Stockholm Syndrome // h.s. (ON HOLD)

"Trust me, you're never leaving, but if you do, you'll leave loving me."


1. one.

She loves him. He's truly the definition of perfect to her, and he can do no wrong in her eyes. She has watched him for 4 years now, and she's never been closer to him. They work together, he thinks she's 'normal', and he thinks she's pretty. The rest all think she's crazy and delusional, but truth of the matter is she's just a lost soul. 


"I love you" He told her. 

"You really mean it?" 

"Why would I not." He leaned in closer to her, their lips only centimeters away, they- 

She woke up because of her loud alarm. She turned it off and got up. 

"Can't believe it was a dream!" She said, becoming angry. She opened her medicine cabinet and grabbed her aspirins and took 2, grabbed her glass of water, and swallowed the pills and water. She put the bottle nicely but slammed the door closed. She rubbed her eyes and urged to be calm again, so she got dressed, grabbed her purse and her mint tin, and climbed out of her bedroom window so she could avoid seeing her parents, they've been worried sick about her. She walked to the park a few blocks from her house and went into the bathroom stall, and locked the door. She grabbed her mint tin out of her purse and opened it. She grabbed some herbs and rolled it in the paper tucked on the other side of the tin. She took her lighter, and lit the joint. She inhaled the marijuana and held it in, and puffed it out, and instantly felt relieved. She closed her eyes and imagined him straddling on top of her. He was quietly speaking what sounded like blissful peace. She started to feel a warm tingling feeling between her legs. She wanted to just take care of it right in the bathroom, but she was worried someone would hear her moans. Slowly her cares her fading away. She couldn't make out what he was saying. Her thoughts were becoming more conscious. She inhaled some more weed and kept day dreaming of him. As she thought of the dirty things they were doing, she reached into her pants and rubbed her clit. She felt herself dripping, and bit her lip, her phone ringed loud and she grunted. She was getting a call from her friend Maddie. 

"Hello?" Maddie said. 


"Are you high again?!" 

*chuckles* "Maaaaaybeee...." She felt so horny she was about ready to keep masturbating while on the phone

"Oh my God, where are you?" 

"In the park bathroom. Why? Did Tupac come back or something? Cause if he didn't I don't care." 

"I'm coming to get you!" Then Maddie hung up.

Why can't I just have some time to myself?  

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