Stockholm Syndrome // h.s. (ON HOLD)

"Trust me, you're never leaving, but if you do, you'll leave loving me."


9. nine.

"Are you hungry?" Harry asked before leaving. Jennifer nodded. Great, now this is my chance to drug him, she thought to herself. Harry ended up ordering pizza and one 2 liter coke. 

"You know, I have some Crown in one of my boxes..." Jen said with a smile. 

"Sounds good, in that case would it be okay if I stayed the night? I know you just moved in and everything, so I guess I could help you unpack... If, you want, cause I uh, it's not that you can't yourself, I just urm, I could just-" Jennifer kissed him, stopping Harry from stuttering more. 

"I'd love that." Jen whispered. Harry turned a bright shade of pink and chuckled. 


Don't drug him, he's already slowly falling for you. All you have to do is maybe get him a little more drunk than you were planning and you'll have him aaaall to yourself. Jennifer thought to herself. She thought of the things he'd do while drunk in bed. She felt the warm tingling that she did in the bathroom when she was smoking. She longed for his touch. His moans, his sweat dripping down his forehead as he rocked her, his fine hands clenching her br-

"Hey, Jennifer." Harry said while shaking her slightly.  She jumped. 

"Sorry, what?" Jen said. 

"The foods here." 

"Oh, right, I'll go make us our drinks." Jen said. As she poured the soda in the glasses she kept having short visions of Harry and her. She couldn't help herself from seeing the pictures in her head. But soon she shook her head and poured the shots of Crown Royal in each glass. When she walked out she saw Harry was fixing his hair. He saw Jennifer and blushed, she giggled. 

"It looks fine, Styles." She said as she handed him his drink. He smiled and took a sip, and grinned. 

"Your grinning will truly be the death of me some day..." Jennifer said as she sat down on the floor. 

"Isn't this cute? Two reckless teenagers eating Papa Johns on the fresh carpet of a new home, drinking Coke and Crown Royal." Harry said, Jennifer laughed and kept eating. When she was done she sat with her back on the floor, and looked at the ceiling. 

"You okay? Or are you gonna drift off on me again?" Harry teased. She nudged him with her foot and laughed. 

"I'm just full."

"Of love." Harry once again teased. Jennifer covered her face in embarrassment.

"Awww, did I make you blush?" Harry said as he hovered over Jen. She bit her lip and wished he'd just undress with her and take her virginity. He leaned down and planted a kiss on her forehead. She smiled and looked up at him. 

"I'm all out of my drink." Harry said as he sat back down looking at his glass. 

"I have some other stuff...." 

"Like what?" 

"Anything, you name it, tequila, liquor, beer, all that stuff." 

"Surprise me." Harry said. Jen got up and grabbed 2 shot glasses and a bottle of UV cake. She poured the vodka in the glasses and called for Harry. He took one of the glasses and smelled it. 

"Mmm, smells delicious, what's this?" 

"UV Cake." He smiled and they took the shot. And another, and another, soon they were taking shots of a variety of things.

"I feel, so happy right now." Harry said. 

"Me too, why don't you go sit and I'll make us some margaritas." Harry agreed and went back into the living room. When she walked back out with the margaritas she saw Harry took his shirt off. 

"I hope you don't mind." Harry said as he stood up and walked towards Jennifer. She felt her face become warm. 

"Damn I'm good." Harry joked. Jen felt as if Harry was teasing her. Like he's waiting for her to just become a sexually driven animal and just beg for his sex. She wasn't gonna do that. Maybe she will.. But she'd have to be super drunk to do that. 

"I really wish you had a couch..." Harry said as he looked at the window. "Or a bed." He stated. Jennifer felt her heart pounding, she didn't know if they were on the same page. 

"For what?" Jen asked. 

"You know..." 

"I'm not sure I do..." 

"Wanna find out?" Harry said. 

"I think I do." Jennifer said, playing along. Harry walked toward her and held her by the waist. 

"There's always the kitchen counter right?" Harry said as he picked her up. She felt Harry's huge bulge as he carried her.

"And the bathroom." 

"Ooh naughty girl, huh?" Harry said. She felt herself getting wetter and wetter the longer he carried her. Harry opened the door to the master bedroom and walked into the bathroom. He looked around at how big the bathroom was. 

Harry said as he set her on the counter. Jennifer's heart was pounding so hard she felt like it was going to fly out of her chest. Harry slowly unzipped his pants and rolled them down his long legs. He stood there looking at Jennifer. 

"Well, what are you waiting for?" Harry asked. 

"Harry.... It's just."

"It's just what?" 

"It's my first time." Harry's eyes opened. 

"Is it not yours?" 

"No it is." 

"You're mighty confident, I'm expecting some real good first time sex, Styles."

"God you make me so hard when you call me Styles." He said. He slowly unbuttoned his boxers and pulled his member out. Jen was amazed at how big and long he was. 

"Are you gonna join me or are you gonna watch and torture yourself?" Harry asked as he started to pump himself. Jennifer started undressing slowly for Harry. He started licking his lips while watching her. She walked over to him and got on her knees, she couldn't believe what she was about to do, but she wanted to drive him wild

 Jennifer took Harry's length and started to give him her first blowjob. 

"Oh Christ." He moaned, he was biting his lip and moaning so loud it was making Jen even hornier. 

"Stop, stop stop stop." He said, as soon as Jennifer pulled back he came all over her face and chest. 



"I want it." 

"How bad?" 

"So fucking bad." She whined. Harry stood up and made Jennifer lye on her back. He spread her legs and rubbed her clit. 

"You fucking tease." She cried.

"Babe, you're dripping, and I barely touched you!"

"Please!" She cried out. Harry finally slid in her and thrusted gently, sweetly, and slowly.

"Oh God, harder!" She whaled. He was pounding her so hard her skin was turning red from Harry slamming in and out of her. 

"You're so tight babe, you can't tell me you've never even touched yourself." 

 She tried to talk but it was no use, she was panting like she had run seventeen miles. Harry felt Jen squeezing his length each time she exhaled. He decided to show mercy and slowed his pace. Jen arched her back a few times and moaned. 

"Say my name." 

"Harry." He pounded harder. 


"Harry." She said louder. He wasn't satisfied so he put all his strength and pumped in and out of her harder and faster than ever before. 

"OH GOD, HARRY!!!" She yelled as she squirted all over. He pulled out and picked Jennifer up. He set her on the counter and started making out with her as he fingered her. She was moaning while kissing him and he was quite impressed with himself. He broke the kiss to talk to her. 

"You like this don't you." She didn't talk because all she was doing was moaning, louder and louder they grew. She stopped him to catch her breath.

"I- can't- br-breathe. B-b-brea-break." She panted helplessly, she wasn't sure if he was having sex or trying to kill her. He smiled at her eyes that were shining like stars. 

"You're too much Styles." She stated. 

"I'm sorry. We can stop if you'd like, I didn't realize I was hurting you." 

"No you're not hurting me you're hurtin' my lungs, boy!." Jennifer giggled and begged to just call it a night. Harry agreed and they slightly unpacked and made a bed out of blankets. 

"I promise I ordered the bed, I'm sorry that you're staying overnight and there's no bed for you to sleep in..." 

"It's fine. I don't care where I sleep as long as it's next to you." Harry said. He kissed Jennifer's forehead and they peacefully drifted off to sleep.



author's note! 

hey ya'll, i'm really sorry if this whole sex scene was bad, i've literally never written like this before, i have a friend of mine who writes amazing smuts and i felt inspired and that's what i did. let me know if it was good or bad, i'm not going to be all upset if you tell me it's the shittest thing you've ever read. if it's from the heart than i'm gonna accept it, and try again. (: 

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