''Christmas tonight''

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  • Published: 30 Nov 2014
  • Updated: 30 Nov 2014
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When I see on the calendar that itshows it's already December, I get busy in preparing for Christmas.

Enjoy this Christmas as much as you possibly can.
Let the holly mgic under the mistletoe starts......tonight!


1. good

''I heard the bells on Christmas day
 their old familiar carols play
 and wild and sweet the words repeat
of peace on Earth, good will to men...''


                   Christmas tonight

I wake up in panic from my reverie,
'cos Christmas's tonight and I don't have a fir-tree.
-Don't worry, baby-said mama to me,
-The fir-tree's over there-just go and see.


 With impatience and passion I prance 'round the tree.
 Then go with my mama on a shopping spree,
  we buy beautiful presents in this day so holly,
I see Santa downtown-so fat and jolly.
Back at home, I put the star on the top of the tree,
 and little decorations-balls and bells-can't you see?
 The family fir-tree glistens so bright,
 if somebody sees it-he'll awe in delight!
 We're all prepared now-me and my mommy,
 I'm ready with cookies and candy to fill up my tummy.

I wake up so happy from my reverie,
'cos Christmas's tonight-and Jesus gave
 all the people His light.
 Just all His light.

Marry Christmas!!!!!!!!!!

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