slept well?” she asked enthusiastically.  

“Yeah, you?” she nodded, she seemed very happy today, I took a shower trying to clear my mind, it always helped, except for this time, I couldn’t stop thinking about Charli.

It knocked on the bathroom door “I’m ready when you are, we’re meeting them at 12” she said.  It was 11AM when I got out of the shower, so I had plenty of time to get ready. I took my black skinny jeans on, and a blue flannel.


“How’s your knee?” Charli asked, we were sitting in the car on the way to rehearsals. I shrugged, “it’s okay” she nodded.

We finally arrived, and I jumped out of the car, and hurried inside. Ashton, Calum and Michael was already there, they were just waiting for me.

“Hey Luke, glad you finally had time” Ashton said jokingly, I’ve had to cancel all rehearsals the last two weeks, because the management told me so.  

“Hey guys, sorry I’ve been busy” I heard the door close behind me, and Charli walked in, the guys looked at me confused for a second, and then they just smirked.

“This is my friend Charli, I was wondering if it was okay if she watched today?” I wasn’t going to tell the guys the truth about Charli, I didn’t want them to worry.

“Sure” Michael said and smiled at Charli, they all shook her hand, “you can just sit there” I said pointing to a chair in the back of the room, farthest away from the instruments.

She nodded and walked over to the chair to sit down, “is she the reason why you have been busy?” Calum whispered while smirking, “no, I’ve had some family trouble, and Charli is helping me” Calum gave me a puzzled look, and was about to say something when Michael interrupted him “so, you’re not dating her” Michael whispered, I shook my head “no, she’s just a friend” I mumbled.

“So she’s single?” Michael asked, I shrugged “I guess, can we start rehearsing?” I asked changing the subject, the other guys nodded.


I walked over to Charli after we were done rehearsing, “do you want anything to eat?” I asked, she shook her head, “no thanks”.

“Are you sure? All us others are getting some, we can split a pizza” I asked insistingly “okay, I guess I can eat” she looked behind me, Michael was walking over here, “what’s up?” I asked Michael, “Ashton ordering pizza, what do you want?” Charli and I decided on a pizza with a lot of meat, and I walked over to Ash to tell him what we wanted.

Michael stayed with Charli. I gave him a puzzled look, but he didn’t see it, he was too busy talking to Charli.

“Michael is making a move on your girl” Ashton said we were all looking at Charli, she was laughing at something Michael had said, “dude, she’s not my girl” I said back “she’s not my type” I had been saying that to myself all week, but that didn’t explain why I felt so jealous seeing her with Michael.

“Sure” Calum said sarcastically, “I think Michael likes her” Ashton said, Charli and Michael were both laughing now.

Ashton and Calum started talking about a song or something, but I didn’t listen, all I could concentrate was Charli and Michael.

The pizza guy came a while later, Calum went out to get it and pay, “I think Michael is asking her out” Ashton whispered, he was right it did look like that. Calum came back, and they started talking about what a cute couple they would make.

“Can we just eat?” I asked interrupting Ashton in a sentence about how hot Charli was, Calum nodded, and found his pizza.

“Yo Michael” Ashton yelled, Michael looked at him “pizza” he said, and pointed to the box, Michael said something to Charli and they walked over here.

Charli sat down next to Michael, I curled my upper lip to keep myself from speaking, my mind was whirling with thoughts that only made me assume the worst about what they had talked about before. It took me a while to realize, that I wasn’t feeling like this because I was scared that Charli had told Michael about why she’s with me, no I was jealous? The feeling was slowly growing into my skin, why would I be jealous?

Calum touched my arm, I looked at him, I could see that he was worried about me, I gave him a reassuring smile, and finished my half of the pizza, Charli was still in the middle of the first piece, because she was so busy talking to Michael. The jealousy came pouring back, just looking at it, made me want to punch Michael in the face.

“Do you wanna talk?” Calum whispered into my ear, I nodded, we stood up, but then I realized that I can’t leave without Charli, I went over to her, and dragged her away from Michael, “Calum wanna hang, is that okay?” she giggled, “of course, I just want to check up on you every four hours” I nodded, “are you going home?” she shook her head, “I actually think I’m going to stay for a little while, if that’s okay?” I nodded, the urge to punch Michael came back, “whatever, do what you want” I snapped and clenched my jaw, Charli looked at me in worry, “if you don’t want me to-”

“I don’t care, okay?” I walked over to Calum who gave me a puzzled look “what was that about?” I started walking away, “nothing, let’s go”, we said goodbye to the others, and left. “What’s wrong?” Calum asked, we were sitting in his car, on the way to his apartment, “nothing, I’m just tired” Calum looked at me with a ‘yeah right’ look on his face, “you like Charli, don’t you?” I bit my lip, refusing to answer, “how did you meet her?” I kept silent, “Luke?” Calum said, his eyes were fixed on the road, “what?” I snapped. The car stopped in front of Calum’s building, “come on” Calum said he sounded a little annoyed, I walked with him into his flat.

“I don’t understand it, you said you wanted to talk!” Calum said and unlocked his door, I walked in and sat down on his couch, “it’s complicated, I’ve only known her for a couple of weeks” I felt like I was going to be sick, my emotions were confusing me, “that doesn’t matter, you obviously like her” I ran my fingers through my hair, “yeah, but she likes Michael, and the-” I went silent, I was about to tell Calum the truth, “the what?” I looked at him, and I just told him everything, about how I met Charli, and how she was my sober companion, and how I hated her in the start, and how she made me realize that I needed to sober up, and how these past weeks had felt like an eternity, in a good way, and how we almost kissed several times, but she leaned away every time, and that I was already sad that in 2 weeks she was going to leave me, and seeing her with Michael made me want to stop breathing.

“Wow” Calum said, “she’s your sober companion?” I nodded, “and you like her?” I nodded again, “that’s bad” he sighed, “I don’t know what to say, Luke, you liking her, is a bad idea, you can get hurt, and you just sobered up, dude, either you gotta get a new sober companion, or keep your distance from her, start dating other people or something” I sighed, “this is fucked up” Calum nodded, “yeah”.

Calum didn’t really said anything the rest of the night, he didn’t even ask into my drug use, I think on some levels he knew, but I was thankful that he didn’t mention it, we just sat on his couch and watched a movie.

I could feel my eyes burning, from the lack of sleep, I finally gave in, and let sleep consume me.

*Charli’s POV*

I got home an hour after Luke and Calum had left us, I was so tired so I went straight to bed after turning my alarm on, it was supposed to ring in three hours so I could check up on Luke.

My alarm rang exactly three hours later, I stumbled into Luke’s room to check if he was there, his bed was empty, I forced myself downstairs to check if he was there.

I couldn’t find him anywhere, I tried to call him, but it went straight to the voicemail, I hurried upstairs and found Michael’s phone number in the back pocket of my jeans, “hello” Michael’s voice was groggy, “hi Michael, it’s Charli, I need your help, do you know where Luke is?” I could hear Michael sit up, “home, or he’s sleeping at Calum’s, is something wrong?” Michael could hear that I was freaking out, Luke had behaved so weird today, “no, can you give me the address to Calum’s house?” I found a pen and some paper, Michael gave me the address, and asked me again if everything was okay, I reassured him that everything was fine, but I didn’t sound very convincing, “let me drive you” he said, I could hear he stood up, “no need, I can drive”

“I insist, I’ll be right over, what’s your address?” I didn’t know what to tell Michael, Luke had asked me not to tell them about me, but I was way too worried right now, so I gave him the address.

I kept calling Luke, until Michael came, I also tried calling Calum, Michael had given me his number. “Hey” Michael said, his car was parked behind Luke’s car, I had driven it home, after he drove with Calum, “hi, thanks for doing this” Michael nodded, “of course” we sat in silence for a while, I could feel that Michael had questions, “are you and Luke dating?” I didn’t see that question coming, “no, I’m just worried about him” I was almost a hundred percent sure that he hadn’t relapsed, but he did seem kinda strange today.

“He’s probably just sleeping at Calum’s, they do that a lot” Michael said trying to calm me down, “I know, it’s just I think he would’ve texted if he did”.

10 minutes later we arrived at a big building, Michael pointed at a black car and told me it was Calum’s, and that they probably were here, Michael was being really nice to me, I was surprised he didn’t think I was a clingy bitch, well maybe he does, but at that moment I didn’t care.

I knocked on the door, no answer, I knocked again, I heard some footsteps, Calum opened the door, I could tell that he had just woken up.

“Is Luke here?” was the first thing I blurted out, Calum nodded, “yeah, come in” Michael and I stepped into Calum’s living room, Luke was sleeping on the couch, I went over to wake him up. “Luke” I said, and shook him, he opened his eyes, “Charli?” he groaned.

He quickly sat up “shit, I’m sorry, my phone must’ve died, after I fell asleep” he checked his phone, it was dead as he had thought, “it’s fine” I leaned in close to him, “I have to do a drug test on you now” I whispered, Luke nodded looking a little sad, like I didn’t believe he was sober.

“Wanna come home, or stay here?” I asked, “I might as well go home” he said sadly, we said goodbye to Calum, and then Michael drove us home, it was quiet in the car, I would expect that Michael had some questions but he kept quiet like the rest of us.

When we got back inside, I made Luke pee in a cup, and then he went to bed, I stayed up waiting on the results. The test came out clean, as I had expected, but I had had to do it anyways, even though I trusted him.

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