Stockholm Syndrome // h.s. (ON HOLD)

"Trust me, you're never leaving, but if you do, you'll leave loving me."


4. four.

*the next day*

Jennifer's phone buzzed. She picked it up too see she had a text from him. 

Him: Hey what's up? 

Jennifer: Nothing much, my mom flipped out yesterday, she can be such a bitch sometimes. 

Him: Jen, I told you that you need to move out! 

Jennifer: I know Harry. I'll talk to you at work when I get there, I have to get ready. 

Harry: kk. 

Jennifer set her phone down and went through her closet to find her work clothes. She started to determine  whether she liked working at Target or not. "Well, I do get to see Harry...." She mumbled as she pulled a red shirt off a hanger. She changed and put her hair in a bun that would soon look like a bird's nest. Before she left she put some makeup on and brushed her teeth, and went downstairs. 

"Jennifer, dear, can we talk about yesterday?" Her mom asked nicely. 

"No, I have to go to work." Jen said harshly, and walked outside, slamming the front door behind her. Right before she walked into the driveway, she turned around and walked back inside. 

"Where's dad?" 

"Oh I see, you won't talk to me but you'll come back inside to ask where your father is. Well I don't know." 

"How long has he been gone?" 

"Since yesterday morning, he left when you weren't here." Jen's heart pounded, she thought to herself that her dad is never gone this long, and he normally checks in with either her or her mom. 

"Well, shit, I can't deal with this right now, I really have to get going, I've already been late twice this month." 

"I love you hon-" 

"Yeah, yeah I know love you too." And she slammed the door behind her again and ran to her car, got in and headed for the freeway. 


"Ma'am where are the video games?" A stranger asked as Jennifer was rearranging the shampoo on the shelf.

"In electronics."  She hated the questions people ask at this store. Three more hours Jen, three more hours,she thought to herself.

"Hey Jen, you can take your lunch now, you look like you need it girl!" Said Katelyn, one of Jen's co-workers. She nodded and walked towards the back of the store. She sat down in the break room and ate her lunch that she bought earlier. Harry was already in there, flipping through the channels causally. She didn't care what was on at that point, she was just hungry. 

"Breaking news, a man found dead in-" The TV said. 

"HARRY! Go back to that channel!" She commanded.

"His body has not been yet identified but detectives have classified him as a 45 year old Caucasian, with 1 tattoo with writing in Chinese on his left arm. Suspects have already been arrested and are being questioned. If you have any information, please contact the police as soon as possible." 

"Oh my God, I wonder who that is...." Harry said. 



"It's my dad."

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