Stockholm Syndrome // h.s. (ON HOLD)

"Trust me, you're never leaving, but if you do, you'll leave loving me."


6. six.

It was the day of Jennifer's parent's will reading and she wasn't looking forward to it. Sure the lawyer is very kind, but no one on this Earth can be kind enough to break everything down to her in a way that she would be okay with it. She wasn't looking forward to the whole shake hands, go into the lawyer's office, hey guess how much money you have now, etc. She honestly didn't care about the money. She wanted so much more than the money. 

She wanted her parents. 

If they're even her real biological ones that is. That's always been one of her biggest questions. Is she adopted. It made her so depressed over the years, her 'parents' never told her the answer. Not even her mom. 

Not even in her suicide note.

Jen didn't know how she really felt about her mom killing herself. She thought over and over again about what she said. 

I have decided to do what's best for you and commit suicide

The words popped out at her over and over again. 

Suicide. It's such an evil word. Jennifer herself didn't know how she felt about it. The word only gave her stomach a twist and turn. Thinking about it makes her want to throw up. She's thought about the many different ways to commit suicide, but she was scared to do any last one of them. What am I doing sitting here, I need to go before I drive myself to pure insanity. She thought to herself. 

"I'll be back mommy and daddy." She whispered to herself as she slipped out the front door.  


"Hello Miss Anderson!" The lawyer said. It was disgusting and revolting how cheery the lawyer was. It angered Jen but she ignored it. She followed him into a room, not his office but a room with glass windows from the floor to ceiling, it made her feel as if there was no glass at all. They sat down and the man opened his brief case. She took a deep breath in and exhaled.  

"So Sar-" Jen panicked and cut him off. 

"Please! Call me Jennifer I don't go by my real name. At all." 

"If I may ask, why?" 

"With all due respect you may not ask, it's very personal." The lawyer looked bummed when I said he couldn't ask a question, because you know how lawyers love asking questions. 

"Anyways, moving on, I'm Mr. Rangel, but you may call me Tommie, or Tom for short." 

"Okay Tom." 

"Alright, so to break everything down according to your adoptive M-" 


"Yes. You were adopted by Mistress and Mister Anderson. Your real name is Sa- my apologies, you know your real first name it never changed, but your real biological last name is Meyer." Jennifer couldn't believe what she was hearing, all these years she was actually adopted, and her 'parents' didn't tell her. 

"I was never told this." 

"So you've never met your real mum or dad?" 

"I'm afraid I haven't." 

"Well. Alright, so you're adoptive Mother and Father have left everything to you including the estate, their cars, and possessions." 

Jen almost started crying again. She once again thought she was hearing incorrectly, she's been such a bad kid over the years but she still got left everything." 

"So this will all be put in your bank account, is this alright?" 


"Are you interested in keeping either car?" 

"Only the Chevy. I want to sell the Mercedes and my own car. I'll register it under my name and everything." 

"What about the house?" 

"I want to move as soon as possible, I can't stay there, it'll be too hard." 

"I will get you all the required people at the lowest cost to get everything taken care of for you." 


"I'm also going to give you my card in case of anything. I'll be by your side Jen." Tom said with a smile as he held out his card. She took the card and put it in her old wallet. The best part of that whole session to her, was leaving, and the only thing she was truly concerned about is finding out where her real parents are at. 

If they're even alive.

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