A Better Christmas Story

Its about a teenager who tries to help Christmas by being a Santa at the Mall. But he does a poor job and you'll have to read to find out.


2. Part 2

Oh. A Santa. Maybe he can give me some advice. Archie thought. The other Santa had a little red-haired boy sitting on his lap, kinda like Archie when he was little. A bell rung to announce that it was time for Santa to feed his reindeer.

It was Archie’s chance to ask for advice from the Santa. He walked up to him. “How are you so good with kids” Asked Archie

            “Well” Santa replied in a kind voice, “You need to show them you care. Care about their feelings, care about what they think. Here’s a reminder” Santa pulled out a gold coin from his jacket.

“It’s just a gold coin” Said a baffled Archie

“Yes. But look closer at it” Santa urged. Archie did.

“It says Care

“Yep” Said Santa. “Do that and you’ll do fine” Archie walked out heading back toward the Mall. He saw his friends

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