Niall Horan My Lover

This story is about Niall Horan and a girl named Maddie Liscandro. They are dating and love each other very much. I Don't want to ruin the story to much so you will have to read to find out more.


2. Hanging Out

                                           After that we hung out at his house a lot. About two weeks later he asked "Will you be my girlfriend?" I answered "YES!" then we hugged. We went to his house and I slept there for that night. That morning I got up and went into the shower and I stayed in there for about ten minutes until Niall knocked on the door and asked "Are you ok in there?" I replied yelling over the sound of the water hitting" Yes." About five minutes later I got out of the shower and I realized that I did not have any clothes in the bathroom so I called for Niall to get me some for me. So about two minutes later Niall came back with some clothes for me. They were my favorite pair of jeggings and a turquoise top with block stripes with the shoulder showing. Also with a hot pink laced bra with black panties. A/N My Chapters aren't that long) 

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