A Better Christmas Story

Its about a teenager who tries to help Christmas by being a Santa at the Mall. But he does a poor job and you'll have to read to find out.


3. Part 3

Keegan asked “Arch. Where have you been?”

“At Sears. In the children section” Archie answered.

“Um, Arch, Sears knocked down the childrens’ section when we were kids” Said Keegan.

“Oh yeah” Archie stuttered “But I could’ve sworn I was there. Well, I’m gonna change my clothes. Wanna come?”

“Sure” Ronnie answered for everyone. When Archie took off his dirty Santa suite the coin fell out.

“Hey Arch. This coin fell out of your suite. It says Care.” Read Keegan.

Archie couldn’t help but smile. They walked to another store where Archie’s job was. Before he knew it he was there. Take a deep breathe. He thought.

“Ho, ho, ho. And what would you want for Christmas?”

“A Barbie” Squeaked a little girl.

            “And a Barbie you shall get” Answered Archie the Santa.

            “Thank you Santa” as she hugged and kissed him on the cheek.

            “Ah” Archie blushed.

            “Good job Archie. How are you so good with ALL those kids?” Asked Betty.

            “Yeah” Agreed Ronnie.

            “Just a little help from someone special” Is all Archie said.


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