Staying sober

Charli is a strict sober companion, and her next client is Luke Hemmings from the famous band 5 Seconds of summer. Luke doesn't like Charli very much at first, and Charli doesn't care because Luke is just another client, or is he?


15. Chapter 14

Chapter 14:

“What are we going to do today?” I asked, we were sitting in the living room eating cereal, “uhm- we could watch a movie, or play a game, or bake, or- we should bake chocolate muffins” Luke interrupted himself, I nodded, “great” I loved baking, and it would be a good distraction from Gabe. We both finished eating, and went into the kitchen.

I found a recipe on the internet, turned on the radio, and found the ingredients, “can you hand me a bowl?” Luke looked through the cabinet, and handed me a red bowl, “thanks”  I said and started pouring flour, baking powder, baking soda, cocoa, sugar, and a cup of the chocolate chips into the bowl.

Luke poured all the liquid ingredients into a measuring jug, and I mixed it together while Luke held the bowl.

I finished mixing and Luke dipped his finger into the batter and licked his finger, “that’s not healthy” I said, and found some baking cups in the closet, “but it tastes so good” Luke sang, I wrinkled my nose, “you don’t like it?” Luke asked and dipped his finger into the batter again. “I’ve never tried it” Luke looked at me with big eyes, “really?” he asked, I nodded.

He walked closer, and drew his finger with batter on closer to me, “taste it” he demanded, I shook my head, “no” I exclaimed “taste it” Luke repeated, I shook my head again.

Luke looked down at his finger, and then he wiped it off on my nose. “Oh my god, Luke” I yelled, he laughed.

I dipped my finger into the batter, and wiped it all over Luke’s chin, “thank you” he said, and started licking it off. I laughed and drew my face closer to his and wiped the batter of my nose with his nose. We both laughed, our faces inches from each others “we should put them into the baking cups” I said, and walked over to the batter, Luke joined me a little while after.

We helped each other put the batter into the cups, neither of us said anything, the only sound came from the radio which was playing Black Widow by Iggy Azalea.

The song ended and we had just put our muffins in the oven and turned the timer on for 20 minutes.

“What should we do for 20 minutes?” Luke asked, I was about to suggest that we watched TV, when the radio started playing Bang Bang by Jessie J, Luke grabbed me and said, “this is my jam” and dragged me onto the floor.

He started dancing to the song, it looked pretty funny because he had chocolate everywhere in his face, and he was mostly just jumping up and down. “Come on” he breathed and took my hands, and we started dancing together. His fingers intertwined with mine, we danced way too slow for this beat, but Luke didn’t seem to care. Luke spinned me around in a twirl, we moved almost in sync, I was almost sad when the song ended.

“Let’s watch some TV while we wait” I said breaking the silence, Luke nodded. About 15 minutes later our muffins were done, then  we gave them about half an hour to cool down, and then we ate them.

“I heard about this ice skating park that’s close, and I think we should go” Luke said, and stuffed his mouth with cake. “Are you doing all this to distract me?” I asked Luke, staring into his eyes. “No, I really wanna go” I could tell that he was lying, but I didn’t say anything, “okay, let’s go” I said, and took another muffin.

We ate a couple more muffins before we both went out to get ready, I was still wearing my pajamas. It took a while to find some clothes after some, I was washing almost all of my clothes, so I settled on a old pair of black jeans, and a white tank top with a cross on.

“Are you ready?” I asked Luke when I came downstairs, “yup” he said and followed me into my car, we had decided that it was my turn to drive.

I could see through the window that Luke was looking at me. I always catch him stare at me, and he had been doing it a lot lately, but when I looked back at him he looked away.

“Are you excited to see your band members tomorrow?” I asked, he hadn’t seen them for two weeks. Luke nodded, “yeah, and I can’t wait for you to meet them” I smiled, I had been dying to meet them, I wondered what they were like.

“If you turn that corner, we’re there” Luke said and pointed left, “that was fast” I said, and stopped the car, “yeah”.

We both went inside, Luke insisted on paying for me even though I could do it myself. “It’s my treat” the lady behind the counter handed me our skates and awed “you’re a cute couple” she said, I laughed, but Luke looked all serious, “we’re not a couple” I said, the lady nodded and apologized, “it’s okay, I’d be lucky to be with Luke” I said, Luke smiled, and sat down to take his skates on, and I did the same.

There wasn’t a lot of people on the rink, maybe it was because it was Sunday, “are you coming?” Luke asked from the rink, I nodded and slowly walked out on the ice.

“Need help?” Luke asked and took my hand in his, “no, I’m fine” I said and skated away from him. “Hey wait up” Luke yelled, and came rushing towards me, his body smacked into mine and our body collapsed onto the ground, knocking the air out of my lungs.

Luke was lying on top of me, my body was filled with pain, “I’m sorry” Luke said groaning, I started laughing, but quickly stopped because it hurt my body, “it’s okay” I said, Luke was pretty heavy, but I don’t think I was badly hurt. A couple of people came and helped us up from the ground, “are you okay?” a dark woman asked, I nodded, and looked over at Luke,  he was bleeding from the knee, I took my skates off and walked over to him, “are you okay?” I asked worried, he nodded, but I could see he was in pain. “Here, let me help you get the skate off” I said, and let him lean on me for support. A man in a red coat came towards us, “hi, I’m nurse Martin” we both shook his hand, and then he asked us to follow him, we did as he told us, but not before Luke tried to convince him that he was fine.

We were sitting in the nurses office, nurse Martin was looking at Luke’s knee, “it’s not that deep, I’m just going to disinfect it, and then you can go, but I’m not recommending any more ice skating for tonight” he said, and I assured him that we wouldn’t, “this is going to hurt a bit Mr. Hemmings” he said, and sprayed some disinfectant on Luke’s wound, Luke closed his eyes, but didn’t say anything, “thank you” he said, and then we went out to the car.

“That was wild” I said, Luke laughed, and went into the car. “Does it hurt?” I asked concerned, he shrugged, “a bit” I nodded, and turned the radio on. “I’m sorry” Luke yelled, I turned down the music, “don’t be, it’s not your fault, it was kind of fun” Luke frowned, “yeah, so fun” he said sarcastically, which made me laugh.

When we got home we played PlayStation for a couple of hours, and then we went to bed, Luke had rehearsals tomorrow and couldn’t be too tired. 

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