A Better Christmas Story

Its about a teenager who tries to help Christmas by being a Santa at the Mall. But he does a poor job and you'll have to read to find out.


1. Part 1


Santa’s Little Helper


“It’s perfect! Thank you” exclaimed Archie “Now I’ll go to the Ohio Mall,” he said happily to himself. On the way there, he bumped into his friends; Betty, Ronnie, and Keegan. He told them he got a job as Santa at the mall and he was supposed to be there. It was a mild, wintery day in Lima, Ohio. “There you are, it’s about time you got here” The manager of the mall scolded.

            “Hi Mr. Branch” the kids greeted him as they walked across the parking lot.

            “Let’s get in the mall quickly. There’s a lot of kids waiting in line to see you” He stated.

            “Ok” replied Archie. On the way to Santa’s Workshop, Archie got a glimpse of how many kids were there. “Out I go” He said and wished himself good luck.

            Santa, Santa, Santa” The kids shouted.

            “Ho, ho, ho. And what’s your name little boy?”

“Chucky” The kid answered. “Hey… Your not Santa!”

“What are you talking about?” Archie choked

“Santa” Chucky began “Doesn’t have freckles. OR red hair” Chucky roared.

Archie began to feel sweaty and ran out as they angry mob of kids followed him. He turn the corner…

            “Ah, yes, Sears” He snuck in and spotted a Santa sitting in his chair.

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