Staying sober

Charli is a strict sober companion, and her next client is Luke Hemmings from the famous band 5 Seconds of summer. Luke doesn't like Charli very much at first, and Charli doesn't care because Luke is just another client, or is he?


13. Chapter 12

Chapter 12:

I woke up on top of Luke, our fingers were still intertwined, the TV was still turned on. The memories of yesterday hit me like a baseball bat, I sat up, and tried not to wake Luke, without luck. His blues eyes opened and locked with mine, “how are you feeling?” he asked groggy. I opened my mouth to answer but all that came out was a sob, and I started crying again.

The anger started to run through my body, why was I crying over him? This was all his fault, he cheated on me, how could he do this to me?

Luke patted me on my back, I sat up straight and cleared my throat, “I would really love to throw something right now” Luke nodded, and told me to follow him into the kitchen.

Luke handed me a black cup, “smash it” he said, I looked at him confused, “I can’t, it’s your cup” he took 6 more cups out of the cabinet and placed them on the table, “you know you want to, come on” he demanded, I shook my head and placed the cup next to the others, “then I’ll do it” he said, and took one of the cups on the table, and he threw it onto the ground, it shattered into a million pieces. Luke took another cup, and handed it to me, “if you don’t do it, I will” he said, I accepted the cup, and flung it onto the ground, that felt so satisfying, I reached for another cup, and threw it too, and one more, and one more, until Luke was all out of cups.

“Looks like we can’t have coffee anymore” Luke said, I laughed and hugged Luke tightly, “thank you” I whispered into his ear.

After I had removed the broken cups, which wasn’t as satisfying as actually breaking them, Luke and I decided to go shopping for new cups.

“I’m sorry I ruined your cups” I said while we were looking at new ones, “they were ugly anyways” Luke shrugged, and looked at a pink cup, “they were normal black cups” I stated, Luke shrugged and lifted the pink one, “what about this one?” Luke asked seriously, “it’s very pink” I said giggling. He put it back, and he brought some grey ones instead.

Luke tried to cheer me up all day, I tried to not think about Gabe, but it was in the back of my head all day.


“Maybe I should call him?” we were sitting in the sofa playing CounterStrike on our computers, Luke paused the game and looked at me with a raised brow, “no, he’s not worth it” I took my phone from the table, and dialed his number.

Luke took it out of my hand and pressed it against his ear, “Luke, what are you doing?” he shushed me, and hung up the phone.

I reached out to grab my phone, but he wouldn’t let me do it, “Luke” I said getting slightly annoyed, “you’ll just call him” he said, and put my phone down his pocket.

I tried to get it out of his pocket for a while, but gave up pretty fast, Luke was stronger than me.

“Fine” I said, and stood up, “I don’t need my phone anyways, I’ll just drive” I picked up my car keys and hurried outside, it was cold and getting dark.

“You can’t” Luke said running after me, “why not?” I asked and opened the door to my car, “because I feel like relapsing” he yelled, my blood started boiling, “what?” Luke knew that if he said that I couldn’t leave him, “yeah, I’ve thought about it for a while, and I might do it today” I could tell that he was lying, but I had to stay anyways.

I slammed the car door, and followed him inside. I didn’t talk to him the rest of the night, only if it was related to work.

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