Our Love?

This is a story about Samantha Parker. She isn't your perfect teenager. She isn't the prettiest in school,she doesn't have perfect hair,or a flat stomach. But that doesn't matter to Issac Jackson.


3. Chapter 2

      When I got to homeroom I went to the teachers desk. "H-hello. I'm the new s-student. S-samantha Parker." I stuttered out. She looked up from her laptop and looked at me confused. Then her face lightened up and she smiled a little at me. "Well hello Samantha. I am Mrs. Brook. Go take a seat anywhere you would like". I stood there for a minute then I turned around and headed for the back of the class. I found a seat and sat down. I took out my phone and scrolled threw Facebook. I stopped when I saw a picture of my old best friend back in America. I smiled and started to scroll again. I put my phone in my pocket. The bell rang and everyone scurried out of the room. I went to my first class. English. I didn't like English but I also didn't hate it. I did the same thing like I did it Homeroom. I went up to the desk, told him my name, he told me where to sit, and I sat there. I pulled out my notebook and a pen. When the teacher was talking I was writing down notes. I was about to look up from my book, to the board, but there was a kick on my chair. I turned my head around to see who kicked my chair. I saw that boy that I ran into earlier. He had those charming blue eyes, and that hair...it was perfect. He was perfect. But with my luck he had a girlfriend or he wasn't interested in me. He stared at me and I mouthed "What?" he just smirked a I rolled my eyes. I looked back at the board and wrote down what the teacher had on the board. I felt someone watching me but I didn't look because I thought I was just paranoid. The bell rang and I got up and started to walk out. I felt a tap on my shoulder. I turned around and saw Issac. I stood there shocked and probably with a stupid look on my face. "You dropped your pencil back in class" He said with a sly smile. I looked at him confused and looked in my bag and guess what. It was my pencil. I took it from him "Erm t-thanks" I stuttered out with a smile. He nodded and walked passed me.

                                          ~~~~~Time Skip To Lunch~~~~~

   I went into the lunchroom and got some food. I sat down in a table far from people. I wasn't really a people person.I started to eat. When I was almost done I saw a few of people walk into the lunchroom. I looked up and saw Issac and a couple other guys. I started finishing eating. I got up and took care of my tray. I sat back down and looked at at the clock. I have 20 minutes left of lunch. I opened my backpack and got out my favorite book and earbuds. The Fault In Our Stars. The movie came out awhile ago but I really wanted to finish the book before I watched it. I pulled my earbuds in my phone and listened to to music. I read a few chapters before I felt a tap on my shoulder and I looked up from my book. Issac and the other guys he walked in with sat all around the table I was sitting at. I took out my earbuds. "Um Y-Yes?" I asked with a confused look. He smiled at me "Well you looked lonely so we sat down. Is that okay with you?" He asked me with that cute smile of his. "Well of course y'all can!" I said with a huge smile. "Okay. So this is Stanley" He pointed to a curly haired looking boy. "Nice to meet you!" Stanley said with a smile. "This is Br-" Issac got cut off "I'm Brandon!" The boy who cut of Issac says and put is hand out for me to shake it. I hesitate. Then I shake it. I giggle and he smirks. "I'm Luke" A boy with blonde hair said. "Well it's nice to meet you all!" I said with a smile. "So what ya reading?" Luke asks me. I hold up my book "The Fault In Our Stars" I said. They all looked at my book. "What's it about?" Luke asks me another question. I thought for a second. "Well it's about this girl and boy who have cancer. You should read it. Or maybe when I'm done with this book we can all watch the movie!" I said. They all nodded."It's a date! But hurry up on reading the book!" Issac said. I giggled. The bell rang and I got up and left for my next class. Science.

                                              ~~~~Skip To End Of The Day~~~~

   YAY! School was finally over! Time to go home and do homework till I go to bed! Yay! So fun...I started to walk out when I got a text from an Unknown number. It read: Hey Samantha! It's Issac! I was wondering if you wanted to hang with me and the boys today? If so meet me at my car!" I smiled. He wanted me to come over! OH MY GOD! I can't believe it! I texted back: Sure! I will be there in 2. :). I went in the way of his car. I saw him in the car fixing his hair. He looked up and smiled and opened the passenger door. I got in and put on my seat belt. "The guys will meet us there" He said looking at the road. We road in silence for the whole ride. We pulled into a driveway. The house was HUGE! I mean it must have been 4 storys big! I looked at it in shock. He must have noticed cause he was laughing a little. "Do u like it?" He asks. I looked at him and shock my head. "Want me to give you a tour?" He asked while getting out. I followed this actions and got out. "Um sure. I guess if you want to" I said shyly. "Alright lets go!" He said while running up the steps to the door. He opened the door and it was freaking huge inside! I stared at the inside with awe. "Okay let's go!" He said. We went into the basic rooms of every house. Like the kitchen, living room, bathrooms, and some bedrooms. Last was his room. It was big but it looked more boyish? If that's the word. He jumped on his bed and laid on his stomach. I looked around and he watched me. I looked at the kind of posters he had. He had some of my favorite bands on there. I stopped when I saw a picture of his mom and dad. Well atleast that's what I thought. I thought about asking him but I didn't know if his parents were still together or separated. I didn't want to make him sad. I heard a doorbell ring. "I will get that. It's probably the boys. You can stay here." He says before walking out. I sat on his bed and laid down. I realized I was tired then I fell asleep.




                                 A/N  PLEASE READ!!!

                                   Hey guys! Thanks for the comments! I really enjoyed ready them! I'm glad you all like it! I'm going to try to update more but schools a pain! I have a question. Do you think I should put it was Issac's P.O.V in the next chapter!?! Comment what you think!

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