Mary and Anna were making there way to a party and took a few wrong turns and ended up in a sticky situation. Long story short Anna ends up getting kidnapped, follow Anna on her journey to escape, and watch her make some friends on the way and be reunited with some old ones too.


1. Chapter 1.


“Anna, are you sure this is the way to the party?”asked mary with fuzzled eyebrows,

“i'm positive, when have I ever been wrong with directions?”

“well that time when we were on a road trip to colorado-”  

“thats not the point!” we turn into a shady alleyway and see a door and open, assuming it lead to the party we walk over, suddenly freezing in the doorway when we saw what was happening.

“I said!” -punch- “That!” - punch- “You had 3 days!” -punch- “Was I not clear?!” the guy with red hair screamed. “You’re a dead man” another one yelled, kicking him in the stomach. The guy on the ground looked up at us, with a look that screamed ‘help me’, causing them to turn around

“Uhm I don't think this is the party.” mary whispered

“run!” I whisper shouted.

“get your ass back here”, “they'll snitch, get them!” they all yelled and screamed at us. I stumble and lose my balance and twist my ankle, shittt it started swelling and turning purple, I knew I shouldn't have worn heels. Mary keeps running then realizes i'm not next to her, she stops, “Anna! get the fuck up!” One of them caught me, the one with the darkest hair

“Mary run, don't be stupid!”

“Anna, i'll be back with help I promise!” they drag me back into the building we were just in, pulling me roughly by my underarms, heels scraping on the pavement floor.

“take her upstairs calum and luke and mich finish him!” he must be the leader of this whole thing i wonder what his name was.

“Ouch! take it easy goodness, Calum.”

“shut the hell up. How do you know my name?”

“that guy just said it, stupid.” *slap*

“Dont fucking call me stupid, you bitch” he drags me into a room and throws me into a chair and starts tying me up “stay here.”

“ha. does it look like ill be escaping anytime soon?” he rolls his eyes and leaves the room

getting free was all i could think about. I start to at least attempt to get free from the ropes around my hands. All five boys come in the luke guy comes behind me starting to laugh

“haha. guys check this out, she’s trying to escape.” they all walk over and the guy that I assume is the leader frees my arms and legs “go ahead, try escaping now” i looked at him confused, if i try to escape i know for sure i won’t succeed *stays sitting*

“Ashton shes smart.” said the red head im assuming was michael now I knew their names michael, calum, luke, and ashton. Calum stayed and the rest left he tied me back up

“what’s your name?”

“why should I tell you?” I said kinda weirded out “well its only fair, you know mine”

“Anna...” he laughs, his shaggy black hair covering his eyes in a dark shadow.

“that’s a pretty name” he then leaves the room... What the fuck was that all about.


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